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Can loneliness make you feel ill?

yeah i think it is a mental thing

Mr. Clean
Yeah it can! I currently don't have a girlfriend and I feel lonely and sick sometimes because I have now one to love!

yes absolutely. loneliness can make u ill because some part of ur brain can be trigerred if ur kinda depressed because of ur loniness. since u feel rlly bad and depressed and feel like crap and seem like u have no life can RLLY trigger that part of ur brain so ur body will think ur sick.

yes it could.

yeah, I think it's more of a chain reaction thing. In extreme cases, if you feel lonely, you don't have energy to do much because you feel depressed and because you feel depressed you stop eating right and so on.

Your emotional and physical health are very intertwined. If you are strongly feeling one emotion, if will definitely have an effect on your physical health.

Yes it can. Loneliness can lead to depression, which can lead to you not eating..which will make you very ill.

Yes. It can cause depression.

It also can make you ill. After a long marriage, sometimes when one spouse dies, the other soon follows.

I need to feel accepted by those who have deemed me too stupid

soccer dude
yes very

absolutly. crampy. lethargic. achy. loss of appitite. all sorts of things.

Yes...of course
go out..have fun excersise alot!!!!eat healthy...

Dirty Dog
Only if it's unwanted. Try hanging out with people, family, friends and see if the feeling changes.

yes =[

definitely, and sick to your stomach too, i hate that feeling

Call me Kikki cuz im Kinky! =]
Yes if you don't eat and don't take care of your body!

please answer mines


Yes, being emotionally hurt can affect you physically.

Wow- loneliness can play a huge toll on you, including physically and mentally. It can put you in a deep depression. Depression causes physical problems if left untreated.

The best thing to do for it is to seek counseling for your problems and try to focus your life on other things, instead (preferably positive things)

Hope this helps.

Yes it can. Depression is just awful. You can start to feel sick, and strange. I remember anytime I'd leave my house I would feel light headed and exhausted. If you find yourself in this situation please find someone to talk to. Even if it is online, any contact can help.

Yes. Get a cat or dog.

yea but stress is more likly to make you ill

yes, and angry and sad and all the bunch

King Mu$$ab
ya dude i just moved and i gotta still get to know everyone, it makes u pissed of sometimes bro

loneliness can lead to depression and in that sense, it can make you feel miserable and unloved and ill

Adam J
yes, your emotions can have physical symptoms and make you feel sick; however, it is most likely just in your head



Future Citizen of Forvik
Yes, it can.

definately. psychologically and emotionally, its human nature to have companionship [whether its friends, family or a lover] and to converse and not having that can make you depressed.

complete isolation can make you go insane.

also, this is a reason why old people who live alone will get a cat or dog. or why you hear of crazy cat ladies :D

Kel E
Yes but its no mental illness. So all you need to do is be with some

friends and fmily! Maybe get a girlfriend! Just boost your social life!

~Hope I Helped~

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