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Neely O'Hara
Could you love someone who had a mental illness?

Additional Details
I'm sorry - I didn't mean to be rude. I was just wondering.

You see, on principle, I would say 'of course you can love someone with a mental illness'.

But I have a mood disorder, and it's not even that severe, but I know that I make people's lives miserable by the way I act.

Perhaps I could be loved in theory, but in reality - everybody runs a mile.

wants to be *d i f f e r e n t*
depression an mental illness. would someone been depressed change the way u think of someone?

i thlink you love anybody with or with out a dissablity
i can get anger at times buy my boyfrined still loves me. i had few prolims and disabllitys but we love everybody in diffnty ways

Absolutely. When people run, it's because they themselves are scared. I love somebody who is mentally ill and would never think of not being there for them. When the illness rears it's head, that's when they need me most.

Be upfront about your illness with family and friends and I can only imagine the ones that matter will step up and be there for you.

I guess its just finding that one person who wouldn't run that mile and would stick by you through it regardless of your downs...remember nobody's perfect which should make people more understanding...don't let it make you feel down.

i dont know who i am?
i have borderline personality disorder and been in that situation i definitely would because i would understand where they are coming from

Sharmaine G
my boyfriend loves me sooooooooooo much and im as mad as a hatter!!!!so yea people love you for you not your illness.

Yes. I think it's about loving the person, rather than concentrating on the illness. No-one loves depression, for example, as they hate to see someone suffering, but if you love them, you will try to help them through. You are not your illness, you are you. It's like saying you couldn't love someone if they had cancer. When i first got together with my boyfriend I had been depressed for about eight years and self-harmed. He loved me and I've grown stronger, and haven't been depressed in about two years now. I work with a lot of people with Schizophrenia and Depression and the like, and a lot of them are incredibly wonderful people. There is something loveable about all of them. I know one day someone will love them unconditionally.

I feel that you can and if the case you should because you never know when mental health problems could affect anyone

yes, but it is not a cure able disease but any how i am adjusting with her. Under such conditions where she will go. But it is very difficult to adjust with such patient. As a student of psychology i tried to treat her psychologically but at last i have failed.

yes I could there are lots of people who have mental health Churchill is one of them he had bipolar.

i would think so. everyone shouldn't run a mile but they do and it's a bit odd really.

my dad committed suicide, i guess that counts.

i have bipolar disorder. does that count?

Killerma - Weird and proud
I have a mental illness i hate the word "normal" there is no such thing everyone is different, i love whoever i like if that have a mental illness so what! were in love, and stick through the illness.


Liverpool Fan123
love real love is unconditional,and it is out there,and above,i hope u find it i did.god bless

Stephanie S
think of all the people with anxiety and depression. so many and they still find love. there are different types of love but no matter what, all people end up finding love.

Cassie T
I have and do. Of course, I myself have bipolar. Understanding other's struggles helps a lot.

I think that's why so many "normal" people turn away. They don't have any empathy.

Yes people can love people with a mental illness. But it can be a nightmare when a mental illness has an effect on their personality because you cant always know how much of their behaviour is down to the illness and its extremely difficult not to take it personally when you're faced with (for example) aggression, paranoia, and bizarre/scary behaviour directed at you.
Its good when people can look beyond the mental illness and love someone for who they really are, but these people are very likely to end up getting hurt.

Yes, because I have depression so it would be pretty hypocrytical of me not to love someone because they had "problems"

Of course. Doesn't mean that they aren't frustrating sometimes though.

I know I'm VERY frustrating most of the time!

You just haven't found the right person yet. Be patient :P Love might find you when you least expect it.

I dont find your question rude and I get what you mean. I think its easy for people to say "Yes, of course" but I wonder if in reality they could COPE with being in a relationship with a person who has mental health problems.

I live with depression myself and I dont have an official boyfriend but my relationship with my best friend isnt exactly platonic! I think he finds it hard sometimes as he feels hopeless because he doesnt know how to help me. I think it also makes him feel uncomfortable when I express suicidal thoughts. I think even if there werent other reasons why we're not in a proper relationship, he'd be wary of being with me. He himself has said when I talk about wanting to die etc it makes him want to back off. He fears I'll hurt myself if he upsets me or something, which isnt the case. I take responsibility for my own feelings and thought process.

Personally, yes I could be with someone who has a mental health illness. It wouldnt make a different to my thoughts about entering into a relationship with someone with one. If anything, for me it would be a benifit as they'd be more understanding of my depression and be more at ease with it. I do hope I find the right guy soon, feel pretty lonely.

Pick A Winner
Depends on the illness. I tried to love a woman who was bipolar, but she was dysfunctional in every way and she was trying to use me to replace her ex husband. She even called me by his name. I left her and she threatened to murder me. I still believe that there is a sweet girl out there who I can give my love to who will understand that I am schizo, but I am so many more things and I am harmless as a butterfly.

Yes you can.

Funky Lilith
Your question is indeed absolutely valid. I'm glad you asked it and that the issue of acceptance and mental illness gets addressed. I suffer from depression still I am loved by many people. They understand how 'it' functions or 'disfunctions' and are accepting me with the mental illness, not without.

gears suck
My wife tells me I'm mental every day and I think she loves me.

Sexy Sindy
yes of course.

yes I do my husband has a couple of them, one of them is considered serious and I don't love him any less.

patricia bstarstruck
Of course you could

It is very difficult. It really depends on whether the person is getting help for their illness. It is very difficult to love someone who is constantly breaking your trust, not in a reciprical relationship with you, or constantly causing drama for you to take care of, because they are unable to take care of themselves. It is much easier to maintain a relationship if the person makes an effort in taking care of themselves, even if they struggle with it.

yes - i do, my grandad has alzheimers, i wouldnt wish that form of dimenture on my worst enemys

I could love someone with any kind of illness

Dark Shade
You can, and u will be loved Laura..someone will accept you for the way u are.

Dont let your bad expriences in the past ruin it for u..only cowards run a mile, the one that is truely worth something in life will stick by u no matter what and support u.

Its not a rude question..i dont know what all these other people were reading, doesnt even come off offensive.
But in answer to ur question..Yes i could love somebody with a mental illness, there still people at the end of the day and deserve to be loved+cared for like anybody else in this big bad world :o).

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