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 Whats wrong with me??? Do I need help or what?
Well lets say I'm not a very happy person. I write as some people say disturbing poems but it just tells how I feel about my life and everything around it.
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 sad songs about depression?
for some strange reaosn all i can listen to is sad, depressing music. even when i'm feeling relitavely happy.

how do you know when you are medically depressed ? if theres such a thing....

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Do I have a problem??
Well I never like to be left alone(I'm 13 years old)
I organize my closet all the time (about once a week)
I have thoughts that I don't want in my head
I have pictures in my mind that's I have to repress
Its so hard to stay positive when my thoughts are so terrible
I always have nightmares every night
I get depressed with my life because I have no life
I always go to conclusions
If I leave the door unlocked I think someone is going to rob us even if were only going to the corner
If I have something in my eye I automatically think its seriou


Simple S
Sounds like a bit of OCD.....

Olivia R
You might want to let someone know about that and go see a doctor. i have negative thoughts like you. sometimes you can try to get over it. if you have any societal issues then you can try to get over it little by little and gradually you will get through it.

no you just sound like you worry alot.

its ok i do too.


no just take it easy your very young. talk to your parents about this please

OCD, paranoia, and this other thing where when something hurts on your body or something like that, you think it's serious or you're dying.
i don't remember the word for it.
but i have it to.
get some med.

Well its definitly ocd. U r having obsessive compulsive thoughts. I have all these same problems. I hate being alone. When someone leaves me I get all nervous and want them back. Sepreation anxeity its called. The ocd can make that happen. You always check things like the door to make sure they are locked. One of the most aggravating things is the repeating thoughts in your head. Its like stop u think but u repeat them. Or even see things over and over. Don't worry u r not alone. A lot of people have this. A lot of time it runs in the family. Someone in your family probally had this or haves it. At your age u could grow out of it. It never goes away but might not show later on. The best thing is to get a counsler. They are trined in this area and can teach u how to change these thoughts. U r very normal so don't worry. Here's a site. www.nami.org type in ocd in the search box and u can read it and match your symptoms to it. Email me if u need someone to talk to that understands. God Bless.

ye you have a problem consult both doctor and psychiatrist

it's part of teenage life...though i really didn't have more than perhaps twenty days in my entire teenage life feeling like that
some people feel like that everyday...

though..the suspiciousness...i glance at my door every five minutes just to check if someone is standing there
just precautions :)

oh by the way...i don't think it's ocd...if you had to organize your closet once a week..then you're probably not
because i'm ocd and i don't need to organize mine because it's already organized everyday..when i put things in or take things out it already has to be organized
the thoughts and images...lots of teenagers sometimes get those

<3 i love music (:
try to get a hobby and i am a worry wart but not as bad as you, but you sound stressed. maybe try a therapist maybe only one time. its ok tho. i worry about a lot of things trust me !

best answer please!!!! :):):):):):)

Ima nerd
I am like that sometimes. I know some people who are also like that, and they are bipolar, or have OCD. I think you are fine, by the way you describe yourself.

I am 13 too and the same stuff happens to me.
I don't know if it is a problem or not?
I think more then I am supposed to and jump to conclusions.
Everything you said I do the same thing.

If you can email me.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Thats definatley what it is.

you're just an anxious person, like me. i used to be worse when i was your age, but 3 years later i'm pretty much regularly paranoid, that's normal. there's nothing wrong with you.

you should get help, not to be rude

no u dont

no to much of one but i suggest thearpy its helped me alot ive been going for about 9 months now

You're just really paranoid. Try to relax.

tell your mom and take therepy it helps a lot

Sounds normal for a 13 year old girl...puberty and adolescence is a tough time and most girls get a little melodramatic around this time...but speak to your GP about it anyway...

♓ Josh Alfred ➒
If you have 'no life', how did you post this question?
<Seriously worried.
Just be more confidant with yourself. Tell yourself "I can do it," "I can be this way," and if you think happy thoughts enough, and at times when you are despaired, you will never be in sorrow again.
You think it is abnormal to lock your door???
Jezus...just relax a little.

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