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Can you have Schizophrenia, but not hear voices?
One website says these are the early signs of Schizophrenia:
* Social withdrawal
* Hostility or suspiciousness
* Deterioration of personal hygiene
* Flat, expressionless gaze
* Inability to cry or express joy
* Inappropriate laughter or crying
* Depression
* Oversleeping or insomnia
* Odd or irrational statements
* Forgetful; unable to concentrate
* Extreme reaction to criticism
* Strange use of words or way of speaking

I have many of these symptoms, but I don't hear voices. Can that still be Schizophrenia?

Also, what age does Schizophrenia usually occur for women?

yes you can be schizophrenic without the voices, or perhaps you have become so used to the voices that they seem normal. the age of onset often varies depending on the lifetime stresses you live through. seek medical help asap if you are concerned. there are many different anti-psycotic/anti convulsants that might work for you. everyone has different internal chemistry, but with time and a caring doctor, you can be normal again.

Hi there,

Most of the time, the onset of symptoms of schizophrenia occur during late adolescence or early adulthood.

taken from website: http://www.athealth.com/Consumer/disorders/schizophrenia.html

I have a friend who has it and she used to have two massive episodes a year. Someone advised her to go on a wheat and dairy free diet and she has not had a problem since. I know it sounds strange but diet can affect your mental health. I used to suffer with severe depression and mood swings and after cutting out wheat i haven't had any problems at all.

Hope this helps.

Jen xx

PS Why is someone just going through and marking all the comments with a thumb down when they are valid points?! ... is someone trying to get a better ranked answer??!! How sad!!

Yes it is possible. And the symptoms generally become evident in your 20's.

Yes but unlikley , hearing voices is one of the first things that usually appears

Most people get it 16-25 years of age

momma of two
yes you can.

fleur de lis mock ILF TTC #0
generally it shows up during the teens or early 20s. I had a friend that was diagnosed at about age14 it was early but the reason it was so early was because she had a great deal of stress in the form of abuse. I suppose a person could hide or manage it well enough that it may not get discovered till later in life. but if this person became involved in a close relationship I'm almost sure it would become evident.

yes, there are many different types of symptoms and levels of Schizophrenia. Some schizophrenic people can see stuff that are not really there and many other things all together.

Schizophrenia manifests itself in your early teens. but PLEASE! Don't diagnose yourself! This is very common among med students that are studying terminal diseases, you begin to think that you are experiencing all the symptoms. This is called a Hypochondriac. If you really think you have a problem go see a psychologist.

p.s. no- you don't have to hear voices to be schizophrenic.

Those symptoms can fall into depression also. It doesn't necessarily mean you are primed for schizophrenia

Given the questionable cause and origin of schizophrenia, I am sure it is perfectly possible for someone to, at least, be diagnosed with schizophrenia and not hear voices. For example, an early warning sign that you list is social withdrawal. Have you never felt you just needed some peace and a break from other people breathing down your neck? Is is possible that some people have snubbed or shunned you, and you feel as though if you were to run into them in the next minute yyou might want to puke over them? If you have ever felt this way, consider yourself normal. If you have never felt this way, ask yourself why not.

You mention hostility or suspiciousness. Have you never felt hostile or suspicious by some of the answers people have submitted on Yahoo! Answers. If you have not, conisder yourself buzzed out and clueless.

Have you never left your personal hygiene deteriorate to the pint where you skipped a few baths or did not wash your hair as often as you maybe should have washed it? Have you never run into a relatively normal and respected person who smelled of body odour?

Have you never been deep in thought and maybe appeared to other people to have a flat, expressionless gaze? Have you never been so hostile that your face maybe appeared that way? Have you ever looked atthe flat, expressionless gaze of supermodeels on magazine covers and considered the fact that they are asked to look that wya so that viewers can read whatever they want into their gazes?

Have you ever wondered about inappropriate laughter or crying? How do you feel about the way some ussers of Yahoo! Answers seem to feel about having tried to pull off a trick or about having abused a fellow user? I can think of few better example of inappropriate affect that people who are on the system and think that their actions are trite and amusing when they do serious damages.

You wonder about depression. Who would not feel depressed about the way things are going in the world and in society in general?

You are concerned about oversleeping or insomnia. Do you know anyone who has not suffered from both problems from time to time?

You are also concerned about odd or irrational statements. I guess it depends on the context of what is being said. I have read some very odd and irrational statements on Yahoo! Answers. it also depends on who is doing the judging as to the ratinality of the messages.

You wonder about extreme reaction to criticism. Well, some people are touchy! Nobody really likes to be criticized, even if they suspect they are wrong sometimes.

What is the last point?

I am not sure about the most common age of onset of "schizophrenia" in women, but the symptoms you mentioned could set in on almost anyone at any age at which the person would be sufficintly aware of what is going on in the world.

Why don't you wake up to the fact that schizophrenia is a fake disease. It tends to be ascribed to people who are getting killed by the system. It keeps people employed on the system by killing other people with drugs. The only difference between a manic depressive (or person with bipolar manic depressive disorder) and a schizophrenic is that the schizophrenics are being considered as bait to be killed, while the manic depressives have made an agreement to keep themselves alive by being humiliated about their disorder, talking publicly about the stigma and putting other people in danger by enticing them to turn themselves into the mental health system.

Both schizophrenia and bipolar manic depressive disorder are given to people by the system. I am not sure if a case of real schizophrenia even exists.

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that sounds like me but i say strange things cause i have a very warped sense of humor that no one gets.

All but two of those symptoms are used in other diagnosis as well. You are not schizophrenic. If you were, you would not think you are. Relax.

Without auditory hallucination, one may still have schizophrenia. For women also, the young age group like their male counterparts is the rule, which is 18 to 30 years.

I heard it's more common in men. You may be showing early signs. I'm 18 now, but when I was 14 I was paranoid and delusional. That eventually developed into Paranoid Schizophrenia. I don't know what ages it occurs in women though.

yes. paranoid schizophrenics are good examples if this.

Mason K
Everyone has these symptoms from time to time, or maybe even all at once. Schizo's have it so bad, they can't function in society. We all hear voices too. It's called inner dialogue. But the schizophreniacs have it loud and overwhelming. If you can write as well as you do, and even spell schizophrenia, you probably don't have it. There was one who lived downstairs from me. All I heard was her screaming at her social worker every day. Another neighbor who is a therapist told me she was schizophrenic. That was after I called the police on her for yelling like a maniac at the man who cared for her. The guy got arrested though I don't know what for, and she got kicked out of the complex. They excused her since she is sick I guess. But it sounded scary as hell: all that screaming, and furniture being flung this way and that, all the while, the poor man was pleading with her to stop. Now she still comes into the complex though, looking all mean, and giving me these looks, like she knows what I did, even though the police assured me they would not disclose my name. One time she started screaming at me and I just shut the door on her face. I think maybe she is out there now, stalking someone, I don't know what for, but it could be she is trying to get home or something.
It's not an attractive disease.

I doubt that you have schizophrenia, it is a rare condition that implies you have been confusing reality. If you have not seen or heard things that don't exist, you are probably suffering from something else. Depression, anxiety attacks, anti-social behavior, insomnia... There are many illnesses that are more common and also less alarming than schizophrenia.

Absolutely. My suggestion go make an appointment with a psychiatrist and he or she can give you a better answer.

Those symptoms are also in bipolar disorders, depression with anxiety, could me a medical condition, there are many things out there with all the same symptoms.

I agree with amie x, even though you have some of the symptoms don't freak out too much. A true mental illness would significantly handicap your ability to live, and you probably wouldn't be able to write as coherently as you are.

A lot of those symptoms could be a sign of any of a number of things, like anxiety, depression, maybe hormones or a poor diet...You should see a doctor so he can diagnose your problem.

you are describing symptoms most people have occasionally, but if you are concerned, you should seek professional help.

Jay P
i feel the exact same way. i think i might be but lately my sleep has been lacking so i dismissed the auditory delulsions mine for instance is that g-dam yahoo dude saying yahoo everywhere and it is because me and my ex talked alot online and im sure its related somehow. go see a doc if not satisfied go to another only you know the path you took to get here and only you can make your life better. were in the same boat with different oars. i truly feel 4 u as i am going the same realization i may be. go see a doc and be completly honest about everything, trust me youll be fine. you just need to be aware, good luck i hope you recieve the break you need.

sure.. every persons symptoms are different.

Yes you can. But your symptoms seem to indicate depression which masks itself with the rest. The odd statements could indicate schizophrenia. It largely depends on if the statements make sense to others.

Have a professional diagnose. People are too hard on themselves with diagnosis.

Christin K
Schizophrenia can manifest at any age, but it usually waits until the late 20's or early 30's to become "florid". And it doesn't always embody hearing voices, either. Everyone is different.

Get a proper diagnosis from a good psychiatrist.

Paula D
Yes, it is possible.
Also, i think the age it starts is usually young, around your 20's.

Father Juan
yes, you don't have to have all the symptoms

see your doctor

amie x
There are many many types of mental illnesses that can have a LOT of these symptoms please dont worry yourself about Schizophrenia when it may be something totally different talk to your doctor more then likely he/she will have answers for you or will refer you to a therapist that will!! Good Luck!

Schizophrenia is often described in terms of positive and negative (or deficit) symptoms.[16] Positive symptoms include delusions, auditory hallucinations, and thought disorder, and are typically regarded as manifestations of psychosis. Negative symptoms are so-named because they are considered to be the loss or absence of normal traits or abilities, and include features such as flat or blunted affect and emotion, poverty of speech (alogia), inability to experience pleasure (anhedonia), and lack of motivation (avolition). Despite the appearance of blunted affect, recent studies indicate that there is often a normal or even heightened level of emotionality in schizophrenia, especially in response to stressful or negative events.[17] A third symptom grouping, the disorganization syndrome, is commonly described, and includes chaotic speech, thought, and behavior. There is evidence for a number of other symptom classifications.

Stephen L
Schizophrenia is broadly defined as a brain disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. Hearing voices is one type of manifestation, but there are a number of others, so the answer to your question is "yes." With regard to yourself, it seems to me that if you can formulate a question like the above, and suspect you might be schizophrenic, you're probably not. My guess is that you're suffering from some form of depression. Get help from a mental health care worker and good luck.

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