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Do I need to see a preist??
I am a nice happy-go-lucky person who is quite creative and artistic. Yet i seem to get horrible images smoetimes that flash through my head. I know it sounds mental but its uncontrolable...for example if someone is waliking down stairs i can get a mental image of them falling and braking a limb, but the image only comes in about two seconds and is really graphic in detail!! These images always seem to be negative and can sometimes disrtess me to the point where i start to panic. Other times it happens is when i try to sleep at night, I tend to have visions of all that has been negative in my life and when i try to swap by thinking of the good things ive done it just doesnt work.
I also suffer from the most graphic horrible nightmares to the point where they have seemed so real i have been worrying about them..when i describe them to people they are like " woah your mental!!" Is this normal behaviour, someone told me it could be the devil or am i just goin crazy?? Please help!!!!
Additional Details
Wow what a response,,thanks everyone. Turns out Im not a frak after all. I have felt the weight lift already!!!!!!!

don't really know what to tell ya...not sure if it's normal but you're not alone...same thing happens here sometimes. don't think it means you're mental and i've heard the whole devil thing...i've talked to a couple of other people who've experienced the same things and all of us are either musicians, artists, or very creative and artistic, innovative people...not sure if the whole personality thing has anything to do with it...not really sure how to deal with it either...just do...lose a lot of sleep sometimes b/c of this crap...talking to a priest might help...don't really know

The Phantom
Preists are dangerous people, I'd never recommend seeing one of those. Priests however... No, you don't need to see one either.

Your creative and artistic mind likes to play games and do things you'd normally never even think of.
You can train your mind though. Express yourself in painting, moulding clay, writing, or whatever your creative and artistic mind feels comfortable with.
You just have to learn to deal with your creativity, that's all.

no you don' need to be a priest!
you knkow what, its better for you be a christian than to be a priest!
do you have a bible? try 2 read this! JAMES 4:7
when you really submit your self to God,he will set you freefrom all those images you see. it takes a little but true faith. read your bible and know how God can help you.

if want more advice and know more about God,just e-mail me at [email protected] or at [email protected]!!!

God Bless!!!

As to whether this is the devil or not, I can't say, but it does sound as though you have some underlying trauma there somewhere. i do not think you are mental. I have suffered from those night terrors you describe, and to some extent the waking horrors too. What you need is some sort of therapy. You are clearly trying to be as positive as possible, but as you say, this isn't working. I wold go to see your GP and impress upon them how distressing this is. Ask to be referred to a therapist, do not let them fob you off with any pills, they won't deal with the root cause of the problem. You may have to wait a long time for an appointment, so if you are in a position to pay privately, do so. Do not settle for anything less, insists your GP gets you some counselling. I really do not think you are crazy, just that something deep inside, which you cannot make an association with, is trying to come out. The best way is to do this through therapy. There is no shame in getting therapy, and I am not saying you are mentally ill, its the same as if you had a broken leg, you would go to the hospital and let them fix you, there is something broken in your psyche, so go to your doctor and let hem help fix you. It can be done, it takes time and much soul searching. If you want to see a priest or preacher in the meantime, it won't do any harm and you may well be able to get therapy through a church. God knows what is inside us, and if you ask for his protection from evil, He will give it, but you should seek out the medical help you need. You are not insane, something has just got buried and your mind is saying it needs sorting. Best of luck,and God bless.

Nosey parker
If you feel religion would help you see things in a positive light than great, if not you don't need to see a priest, you are not possessed by all things evil.

Sometimes the persona of creative people is marred by not knowing how to fit in a niche with whatever your art is. Negativity and depression is the back lash of trying to fit in and get on in the world we live in.

But there is a danger that if these images are with you 24/7, that you may need help at some point in your life. But this very much depends on the level of gift you have and those areas of balance in your life. I am thinking here of people like Spike Milligan who was a comedy genius but deep down inside a troubled and depressed soul.

BTW I am an arty farty type, I am a trained classical singer and sometimes inspiration for the interpretation of things sad comes from within. Some of the worlds most beautiful music is also sad. Sadness is an essential experience by which we come to understand happiness.

If you do manage to find an outlet for your art the negative energy becomes positive and places everything into an acceptable perception of life. The key to your happiness is to find that outlet and keep it close to your heart. Good luck.

Simon D
I apologise for prying, but your symptoms could be anything or nothing. There really wasn't enough information.
After looking at your past questions, You've asked if you were paranoid (though it sounded like you were not, at least from your point of view), and you are upset that you cannot figure out another relationship.
Like I said, it could be anything or nothing.
If you are feeling distressed to the point of panic though, I would start taking it seriously.
Start with a GP, from there he might recomend a specialist.
It sounds like you have a problem, it could be medical, anxiety/stress or even just learned reactions to a stimulus. Medical could involve anything including the brain.
After that if you still feel a need to see a priest, do so.

I encourage you to seek advice from someone who holds a positive view of human nature. Priests instill guilt and the "need" to confess over and over. They perpetuate the same negativity that they claim to assuage. The teachings about a devil are based on delusional thinking from the ancient past. Shame-based theology is a dead weight on the collective human spirit.

Your feelings are part of life's dualities. Unless we accept our shadow sides, we cannot embrace our divinity. You are a good person, but you are allowing these transient thoughts to intrude with more intensity than is appropriate.

Associate with people who affirm the best in you. Begin reading positive literature, biographies, books that emphasize the innate goodness of human nature. Read about successful people, and emulate their actions and attitudes. Gradually, you will find peace of mind supplanting the feelings of panic. You will see the Universe as nurturing and supportive.

Remember that what you focus on, expands. When we take baby steps toward a change of perspective, our minds are transformed and our lives become harmonious. We become tuned to the energies of love. Life becomes a vibrant adventure.

Thank you for sharing these feelings. You are on the path to healing.

[email protected]
it does sound rather strange, Why don't you go and find a good hypnotist. that way you can have a recording of all which is said .and he may get in to the dark side of your mind.. . i'm sorry I'm no good at this answer, but if i had that problem i think i would go to a good hypnotist, and then get blessed by the priest.good luck...

I'd advise going to see a doctor personally. You could speak to your priest too if you are Christian for support too.

You're fine, tell the images to go away, every time, very forcefully, and with conviction, and sooner or later they will fade, and eventually dissapear. But if you want to, by all means see a priest, especially if you're afraid.

Quiet Amusement
That used to happen to me all the time when I was little. I didn't just see other people, I saw myself, too. It was really scary. I hated crossing the street. I just kind of ignored it, though, and eventually it went away. Mostly.

[email protected]

you are suffering delusonial depression.. go and seek medical help... and on the way to the doctors.. dont think about my car crashing if i drive past thankyou!!

Una Gundut
I think,is a normal behaviour, in fact is a gift from the Creator of you, the only way to use this gift in a good way by receiving Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, and you will see the Heaven open to you and one day you will wonder How God will use and bless your life tremendously.
You are not the only one who has it, many of them like P's. Loyd Busted.

Part Time Cynic
Post traumatic stress disorder?

Check this book out, very technical but spot on.

You have nothing to worry about and you are not posessed.
We all have these images. Perhaps you should learn to use them to your advantage.

How you ask?

Become a Horror writer like Stephen King.

Tell me that guy doesn't have some images in his head !!!

that happens to me all the time no you dont need good for this it just something coming back to you like from a move that you put your self into it and it to make you fill batter about your self that that is not happen to you right now or to make you fill like you need to give more of a f u ck about your life but it is aways good to talk to god

Steve W
It's normal. It comes from that same place in your brain that makes you afraid you're going to somehow throw yourself off of a high ledge so you don't go near the edge. You can't eliminate these negative thoughts by thinking about them.

You eliminate all this garbage - if you want to - by finding positive things to occupy yourself with. When you stop thinking about it for a while, your brain will get out of the habit.

if you would see a preist, do you think all these things you see and think will go away?

then go.

Jonas V
This may sound kind of crazy, but you say your artistic, Some people get inspiration from unexplable sources. Some of the best art in the world was product of this. Iv always been artsy but never really did it for money or work, just a hobby, and i recall one of my art teachers saying something about true art and true inspiration this grey source in your mind. maybee if you found a way to abstract your visions into a painting, or put it to music , write a poem, you might alleviate them thoughts.

On the extra serious side. You might talk with a shrink, or tell your doctor about this. Theres no shame in getting your self fixed. My advice would be get out there and do something you concider fun, you cant let something like this control your life.

Dont worry about getting an exorcism, I seen a drunk get hit by a car at 60 mph on a road i travel everyday. I replay the images everytime i drive by that place, it bothered me, but I know thats just some post tramatic stuff. same thing i blew out my acl playing football if someone breaks a leg i get all gellamatic. just the trauma.

And another strange analogly, do you belive in reincarnation, they say that, them kinda images could of came from a whole nother life. Dont worry friend have some faith and luck. keep smiling and if you do see the devil hit him in the nose. and carry your self like a man uh rah!!

you should try to write them down as a story. then have it published


I truly can't be sure...because it sounds like this is really hard for you...and yet you had sense enough to ask about it. I keep wondering if you are suffering from a form of delusion which can only be treated by a doctor...or if you are having visions and are a a bit psychic...or a very active imagination and something is really bothering you, and they are a version of revenge fantasies. Maybe someone else can answer you better...but here's the most important part...you are going to be okay...and you need to talk to a parent, school counselor, priest or someone you really trust, 'kay? Please seek help from an adult who knows you. Don't worry too much. You are very smart and very brave.

The last person you should see is a priest. All you will get is religious spin and doctrine. They are theologians not doctors.

Sounds like what you are experiencing is fairly normal for some people and that you are controlling it. That said my wife still suffers nightmares and she is 67.

If this is really bothering you then you need to speak to your doctor for referral to a clinical psychologist who will be able to tell fairly quickly if there is anything behind it and if it is normal will be able to give you guidance on how to deal with it. If there is a psychological cause then the psychologist will know how to deal with that.

Please note that a psychological problem or disorder is NOT a mental or psychiatric problem.

If your tap is leaking you do not go to an electrician for help do you? Stay away from the priest!!

A priest? NO. A doctor? YES

That is depression/ anxiety of the strongest form. Get it treated. Make the appointment TODAY.

I wouldn't describe myself as "happy-go-lucky," but everything you described I experience from time to time, mostly the nightmares. I recommend seeing a psychiatrist because it may have something to do with something troubling you deep inside, the random graphic images would usually occur when I was depressed. It may also be due to a chemical imbalance. I recommend seeing a psychiatrist.

Okay, I have the same problem.
My nightmares are hideous and very very bizarre. I once saw myself try to hang myself and the rope was too long so i smashed onto the pavement. I was a separated person watching and I turned my clone over with my foot and saw her face all caved in, and her eye hanging out. I dreamed of a pregnant woman with a baby walking down a station platform and just tipping herself onto the line as a train came rushing through. I saw them get minced. I see all sorts of godawful things in my dreams.

Before I go to sleep I see flies (which I am terrified of) crawling over my eyes, very huge, close up and graphic. I also see me slashing my arms open and the huge cuts widening.

A few months ago I was at my bf's house and I started seeing things when my eyes were open, very graphic, like a woman drowned in a stream, her body being smashed against rocks, hair drifting around her. I saw tonnes of them very fast and very graphically.

Yeah I have a similar experience with stairs also.

I told my Dr about all this and he basically said that when you're very stressed and unable to cope, sometimes your subconscious starts running the show where your conscious usually does. And if you happen to be a very creative person (I love to write), these images are going to be very vivid.

No darling, you do not have the devil in you, and you are not going rcazy. You are most likely stressed or tired, or your creative side has just stepped up a notch. Try to ignore these images, and use your artistic abilities to transfer those you can't shake from your head to the paper. That way others will be stunned and amazed by your powerful and provocative, and very very strange art, and you won't have to carry it about in your head.

If you feel you need to, see a counsellor. I am doing and it helps me to manage a little better. I still see these things, but I'm better able to deal with them, and they distress me far less. I now see them as useful to my writing, as yours likely are to your art.

Don't stress honey!

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