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 i'm mental help!!!!?

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 Should I kill myself?
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Can someone feel suisdal and want to die for no reason? ?
because i do and i dont know why at all

Sounds like you're suffering from depression. If you have suicidal thoughts, you should talk to someone - a doctor, cleryperson, family member - someone. You may find taking an anti-depressant helps. In my experience, drug therapy works best with talk therapy so you may want to schedule an appointment with your family doctor and a psychotherapist.

Good luck!!! And know you are not alone. There are millions of people who suffer the same way you are now.

well in my offense I think their has to be a reason I mean you wouldnt just get up in the morning and say I am going to kill my self today and for reason you wouldnt do that their has to be a reason

that's just being depressed
if you feel like it all the time then that's bad, but if you're still happy and can laugh often enough you're probably alright

you have a reason if you think about it

all my freinds are always depressed so i pretty much get all their complaints. and because i dont know you i cant really say, BUT it is possible, but all i can say is if it doesnt stop to see a doctor or if you feel like hurting urself.(cutting) because then its serious. ive already gotten 2 of my friends to stop cutting hope i can help you feel good. if it usually happens when your alone. find a family member to just watch tv or someting with. that may help

Some suicidal thoughts can occur because of a chemical imbalance in the brain while others are caused by distressing situational conditions, low self-esteem, or even a combination of the aforementioned three situations.

Today, there are a wide array of antidepressants and anti-psychotic medicines that are used by psychiatrists to help their patients cope with these feelings; there is also benefit to be gained from participating in psychotherapy.

I recommend seeing a good counselor or social worker who can help you work through these emotions.

And don't feel weird! This is just something you have to work through.

Good luck. I'll be praying for you.

Bill J
if you are ****** up in the head, yes

I think hormones can cause it so if you notice you feel better in a few weeks you will need to find out what you can do to improve your health. I know women get that way sometimes before or during their period & it is because they have things that depress them that they don't do anything about but it bothers them more when the hormones are raging. The awareness just might not be there. I also get this way in Dec. because my son died in Dec. & all these memories of what went on come back. I can tell myself that it is June but we have a cellular memory so do research on that if you want to see what is going on, on a deeper level.

Sonia P
Not usually. If someone wants to die they are usually depressed about something. Their life is out of control, they aren't happy in their relationship with their spouse or they may feel unsatisfied with themselves for one reason or another.

It's called depression.

You could have depression,
talk to someone about it, anyone

ive tried to kill myself before, not good

I got sent to a therepist, you might want to see one too

good luck, ill talk on yahoo if you would like to

ChristinaChaos L
theres always a reason. the person could just be really lonely. there are also misswired jobs in homes that can give off a depressed feeling.

Desertion .

yeah i get that way every month or so they need to give out happy pills for pms

lorraine j
you sound depressed it may go away in about a week on its own. if not you may have a chemical imbalance in the brain and can use medication and therapy. God bless and get well soon.

Mike P
It's depression. See a doctor asap.

Amanda C
yes and dits not a good thing.
depression! its the lead cause of suicide. get help sweetie!!! good luck!!

I don't know if it's possible to feel suisdal, but I'd have to say that the answer to your question is no. There's a reason in there somewhere; you just have to figure it out.

yes , but if you have a sad life that may accentuate the idea

yeah...just pray and tell the demons surrouning you that they have no power over you and to leave now in the name of jesus!

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I recommend that you go to:


They help teens who are suicidal.

yeah. that happens sometimes.
if the feeling stays and lasts for up to 2 weeks, see a doctor. it could be depression. but if its just a one day/two day stress thing, ignore it.

We all feel suicidal at one point in life or another..No one escapes. But the good thing is that--tomorrow always holds new adventures, challenges, and excitements. Depression can bring you down-- Suicide is NEVER the answer--and I don't think any of us really wants to die--just be helped, accepted-Think of your family and how they would feel without you--suicide is NEVER the right answer--sometimes it is depression--sometimes it can be a hormonal imbalance--serotonin imbalance--NEVER give up! Life is always worth living!!

Yes this is called a general depression. The most important thing to realize that this is not really the normal. You need to talk about it and get some counseling. If you decide to talk to your doctor than he might prescribe some medication. If this is not what you want than a school counselor or a priest or the like can help point you in the right direction. If not helping you them self. Depending on your parents you could try talking to them. Some parents might understand, some might not. The very least you need to talk to someone.
Asking the question here is the first step and now you need to make another step.

Because your missing something in life.
The same thing as me.

beautiiful disaster*
yesss i do all the time. let me know if you find something out :((

emanon black
depression, a chemical imbalance perhaps, http://www.depression.com/ , you should definitely seek help, and don't listen to some of the idiots online because they will say mean and hurtful things for no reason (i'm sure you probably know that by now) And there isn't always a "reason " to feel depressed

Tinker Bell
yes. go c a doc.

yes, but i suggest you talk with a professional about it if you're seriously having suicidal thoughts.

okay fine if you die, though, do you relize God wont let you into heaven for killing your self

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