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paperback writer
Could anyone recommend an effective anti-depressant? Prozac & Citalopram haven't worked!?
I've been suffering from depression for two years, following a lot of trauma and stress. Neither Prozac, nor Citalopram/Celexa have worked!

Can anyone suggest an alternative? I should mention that I am in the UK, therefore we don't have Xanax, Zoloft, and some of the other medications available in the US.

Many thanks.

loads of chocolate & coke


fat tart
Yes, stay off the pills and be brave enough to go out there and live your life without crutches.

dr h lecter
ticket to the sun and a biiiig fk it all.

david p
depression is good it makes us see the world in its true colours, as long as we dont kill our selves or others in the process. i know the happy go lucky, positive smiley people of this world hate us. and think we must change our brains to be like theres but at least we can laugh amongst our selves and understand our black humour. unfortunately i haven't been successful at taking any medication, they make me anxious to the point they bring my panick attacks on stronger. and zyban, your not missing. it almost turned me epileptic, my eyes started proclaiming their own independance like a camelian lizard- scary stuff. i like to think its gonna be a miserable day. at least if it rains i wont get wet like the happy go lucky people and have my hope deferred like them.

try ani depressent [AMOTRIPTOLENE] excuse the spelling

Linda Dunn
Cymbalta works good for me.

Zispin (from answer above) is Remeron in U.S.

Catherine C
I take Efexor/ Venlafaxine 150 mg (75mg is the base dose) and it's worked for me. It gives me weird dreams but I feel that's a side effect I can handle. I'm not saying it'll work for you but it's one to give a go. Fluoxetine and Citalopram only work on serotonin reuptake where as Venlafaxine works on serotonin and noradrenaline.

This is something you need to talk to your Dr about.Many antidepressants don't work for everyone.There are still many others you and your Dr can try.It's important to let your Dr know whats not working for you.Be really open and honest with him or her about your lifestyle . Then together you can make the right choice for you>

happy girl
Effexor/ Venlaflaxine, I have two friends who both say this is brilliant, they tried just about everything else. Apparently it's more expensive than most , so a lot of docs are reluctant to prescribe it.
Good Luck xx

james c
I would consult your doctor. He should be keeping an eye on you anyway.

Patty T
There are so many different kinds of anti-depressants and they work on different parts of the brain. I assume you have had a good evaluation from a psychiatrist. I would hope that you would also consider counseling, and support groups. That should maybe be your focus and then anti-depressants can augment that. The very best of luck to you.

I have tried many over the years and finally found one with no side effects called Zispin. Dosage varies from 30mg to 45mg. An excellent one-the best yet. Only a slight cloudiness of the mind as a side effect. Good luck.

Jennie W
I take Effexor, which I find really good. Haven't had any side effects at all and feeling much better since taking it. Good luck, hope you feel loads better really soon. x

I'm glad you mentioned that you are in the U.K.; I did not know that Xanax, Zoloft and other anti-depressants were not available there.

Everyone reacts differently to every anti-depressant. What is effective for me may not be effective for you.

See a psychiatrist and discuss your mental situation with him/her. They can prescribe an anti-depressant, or perhaps some non-pharmaceutical treatment for you.

I tried both escitalopram and fluoxetine (prozac), both at high doses with no effect. Eventually I was started on venlafaxine which has definitely helped with my depression, but in the UK it can only be started by a psychiatrist, not by a GP. The only other thing I can suggest is that maybe you need to look at the cause of your depression and go about changing that, decreasing your stress etc, rather than looking to pills to solve it.

It's a case of trial & error. tell your doctor this one doesn't work for you, & try another until you find one that suits you.
I found the best one for me was Seroxat.
also, ask your GP if you can have CBTor counselling but there mught be long waiting list on NHS.
Also I swear by multi-vitamins & EFA's or omega's (essential fatty acids)eg Hemp oil (I take capsules) has Omega 3,6,9 whereas others only have 3 & 6.
I highly recommedn taking a multi-vitamin but make sure you buy a good brand that works, one I can recommedn is Seven Seas Multi-Bionta (Boots has them for about £3-4).
Also please check out this site which advises on natural remedies (eg diet,supplements etc).
Please also type in any condition (eg depression) in search & look thru' results.
hope this helps & wishing you a rapid recovery!

Sometimes drugs are not the solution to trauma and stress. I would suggest joining a support group in your local area and seeking counselling or perhaps cognitive behavioural therapy to help overcome your past trauma's and stresses.

I tried several antidepressants and I have to say, Lexapro changed my life around. It took six months to fully kick in, but when it did, wow, I could go outside again. I'm not fully better, but I was very very unwell to the point that i was too scared to even talk to my own mother because I found it too stressful. Now I can see friends, have fun, and all because of Lexapro!

hi Depression is one of the worst things one can have i am on Effoxor/Vanlaflazine and did you know there is a fast or slow release one go and discuss with your doctor it is good for pain also as i have FIBROMYOLOGY TO the large muscles of my body and some days cant get out of bed. So very depressing. SO GO to your doctor and discuss if you dont ask you dont get. EH!!!!

I've been on a few of them myself and the only one that worked remotely for me was Mirtazapine (Zispin) Usually the doses size is 15mg, 30mg and 45mg. You take them at night and they will give you one hell of a good nights sleep. Good luck and I hope that things get better for you.

i have been treated for depression for years and have had at least 10 different types from prozac tro dothiapin i am now on trazadone and have been for a few years and for me they are a life saver thats not to say they will work for you. really you should be asking your doctor. btw i'm in uk

Lexapro was life changing for me. It is a better medicine than Celexa, but part of the same family of drugs. Try it if you can, depression is a terrible thing to have, God Bless!

Deirdre H
Xanax isn't an antidepressant anyway, but more an anti-anxiety.

On the natural front, you might make sure you are getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. That can really help brain health. There are other natural aids, such as St. John's Wort. You might also try Tryptophan and DLPA.

One of the problems with anti-depressants is that what works for one person may not work for others. I went throgh Welbutrin, Effexor, Prozac, and many others. Lately though, I've been without meds, just looking at my diet and mental / spiritual health. A regular sleep schedule and that sort of thing can make a huge difference.

As far as meds though, try working with a psychiatrist as opposed to just a general practitioner. They will have a better idea of what might work for certain types of people with particular constellations of symptoms.

Good luck,


peter w
I have used Aropax ( Paroxetine) for about ten years. For a chronic depression. One thing that should be mentioned is that almost all SSRI's and MAOI's and the new ones have a kick in period. They also differ in the effects that they give individual people and the side effects as well.
One thing that I have found with other people is that many GP's and even Psychiatrists prescribe the largest dose. Rather than starting people off small and building up. I have taken 10mg for years (and would like to be able to take 5mg but they don't make a tablet that size.) recently I increased my dose to 20mg as I felt that I was stressed and getting depressed and it made things worse. I have now gone back onto the 10mg dose and feel much better.
One thing I have found for me is that the meds work better if I take vitamin C about 1000mg and folic acid with them.

I would suggest that if you don't find "drug" which helps you. You look at going to a dietitian or GOOD naturopath. Many times they can help where conventional medication has failed. I have a friend for whom all conventional drugs failed. He tried them all they would work for a period of time long enough for him to get a job and start to get his life together. The longest that any helped was two years. He went to a naturapath and she put him on some dietary supplements and limited some foods or rather the times when he could eat them. ( like coffee he is only allowed before lunch) He has been OK for the last five years. If he comes off the diet or supplements he notices a difference.

I suggest that you read up more on these drugs as you will find that the ones that are mentioned in the usa are avaliable in the UK but under a different name try here


This page also leads to a lot of other information. It is surprising what you will find. I did this research for myself as I would like to withdraw from medication something that I have tried a number of times before.

Hope that this helps

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