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Ok whenever something happens like my head will hurt and I automaticlly think I have a tumor, or other thinks like that. I just get paranoid and scared and then I can't sleep and so on.
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Even things that don't happen to be but thinks that happen to my husband and children scare me and the same thing happens to me

Isn't Me Strange?
Are all these worries related to sickness, or just bad things in general? In either case, I'd tell your doctor. There's no harm that can come from that, and it will probably help.

yes see your docter he can help maybe with medication

sarcastic michael o.
just a bad migraine.

this is serious, i suggest you maybe see a doctor to help you. :) hope you feel better.

Definately hypochondria.

It's not exactly a mental illness, it's very common. You just watch too much news or too many medical shows on TV.

Lines of Lightning
Maybe obsessive compulsive.


I do the same thing, it is okay just dont freak out too much :] goodlucl!

I think you probably are either a hypochondriac or just have irrational anxiety. I am not saying this in a judgmental way, either. I myself have irrational anxiety. I go through different anxiety-related phases. Two of the most memorable were my completely irrational paranoia about driving (ie being a passenger in a vehicle), which was cured when I started driving myself, and the period during which I kept thinking my heart was going to stop beating (while trying to fall asleep) and needed to check my pulse quite a few times before I fell asleep.

We can't tell you whether or not you have a mental illness. Only a qualified mental health professional can do that. If your paranoia issues are bothering you to the point where it interferes with your life, I suggest you consult one.

u should calm down & go to the doctor he will tell u what to do when u get ur headaches it might be stress or eye problems.are u far-sighted? good luk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

you should get a neurologist they specialize in head aches and pains in your head along with sleep disorders and such
they will most likely send you to get a MRI its a huge machine that examines your head to see if you have tumors and such.
you might just have low serotonin) which causes painfulness in your head

be cool

go to the doctors

Pocket Protectorate
It would depend on how often that happens...

If it happens every day...you've probaby got either OCD or hypochondria or even Manic Depression/Anxiety/mild schizophrenia...

If it only happens 4 times a year...no worries...you're just being weird every now and then...

The best thing to do is to talk with a doctor. Being paranoid that you may have a tumor because of a head ache...is a worry.
If you are concerned about a tumor...get a MRI/CAT Scan to see.
You need insurance to do this it is expensive.
If you were paranoid about things like people talking about you...when you pass by...or that cars are tailing you...or you are being followed. or constantly watched..I'd say go see a psychiatrist.
If you were hearing voices...a psychiatrist.
Other wise a doctor will do.

Rainie K
If I were you i would go to your doctor and find out. If he gives you an X-ray and says nothing is bad there, then you might want to see physician or psychiatrist or what ever they are called to see if there is anything in your personal life. Maybe you just hit your head, but then again you could be hallucinating, or there might be something on your mind that is really bothering you and you are thinking about it subconsciously. when I don't give myself enough sleep, I get really bad headaches. It could be a migraine. (A really bad headache by the ears.) Just book an appointment with your doctor, and get plenty of sleep before that. You might also try relaxing in a bubble bath to calm your nerves and relax yourself for the appointment. Maybe you are just being paranoid, being paranoid is a sickness and you should consult a doctor and see what is causing it.

Jaden Yuki
Try to relax,

You got nothing to do but to scare?? it's a waste of time, try finding a job to do and get over with.

And keep in mind, everything will be ok.

I praise that God will help you on your road of life, ^^ cheers

Ambivalent LAUreate
This partly depends on how you're defining "mental illness". Usually, the term is used to describe particular patterns occurring in people who can't deal with life (work, relationships, etc) in an ordinary and acceptable way. On that basis, I certainly wouldn't say you have a mental illness.

What you do have, though, is serious anxiety which is attaching to various aspects of your life. You would benefit from good psychotherapy, so this becomes less dominating in your life.

You could be a hypochondriac. Ask your doctor about it and be honest with him-that way she/he can give you the best treatment possible.

I'm not sure that you have a mental illness...you do seem to worry a lot. It may be an anxiety disorder. Have you talked to someone? You only gave the example of having a headache...how do you feel on a daily basis? Perhaps...when you start to feel this way....if you could take steps to reduce your anxiety. For instance.....if you have a headache and take some aspirin...and it still won't go away.....make an appoitnment to see a doctor to see if there is anything more serious. I think....from time to time...we all think about things and sometimes these thoughts over take us. The trick is to try to figure out steps we can take to resolve this issue. It may be an anxiety disorder and that can be dealt with...with the help of a doctor.

Winter Thea Bear

I suffered with Paranoia and other delusion's for many many years and it is NOT FUN and it WILL get worse. Their are Miracle medicines And new Types of Counseling that CAN AND WILL cure this.


Get on a "GOOD Diet" - HIGH on Potassium and vitiman P.

It is quite possible that you have a neurochemical imbalance - that could cause exactly what you describe. I don't have the reference book here to tell you what part of the brain would cause this or which neurochemical is out of balance. I would suggest getting a book by Dr Amen - he has several on the subject and you can get them at the library or from amazon.

Dr. Dog
Its called being a hypochondriac for yourself, and for your children and your husband its called paranoia or OCD, one of the two.
Dr. Dog

Life is good. :)
You might have a type of anxiety. I had a type where I was afraid to go in stores, restaurants, school, etc. and I was even hospitalized! :D That seems so far back! :D You also, might just be a naturally nervous person. You could also, be paranoid. I think you should see a pyschologist. You also, could be a hypochondriac. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY, I WISH YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH LUCK AFTER WHAT I WENT THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… :)

Carly S
It sounds like you are a hypochondriac. This doesn't mean that you have a mental illness like schizophrenia, but a psychologist or a psychiatrist will probably be able to help you.

Ray Lynn
yep its hypocondria. i have it too. its very difficult to stop worrying about every little headache, tummy ache, anything! and the worst part is..if you complain too much to someone (like a parent) about it, then they don't believe you when something really is wrong. i went 2 weeks without breathing well because i just devoloped asthma, but because i am a hypoconriac, my mother didnt believe me and wouldnt take me in.

sounds like a hypochodriac, if i spelled it right. u should talk to a psychologist

Chunky Butt

Is it that important?
If you believe that every little twinge and pain you have is some dreaded disease then you are most likely a hypochondriac.

Seek professional advice because, not only is your illness (hypochondria) emotionally draining on you, but it will also be a drain on your health service as they will end up spending god knows how much money in investigating your imaginary illnesses.

sixx p
From the example that you provided it sounds like you may be a hypochondriac. People have used the symptom as a joke but it is a very real condition. People with hydrochondriasis are by definition people who become overly concerned with how the body functions and who fear the worst no matter how minor the symptom actually is. For example, a headache becomes a brain tumor or a chest pain becomes a heart attack and so on. Some people seek medical attention when they feel that their symptoms are severe enough and even after the physician says there is nothing wrong, people with hypochondriasis will remain persistant. Some say that being told nothing is wrong makes the anxiety and the conviction that something is wrong even more heightened. There are websites to explain more about the condition and the symptoms but be careful that they have medical evidence and not opinion. I found one that may or may not help. Hopefully if you do find out that you have hypochondriasis you will pursue therapy and educate others that this is a real condition. One of the girls from America's Next Top Model admitted to suffering from the disorder. You are not alone in this.

thehypochondriac.com might give you some insight into this condition and maybe tell you if you have this or not

Q+A 22
it sounds like hypochondria, but most of the time it isn't really a significant enough disease that would need to get treated. it depends on the person though

Hypochondriasis (or hypochondria, sometimes referred to as health phobia) refers to an excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness. Often, hypochondria persists even after a physician has evaluated a person and reassured them that their concerns about symptoms do not have an underlying medical basis or, if there is a medical illness, the concerns are far in excess of what is appropriate for the level of disease.

It might just be a head ache.But stop thinking you have a tumor.Maybe a check up to the doctor would be good.Tell him/her what has been going on.Thanks!

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