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Could i be addicted at 15?
i am 15 old girl. in the middle of june me and my freinds really wanted to smoke for some reason so we found her dad cigs and took to out for us. then a couple of days after we found to packs of cigs in her brother closet. we took them annd then split them. so we each had like 10 or something each. then randomally our freinds comes over and gives us a pack of his moms. we split it and have like 20 each. so i had to leave home and go down the shore and notice that i smoke one everyday. i didnt think that i was addicted then beause i would only do it for the high. and would do it when i got board. me and some friends would go to the boardwalk and found a place that sold them to us. 2 months go bye and i come home and find my self board. and when i get boards i am like smoke, smoke. i went like 5 or 6 days with out one and i only have a few left should i somke them and be done i dont wanna get or be addicted. do you think that i am?

Master Of All
Yep, go get help now!!

~Annie loves hsm3!~
You can get addicted at every age! try and go to your doctor and ask her what you can do xxx good luck

big red
i dont think that you are phsyically addicted, so stop while you can.
at first, you just WANT a cigarette really bad. its not an addiction until your body actually NEEDS the nicotine to function right.
please dont smoke, its bad for you and a waste of money

smoking is bad for you
it causes cancer and makes you really sick
if you look at all the people who have gotten cancer and died from smoking
i think that is reason enough to stop

You will know if you are addicted...

i think you def should stop smoking them. throw the leftovers out. that's the only way to see if you're addicted. if you want them back then you're addicted and if you don't then you're not addicted yet but i still wouldn't smoke anymore because it will turn into an addiction and there isn't an age limit of addictions....it can happen to anyone even babies

Um, yeah. You're obviously addicted. Cigarettes have nicotine, which anybody can get addicted to, whether you're 15 or 86. ANYBODY can become addicted!

Please don't smoke them. Nobody should smoke, it's so dangerous and will kill you, but especially you, you're too young. Smoking cigarettes doesn't make you cool. It does the complete opposite, especially in the real world outside of high school. So yeah, for you own health and your loved ones, please do not smoke those last cigarettes. Just Quit!

www.girlsteachguys.com is better

yes, you can be addicted, and if u dont want to be, dont smoke those, if you do end up smokin them and dont listen, then you are addicted lol,
but dont smoke them

Yes you are. But the good thing is that you have realized that you may be soon!!
Since you are now aware, the best thing you can do is go cold turkey!! You come across as someone who has her head on her shoulders - so this will be really easy for you too!

Good luck and enjoy your longer, safer, and healthier life without the smoke! :)

i noticed your name without the B infront of it, it could be abba like the mama mia people. Anyways! ya im sorry your addicted. just hang tight and try to get off of the lil boogers as soon as you can. dont put to much pressure on yourself. u have a long life ahead of you. Good luck!

I think you might be in the early addiction stages. It's best to stop now because it'll be harder to stop the more you get in.

Only Mama Knows
I think you are addicted. Especially if you smoke just when you're bored. If you find yourself constantly thinking about smoking then you are addicted. Try and wean yourself from them now! Its still early so maybe you and quit. Otherwise you might need professional help in trying to stop your addiction.

Smoking is very hard to quit cold turkey. Get help if you cannot do it on your own. Tell your friends you want to quit and don't take any cigs they offer you. Good luck. Try to stop while it is still early.

ben r
stop smoking you can get lung cancer
if you want to do somthing bad do snuff or chewing tbacco
thear alot safer
i dont do snuff or chewing tbacco but i want to

your addicted, everyone who starts smoking and likes it or does it a lot are addicted. but it's good that your 15, cuz it's easier to stop now than when you r older.

Memere RN/BA
Oh sweetheart, please don't smoke anymore. I smoked for over 30 yrs and I started out just like you. Most do, Just one, then 2 and more. You are addicted. Nicotine is a drug. You have to remember that. It's a bad drug. You just started, so now, stop. Do not smoke those last ones. I quit quite a few years ago and let me tell you, once you are hooked as long as I was, It's harder to quit. My MD said getting off cigarettes was harder than someone getting off cocaine. Please, throw them away. You are our future, we need you around. Find something else to occupy your time. If you get bored, go for a walk, read, do anything that will take your mind off those horrible things.

you certainly are, and its the wrong age to pick up smoking anyway. i know i picked it up at around that age and i started hanging more out with people that smoked and now almost everybody i know does it so its hard to quit, even if i can get over my addiction.

yea it's not a good thing

I don't think you're addicted yet, but, your best bet is to trash the pack and never go near ciggies again.

to some degree yes but quiting should be easy now the longer you wait the worse it will get.

You are addicted, but not very. You shouldn't worry, but you should stop smoking now. If you continue, you will be addicted, and fast. On almost everything, it is easy to start and get addicted, and harder to stop. You should quit before something worse happens.


I think that you should throw away the remaining cigarettes and find something more productive to do when you are bored. The more you keep smoking the harder it will be to quit. And you will want to quit, especially after a long time of paying for it...with money and your health.

You can be addicted at any age.

Noone ever expects to become addicted. If I could go back in time I never would have lit that first smoke. Stop now before you have a serious problem. I could've traveled the world a few times with the amount of money I've spent on cigs in the last ten years.

Yes, stop smoking while you are young and have not done much damage - it is not worth it. Money or health-wise.

Mommy to Lauryn and Sydney
Throw them out and don't smoke again..

yes try to get out of it its a really bad habit that will get in the way of your life eventually

Yes, you COULD be addicted. You've been smoking for 2 months, so you've aqquired a taste for nicotine.

QUIT NOW... you are in the BEST position to quit. Pick up a sport or hobby to keep from being bored. A good place to start would be reading and using a DICTIONARY.

I started when I was 21 years old, and I AM addicted. I lost my mother to lung-cancer 15 years ago, and I've lost a dozen friends over the last decade.


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