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Did you ever feel like you wanted to kill yourself? But you managed to control yourself? How?
Please help i feel like geting a piece of paper and saying my final good byes :(

Yeah I have but I never did. Honestly I can't tell you that I don't think about doing it still. I think that this feeling will always be with you no matter what. However You can always find a way through no matter what. I was like this for four years and I tried to talk to a lot of people about it most just made it worse. I found someone that really did help. I don't see them all the time maybe once a week if I need them. But talking is the best way to overcome this but also make sure to listen. Once you find that person don't be afraid to hold back, if you're right they won't hurt you.

Feel free to e-mail @ [email protected] I'll try to help you.

Hopefully Helpful
Yes I have. In the past when I have felt like hurting myself, I went to the ER or to a Psych Hospital that had my records from past admissions.
Please don't stay alone right now. If you are feeling unsafe, please go to the ER immediately. Therapy and medication(s) can help you feel better. It will take some time before you feel better. Please hang in there and get some help. Feel free to let us know how you are doing.

George C
There's a saying "Shooting the horse doesn't fix the leg"
Take a break from whatever is bothering you, occupy your brain with something else. See a movie, meet with somebody get some fresh air together, get more sun which is a good cure for depression. Talk to somebody about what bothering you. If you're too embarrassed or are not in position to seek professional help go talk to a compete stranger, just pouring it out often helps. That can be anyone, a bum, a priest in a confessional (behind the curtain so wont even see you, and you don't have to be religious, just need to talk to somebody, don't even have to listen to their advise). The main point is, whatever is bugging you get it off your shoulders. Enjoy every moment of your life, don't think what happened in past - it is behind. Don't think too far ahead because you'll forget that you living in the present. Just enjoy your life!

Nathan C
I remember that I have had amazing times in the past and that even though I am going through a really tough time, things WILL CHANGE! Usually for the better! IT MAY GET WORSE! However in my experience it eventually does get better and I think wow, if I had killed myself I would have missed out on this incredible time, weather it be walking through a pristine rain forest or snorkeling in a barrier reef all pretty much once in a lifetime things!

Paige B
yes i have;try to remember of what you've done in the past or who's in your presant. put music on or call a friend;and also try watching a movie.if that doesn't work then try depression med.

oh my gosh many times. I just said to myself that i will not care what people think/say about me. Of course, it wasn't easy. I also just thought to myself about the future and how life will probably get better one day.. it may not be soon but it most likely will get better. And I also thought about all the things and experiences i'd miss if i decided to kill myself. I also thought about my family who loved me and how it would effect them emotionally and financially. I didn't want to leave the world with a huge fee for a stupid funeral behind along with many sad relatives.

Even if you don't feel loved, you probably are. I never felt loved when I was depressed but I knew my grandparents loved me. Even if it's just one or two people, just think about how they'll feel if you do kill yourself.

Please don't, that's never a good idea!

Yes I used to get that feeling years ago when I was depressed. Don't do it. It's not worth it. What helped me through it were thinking about my cats and my brother and my dad. But most of all, thinking about how I can help this world when I am older. Think about your life in 10 or 20 years and how other people will need you in their lives. Think about the devastation you would leave behind because I'm sure many, many people love and care about you. I'm sure you are in your teenage years and trust me, those are the hardest years. But I promise you, things will get better. If you ever need to talk, feel free to email me.

It boggles my mind that some people will be trolls and answer you in the fashion the first few here did. There is a special place saved for such if karma means anything.

I want you to remember that you are here on this earth because you have a purpose and that purpose is not to harm yourself. Many of us have had similar thoughts to yours. Life can be so difficult, and it can be hard to believe that old saying is true that it is "darkest before the dawn."

I have had both friends and family kill themselves and I urge you to understand that no matter how little you think you matter to others, there are people out there who will NEVER be the same if you do that. If you keep living for no other reason, keep living for that one--do you want to leave behind people wounded forever by your act? You may not think this is true, but I promise it is. 37 years ago, I had a friend from one summer I spent on a trip to Europe. He and I ended up at the same college as freshmen. That fall he broke up with his girlfriend. I saw him as often as I could, going over to study with him, eat meals with him, and then came mid-terms. I had to take a test, and when I came to his room afterward, he had hanged himself. I was devastated, and still can't get "over" it. Could I have done more? Should I have called his parents? Should I have told the college medical people? what? who? why?

You see? He never imagined that I cared that much. He didn't think of anything but his own pain, and yet I know we were friends. If he had known what his act would do to me, to his girlfriend, to his parents, to his roommate, I mean if he had REALLY grasped the totality of this terrible, final act, I want to think he would not have done it.

So this is what I ask you to do, because it is what I have done when these dreadful thoughts occur to me, too, just please, please, think about the people you will leave behind, the ones who will have to pick up the pieces of their lives not only without you, but without you because you opted to tear yourself from them instead of asking them for help.


and thank you for asking on here and not just doing something so final.

How old are you??? Go and see your GP and get on some anti depressive medication...And to answer your question yes i have had thoughts like that when I lost a child One of the worst things for a parent to go through, but im still hear... Find a hobby and find all the good in your life nothing is so bad you need to take your own life... keep your chin up and good luck with everything...

Yes, but God and the 3 beautiful girls He's blessed me with keep me hanging onto the hope that things could get better tomorrow. It's still a bite because the wife is now my ex - something I didn't agree to at the altar. I don't get to be with my girls that much, too.

Try watching Josh Groban's "Don't Give Up (You Are Loved)" video on YouTube. Choose the icon with all the candles - it's the studio version with a GREAT video. Listen...

I'll bet it's pretty hard to get out of bed, huh...? =:::[

Blue-eyed Girl;; ♥
Oh my gosh, don't listen to them!!! everyone feels like that at one point or another..you're just going through a low point. try talking with friends or listening to upbeat music that puts you in a good mood. do something for yourself that truly makes you happy. i personally like to get in my car and drive and drive till im lost and worrying about where i am rather than whatever was bothering me, lol. life by all means is not perfect. they are ups and there are downs..it all makes you a stronger person!! have a good night sweetie..go have fun!! =]

Sarah W
I hope I can help you because I really don't want you to do what you are thinking of doing. You have done something very brave already, by asking for help, which says to me that part of you really wants to live. I have been suicidal after the death of my father and I found that music saved my life. I listened to a band called Pearl Jam, whose messages inspired me to think beyond today, and how I am feeling right now. I don't know what kind of music you like, but regardless, try to find some inspiring music or maybe poetry. And please, don't be afraid to talk to someone that can help you, like a therapist or counselor. Trust me, there is so much in this world for you. I was hopeless for a long time, and I now know that it is possible to have a happy life, even after some very rough patches. Also, if I may ask, what is causing you to feel this way? It has helped me to learn how to identify the deep causes of my depression, and therefore, find a way to resolve them. Also, very importantly, please get rid of anything that you are thinking of using to harm yourself. Get it out of your room, your house, put it in a field or a river, somewhere that it will not tempt you! And please, if none of my advice has helped you, call 1800suicide, and they will listen. Please please please, believe that the universe loves you and needs you to be a part of it.

i feel taht way all the time....if you have pets then just relax w/ them. try readind a book, or I even turn to art and color or draw. you can even try talking to yours parents, but I dont b/c then they would make me go to a doctor

hope your day brightens up

No, but you should get help and I'm not trying to sound mean when I say this but you can't keep getting those feelings.

Yes, I removed myself from any potentially dangerous areas, and just told myself to get through each second, then each minute, etc. until I felt I was safe. I thought of how my friends and family would feel and how I would feel if they were to commit suicide.

Writing down your feelings and then tearing up the paper helps too. Talk to someone and get some help.

Yes, I have, but I remembered how much my family and friends love me and how they would be crushed, and feel that it's their fault if I committed suicide. Also, I remembered that the next day I could talk to a Doctor and it would be all better.

You'll get through it :)

humpty dumpty
I controlled myself because I have certain rules that I do not break. Certain rules that govern my behavior, and one of those rules is not to cause someone else to suffer because of me. I knew that if I did escape through suicide it would cause the people I love to suffer. The key here is the people I love, I love these certain people therefore I did not want to cause them pain.

Yes I did.....many years ago....I controlled it by picturing my life beyond that moment in a different future time. That worked well. And also, by picturing people that I knew that loved me. That always made me think twice about hurting them.....it would be so selfish of me to do that to them. And cowardly of me. I knew I could get past that few moments of time....or that few days of time...and make my life better. AND I DID...but for the most part it takes Courage...to get past that moment and get on with what it is you have to do. No matter what is making you feel that way....it does pass...and it does get better. You have to help it along, it won't do it by itself.

think about the people who love you and how its gonna affect them dont end your life or listen to some of those dumb answers
email me [email protected] thanks

Seriously, don't kill yourself. You are obviously a very smart person because you know your thoughts are wrong. What you need to think about is what you haven't done yet in life, what your dreams are, and who you want to meet and love. You don't want to leave this all behind! Think about all of your accomplishments in life. Your proud feelings, happy feelings, excited feelings, etc. Also, think about who you will be saying goodbye to! Don't you want to see their face again, be happy with them, make them feel good, not bad because you are no longer here? Really think about it. You are throwing your whole life away just because you might feel unaccomplished, friendless, or that your life is going nowhere... maybe you feel confused or scared or lonely or just depressed. If you need to talk to someone I am here.

sugar. [email protected]

Listen to some joyful music, take a nice hot shower, have some icecream, and call up some friends. Watch your favorite movie, you even just talk to me! Just relax! Life is short anyways and don't you want to experience it's fullest before you just abruptly say goodbye? You are probably experiencing depression and you should see your doctor as soon as possible. If you are worried about the payments for the doctor, just don't think about it because it just comes out of your health care and if you don't have any you will still get the help you need even though i personally don't think it's right to hand out medical care! Oh, sorry lost myself there for a second. Anyway just hold on.

"live life. love life. love friends. love family. love animals. love nature. LOVE CHOCOLATE."

That's my motto!

yes, at times i do but i am not that bold enough to do it. You need to get some help and check yourself into a hospital.

babygirl why would you want to do that now? whatever it is i know life seems tough now but it could always get better in the future. Message me okay don't do we'll talk about it if you want to :)

long live the dream
it is these kinds of answers that make me come here and offer to help others even though i get reported for it. especially the first 3. some people are so inconsiderate of other people. some people dont stop to realize that maybe some people do come on here as their last hope and giving some off the wall remark and seeming non-caring is what might make someone snap. i would never want to live with that feeling. my advice to you is this, concentrate on the small things in life. those are the things that matter the most. try to go and find something you enjoy doing with your friends or what not which will help you keep your mind off of those kinds of things. try counseling, it may take a while but it might help. talk to your dr. and see what kind of stuff they can give you to help you feel better. trust me we have all been there for time to time. dont let it get you down. there is light at the end of the tunnel. just hang in there. good luck.

Sure, everyone has those days, I normally just blare music and think about positive things, everyone has a different way of snapping out of it... I hope u get better...

Yes I was suicidal once and I just though of all the great things in life and how selfish it would be of me to do that to my family & friends! Plus med's aren't bad either! Just think about the beautiful things in life and live with no regrets!

*>you cant get enough<*
i feel like that often actually. depending on how strong your erge is, you can distract yourself differently.

i try to make plans with the friends that were always there for me and know what's been going on in life.

another way is to talk to someone. just call someone up and ask to talk. i do that alot. even if its just to say hi. talk about something that can distract your mind a little like what your pannaing to tomorrow, in life, i general.

talk to your mom or dad. depending what your mad or depressed at talk to her. if its about her then it will definitely help. if it isnt, its always good to have someone to talk to.

if that didnt help you might want to hide the sharp objects....just saying

write what you have to write, but then just burn the piece of paper.

yeah, ive had suicidal thoughts.

go to a therapy and get help, you can get through this. please dont give up!

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