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Did anyone else have selective mutism as a child? Has it had any effect on you as an adult?

Confidence came with time. The early years kids are still developing their imaginations. Its not as I missed anything by not getting involved in kiddy conversations with other children. The only drawback was the friendships that could have been. Some kids took my silence personally and felt I didn't like them.

To an extent i had mutism when i started school.
My 1st few days were very traumatic and on my 2nd or 3rd day a teacher smacked me as was sick of dealing with my crying and distress.
I never spoke anouther word in that school, my mother was called in and asked if i was on any type of drug!!!
Mum tried home schooling for a while.
i returned to mainstream school after a short while (not same 1)
But i was never fully integrated. from the age of 7 till i left i had 1 trusted friend chooseing not to interact with others unless esential. it resulted in many prob includeing bullying.
Since leaving school i have managed to overcome most probs to the extent i live in a busy pub and all my work revolves around people and good communication.
The irony is that although i had barely any schooling i am more intelligent than most.
I used to think i was a freak, now i see it was a normal reaction after being punished for shareing my fear and feelings at a very young age and being punished for them!!

My niece had it. She was fine at home and with other family members, friends, neighbours, but at school she would not say a word. Not a single word.

This went on for 2 years until we managed to get the Educational Psychology people involved. Prior to that, the school just thought she was thick.

The breakthrough came when I was taking her home on the bus and (unknown to me) one of the teachers was a couple of seats behind us. My niece and I were chatting away in a perfectly normal way.

Next Monday morning things started to change.

That was 10 years ago and she is now a lovely girl with lots of friends, in school and at the various activities she goes to. She is also doing well at school with her lessons and her exams.

She's not an adult yet, quite, but I think she will be fine.

Safety First
Yes and no it did not have any effect.
I always refer to the story of Charles Darwin who did not speak at all until he was four and then came out with a long, complex sentence.

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