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Daughter been told could have mental illness like bipolar, she gets top marks at school. How can this be right?

phillip b
what is paramount is to choose your healing route------ carefully-- be really aware that the conventional treatment for this can be horrendous and you can go on for years with no improvement and massive damaging detrimental side effects from meds . Do read this very carefully and try and understand the principles behind what is being said .
Evaluate all of this info well –this info will save you years of suffering ---years if you apply it ..
This will educate you on our health care system and its dire limitations
All treatment recommended by the doctors should be tested and approved and quite rightly so.
That makes sense right .it costs millions to test and approve treatments because of the possible damage to people..
Drug companies Fund most research and will only and I mean only look at treatments, which show the promise of good deal of a profit, --they will actively dismiss any therapy which does not have profit potential— thus your doctor will only recommend therapies with profit in them.
Despite The fact that some of these other therapies mentioned do have overwhelming benefits some, which have saved needless amputations, needless pain and trauma, and much loss of life. Drugs are not the answer for depression with mind altering chemicals or any other mental illness. This is a fundamental principle and unless you grasp this fully –you could /will have years of suffering ahead of you .
This does not help you though when you are ill and suffering—not hearing about therapies which can help from a person you look up to and trust Have you heard your local doctor recommend, Massage Spiritual healing, Herbs, Light therapy,Colour therapy,the violet ray therapy, Osteopathy, Electrical Frequency devices.
These therapies will work for many complaints of a so called mental nature
we have thousands of testimonials and results showing years of successful applications
Do this and I will guarantee improvements to you inside a day its that simple, of course getting these things in place can be much harder. Each therapy can have a very beneficial influence on you.
Print this all off save it and enact it and share it --- of course someone to help you get these therapies in your life is invaluable but do not be swayed by them trying for short cuts ….
1,get someone to massage your back and legs at least 3 times a week use peanut oil or a mix of 50-50 olive and peanut oil.
2 use the violet ray machine an Edgar Cayce device google search this --- 3 times a week on the other days especially on the spine….we use it every day with very positive results
3.get a tent sleep out side 3times a week utilising earth energy - nature can help big time especially with how you feel how much energy you have
4 study and apply good nutrition-- adequate minerals all of them particularly calcium and magnesium iron essential fatty acids omega 3 6 9 protein etc
5 ensure your thyroid is working well
7 ensure you do at least I hr per day some kind of voluntary work when you are able..the reasons you are ill , or poor or have allsorts of bad things happen to you is because of karma -----usually from past lives but some from this one –voluntary work will offset your mistakes--- how much it offsets well that is down to god and how much you do. Healing us is in direct proportion to the help we give others ie your healing comes with helping others achieve theirs so if people are doing very little in helping others ---they suffer more and longer...and if they are doing a lot they get well faster....so now you know what to do ,,and like a lot of us are already doing being of service.
8 be amongst people who are giving, friendly who have time for you who love you , choose your friends well
9 be or get to a place which personally love or like
10 get and do some work which you like or love
11 ensure you do no acts which hurt or inflict on anyone –don’t want to add to your karma do we !!!
12 spiritual healing yes and reiki -.
13think good positive thoughts, laughter, look at comedy, play good uplifting music,
14 avoid at all costs exposure to violence, murders, suffering ,death ,tragedies, -feed upon good things uplifting things, things that feel like a breath of fresh air..
15 Positive affirmation- that’s right programme your self in the mirror , thoughts are things words are things actions are things , all have influence, few people realise these things can have an effect on themselves .
16 a detox ------ toxins can influence how you feel big time
17 hugs get plenty of them in your daily life you would be amazed at how people feel after a few decent hugs….
18 loads of exercise running walking climbing but something which you enjoy
19 rid yourselves of all aspartame laden foods and drink and many additives get back to a wholesome organic diet diet
A total cure however is tied up with karma so you can imagine just how important is the voluntary work.

Because doctors these days like to medicalise everything - they have been seduced by the drug companies to always be looking for opportunities to prescribe drugs people don't need. For years they prescribed drugs for people with "chemical imbalances" which never existed (as a condition not disputing that people were having a hard time)so now they changed the names and made a whole new range of illnesses with drugs to match such as borderline personality disorder, bipolar etc. Depression (and all the new versions of it) and other such illnesses are caused by wrong (not as a judgement by the way), unresourceful thinking not by things which can be cured by using synthetic drugs.

Just because she might be bipolar does not mean she is supposed to do bad academically. Though it is a mental disorder, it does not have anything to do with mental capacity. I have bipolar disorder, and I was always at the top of my class. In 8th grade, I was cycling really bad and spent a lot of time at the hospital, and I didn't do very well that year, but now I'm a sophomore in college and I'm doing great. Usually people with mental illness, like bipolar, are very creative who and excel in a lot of areas people without mental illness lack in.

Most likely she didnt know that this wasnt normal being a child, and has been forcing herself to live with it, and carry on doing things easy to accomplish.. being told to work at school and what to do is pretty easy example of that.. personally i think it's great she's managed to start getting help before she needs to be really self-supporting, like at university :-) very easy to crash..

Having any form of mental illness does not effect the intelligence or capability of the person themselves at any time - in fact statistically it is known that the more intelligent you are, the more likely your prone to mental disorders. I guess bipolar which is really manic depression are classed these days as mental disorders, but I tend to think that's a hard label to stick on a person.

So yes, even if she has bipolar (fingers crossed she don't), for a lot of testing has to go on before she is diagnosed), it may just be teenage puberty that is the fault of her unsettled mind, the child can be very intelligent indeed. Again mental disorders tend to occur more to people that are overly sensitive to others - those in the caring professions for example - they take on others problems too much, in other words their kind hearts take on so much it overwhelms them. Perhaps your daughter is a sensitive child. All you can do is love and support her - it will all get sorted out in good time.

It must be a worrying time for you all, and all you can do is as I have already said is love and support the poor girl. Medication will get her back on the right path along with your love. I hope things turn out good for you all, the teen years are strange years to say the least, and in a way they are more worrying than when the child was younger - but you will all get through this. You Will !!

God Bless

did you know that people with schizophrenia are some of the smartest people ? mental illness has nothing to do with intelligence.

I also take offense at your question. We are talking being emotionally challenged, not intellectually challenged. I have been taking medications for bipolar disorder for 31 years. In that time, I earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota, spent 12 years as a journalist, both freelance and employed, was published internationally, and ended my career as Managing Editor. Then I was accepted into four law schools but chose Georgetown for law school. I made all As in my writing classes. I ran my own business for 11 years and did a lot of pro bono (free) work for those who could not afford a lawyer. Educate yourself, before you pass the stigmatization on to your daughter.

I would be curious as to who told her she had an illness "like bipolar." That doesn't sound like a doctor or a diagnosis. If it is, get a second opinion!

Cracked Pepper
You haven't given much detail in your question about yours daughter's individual experiences. Also who said she had a 'mental illness like bipolar'? Was it a qualified psychiatrist?

If so, to be diagnosed with a bipolar mood disorder, her moods would be greatly affecting her ability too cope. Sometimes this will interfere with a personal ability to reach their full potential. If she is coping fine without medication and doing well at school, its possible she may not have a serious mental illness (but no one on y!a can make that call). Bipolar does affect people on an individual basis.

The are already some great answers posted here about mental illness and intellect being a separate issue. There are some bipolar people who do very well academically and others that just don't have the aptitude for study. Bipolar doesn't make you a genus nor does it mean you have a low intellect.

I have been struggling with major depression and periodic psychosis. But despite this I have just graduated from my second degree with very high marks. So having a mental illness doesn't stop you from being a high achiever. I have also been invited to do post grad study however because of my psych issues I'm taking my time with my studies. I don't believe my illness places limits on my intellect only on my confidence and self esteem. So having my friends and family's emotional support helps greatly with my productivity.

If you have a good understanding of your condition then anything is possible.

I have bipolar and I have a 3.75 gpa. I don't study much or read the material and I do great. Many people with bipolar are highly intelligent people. Often times, it depends on the severity of the disorder/illness. And when I do poorly, it is because of my f%*& you attitude or I'm to depressed to leave my house.

In one ear and out your mother
On the contrary, some ppl say many of those with mental illness are actually very intelligent and insightful....their analytical nature can sometimes even be part of the cause of their mental illness, theres a lot of stupid but happy people out there

Many people are considered brilliant, even though they have a mental illness.


You may not have intended it and are just a worried parent but to be honest I find your question a little offensive- as though people with mental illness cannot be smart or do well. I was the head girl in school in 2006 and at the same time was depressed, bulimic and suicidal, i got my 3 A's, infact came second in my whole region in one of the topics so really the two issues aren't exactly related. In fact when I was in hospital I met another girl a year younger than me at the time (20) who also was the head girl in her school and got top marks!
However it is found that often many peole suffering with mental health issues are those who are highly intelligent.

It's like asking why do I have cancer, I do well in school! mental illness is just that, an illness. Many people are good at hiding their mental health problems. Someone could be an executive in a high powered company and actually be very unhappy and mentally ill but it does not show in their work or to others.

I think you need to learn about mental illness.

all the best

Alper Tunga K
If your daughter had bipolar this would definitely affect her school performance badly. There's indeed something inconsistent in this evaluation. You've every reason to suspect the validity of this evaluation.

Loca Loba
I had A's and B's all through high school with what was then thought to be depression. Turns out to be that I had something called Borderline Personality Disorder. At any rate, a mental illness in no way affects a persons ability to learn or even necessarily reason. My particular illness affects how I deal with other people, but has no affect on my ability to reason or learn.

In the case of bipolar disorder, all effects are not always detrimental in every area. I have bipolar disorder and also received high marks in school, however, I was subject to extreme "one way or the other" decision making based on nothing at all other than how I felt at the time, mood swings, and a lack of focus due to uncontrollable brain activity(sounds like a teenager not a disorder huh?). Bipolar is tricky. I would suggest multiple opinions and a wide range of medication "trys" before taking meds long term(if she does have bipolar). In my experience, doctors favor one medication or another as a blanket medication for everyone with the disorder. Also, dependent on her age,it might be something she grows out of. The idea that everyone has something wrong with them because they meet a few criteria is becoming more popular. Its easier to blame a disorder that you can't control than accept the consequences for our actions. A lot more people are diagnosed bipolar than have it. Do your research and good luck.

Do you watch House M.D ?
He had poor mental health and is a fantastic doc , i'd say Genius , even if he isn't real .
My point is you don't have to be unintelligent to be mentally unwell , i like to think of it similar to having diabetes or another physical illness , the mind is part of the body ,

There is such a stigma with mental health , It's got to change.

Anyone can get a mental illness whether they are really clever or if they are illiterate. Just because they are really academic and get great grades at school doesn't mean that they can't have a mental illness such as bipolar disorder. Intelligence and mental illness are not linked in any way just like with a physical illness. There are so many very successful people who have a mental illness, they have their illness under control and so are able to do well at their chosen career. Having a mental illness won't stop your daughter doing well as long as she gets the help she needs to learn how to cope with it and manage her condition - same as if she had a physical illness or condition.

Ms Kitty
Actually there seems to be a connection between Bipolar and intelligence....... We are smarter than your average bear....... Mental illness does not mean stupid.

Mental illnesses don't lower IQ's, other than mental retardation. Bipolar is a mood disorder, nothing to do with what she can learn. I'm in college with five mental illnesses and no special assistance, and I make good grades.

In actual fact, people who are confirmed bipolar are very often extremely clever. Stephen Fry would be a shining example of a man who is both affected, and obviously clever. I suggest you do some more research on this subject?

*♥* donna *♥*
Being Bipolar doesn't make you stupid.

kid on the block
The two are disconnected. I knew a university lecturer who developed bi-polar. A lovely chap but he eventually had to take early retirement because he couldn't cope with the stress. It didn't stop him having a brilliant brain though.

I hope your daughter gets the help she needs. I have another friend with very severe bi-polar who has managed to get back control of her life thanks to developing insight into her moods and support from her community psychiatric nurse. The secret seems to be to spot damaging mood changes early and deal with them appropriately. She has also found it easier once she gained the confidence to share her diagnosis with her friends and then acquaintances. So I hope your daughter's friends will also be supportive if she confides in them.

Good luck to you both.

Mental illness has nothing to do with intellectual capacity.
I have had severe depression in the past.
I am also dyslexic (not a mental illness, but one people associate with being "thick")
I have always done exceptionally well academically and am currently completing my PhD (that's a doctorate).

You should go and learn about bi-polar to help you avoid sweeping statements such as "she gets top marks at school so she obviously can't have a mental illness"

Simply by having a diagnosis of bipolar or any other mental condition does not prevent the said person from succeeding academically. In fact, it is quite common for people with bipolar to excel in certain areas. I was diagnosed with Manic depression (bipolar) 18 years ago and since then I have completed two BSc degrees, 2 MSc degrees and a PhD. All whilst in and out of hospital having being sectioned.

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