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heidi the ghosthunter
Can stress, anxiety & depression cause breathing problems?
if i'm really stressed then my throat & stomach feel like they're closing up?
anything i can do

steve adams
yes and a good way to not be stressed
is to do the following
sit in a quiet room and pick a spot on the wall to look
at, whilst looking at the wall
let your vision expand so even though
you are looking at the spot on the wall you can see things happening
at the sides , even though they are out of focus
i hope this makes sense

take the noose off your neck you fool you can breath a bit better when your not trying to hang yourself...

I would recommend going to a health food shop, type of place and purchasing some 'rescue remedy' it's bach flower remedies. There are different ones for different type of problems ie 'confidence' etc.
They really help. I used them when doing my exams, helped calm me down.

Andy benitez
Do some prolonged exercise - swimming is really good, or running or cycling if you can't get to a pool.

yes i should think so

Yes definately, anxiety and stress do anyway


when my husband was very ill i felt a lump in my throat just like a thumb pressing on what would be my adam's apple if i were a man............i had heard the expression lump in the throat but that is jus exactly what it felt like,
it lasted several weeks

Clark .
I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression in 5th Grade and it never quite went away. I noticed that after I got the "sad disease", I had trouble breathing. How does it feel to you? To me it feels as if there's a solid pipe or something in my throat that the air has to "go around". So from experience, I can tell you that anxiety and depression can indeed cause breathing trouble.

yes it can happens to me a lot

lisa r
yes,try breathing excercises or try and remove yourself from the situation thats making you feel anxious.or go to doctors,i have paramax to deal with the symptoms of anxiety

yes i have panic attack caused by stress and anxiety

Yes it is called hyperventilating

tamsin the happy gardener
You need to go and have a chat with your doctor. I know how it feels with the feeling of your throat closing over, when you feel that try not to panic, and relax not easy i know, think about what is making you stressed also, and try and sort it

Borrow a book called the Alexander Technique from your library. Traditionally us westeners do not breath correctly and learning the correct way to breath brings it's own rewards like relaxing and the feeling of well being. I have to say though it takes a while to perfect the Alexander Technique. But it pays to perserve and you will find that the constriction in your throat and stomach will eventually go. You could also try yoga. Meanwhile take deep breathes in and exhale slowly.

Best wishes to you and stay cool for cats.

could be panic attack. but all 3 can cause it as well

Most definitely!!

It sound obvious, but avoid any stressful situations. Also I find that listening to soothing music helps. You can also go to a doctor to be prescribed some sort of anti-stress medicine.

Dolly Blue

Yes, Go to Doc and ask to be put on Beta Blockers

Yes its perfectly normal. Its the parasympathetic nervous system performing its survival method for the body to overcome the fear that your brain is being told is there. Don't worry, the sympathetic nervous system will reverse it soon. You can help by breathing slowly and deeply. Hope you feel calmer soon x

Well the obvious answer is RELAX start deliberately breathing slower : --->>4seconds to breathe in and 4secs to breathe out(exhale)
Identify that which is stressing you out and deal with it.
Lie down when your stressed. If its really bad and persistent then you might need to see a GP.

Of course ! Body and mind goes together, are not seperated.

[email protected]

yes it can practice breathing exercises and try to de stress in a relaxing bath

Yes and if it happens on a regular basis maybe you should see a psycologist and ask them. Explain your problems and if they can't help you theyl find someone or some medicine to help you. Good luck.

It is capable of having an effect on many other of the bodies functions. Better spend some time finding out why you are reacting to stress, with such intensity.

Yes. Don't worry. Lots of people suffer the same. I have had this happen for 20 years and you can learn to live with it! Just calm down (easier said than done), concentrate on keeping your breathing regular. Focus on something (anything) and concentrate on that for a few seconds until the bad feelings start to go away. Talk, say anything even if you are on your own....If you can speak then there is not a heck of a lot wrong with your throat!
Best of luck. Take care Robin

angie n
the best thing to do is controll your breathing ,take long deep breaths and exhale slowly,this will help you in a lot of ways

Hi there,
Yes Stress & Anxiety can cause that, but remember it's all in your mind, it does not mean that there is anything wrong in your chest, just try to breath slowly and try to think about something that calms you down, trust me once you know it's only in your mind and breath slowly it will go away:)

Donna M
Classic symptom of anxiety.

You don't say what is causing the stress but, Yes it can. It you don't deal with it now, it will very quickly debilitate you.
Anxiety (nervous tension) is causing you airways to constrict and your chest to tighten, your heart rate will increase, because your oxygen levels are down your brain will begin to panic and you will feel like you are losing control.
You will begin to make mistakes which with aggravate your sense of depression...
enough already!
Remove yourself from the situation that is stressing you (nipping to the loo should do it) and take deep calming breaths - you will feel better. Force yourself to think some kind positive thoughts about yourself or your own ability and don't take any radical action on anything until you've had a decent night's sleep.

I suffer this too and it's taken me years to learn how to address this.

My heart goes out to you - good luck x

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