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I Am Jack's Wasted Life
Can crazy people be smart?
The mentally insane..

~NOT yours but XOXO~
sometimes they can be good at memorizing

they are usually very intellegent. especially the criminally insane that is how they get away with a lot of crimes and a lot of the time the only reason that they get caught is because the wanted to be. as far as mentally ill of course they can be very smart too. as a matter of fact most bi polar people are known for their intellect and their creativity. hope this helps

Me Encanta Espanol
This question is very offensive. I believe people who are crazy can be smart at the same time. Why couldn't they be?

I was depressed and took out my card for my psychiatrist one day and two of my classmates at a very small private school saw it. they asked what it was for and I said my psychiatirist. But you're smart one of them said.

Yes, insane people can be very knowledgeable. They lack the wisdom to use their knowledge to function in society as most would consider normal but yet have contributed much to society.

Example: Albert Einstein couldn't take care of his personal needs without assistance. He had to be reminded to go to bed, to eat, to dress properly, etc. Yet, he will be remembered as a famous scientist of our time.

Holiday Magic
First, "insane" is just a court term used to determine whether or not a person is competent to aid in his/her own defense.

Yes, there are mentally challanged people who can be extremely gifted in one or more areas. There are also very intelligent people who have a "breakdown"--which does not necessarily mean that they have lost all of the knowledge they've acquired over the years.

Yes, they can be smart.
I know a fellow who suffers from many mental problems, and he is very intelligent. Of course, he takes his medication everyday so he is quite stable.
Take his medication away and...well...he'd likely talk you into a strange little corner of complete madness.

p.s. I dated someone who suffered from schitzephrenia (spelling?) and he too, was a smart guy.

They usually are very clever.

My yahoo tool bar disappeared?
"There is a thin line between insanity and genius and I have manged to cross it several times in my life." Oscar Levant concert pianist wizard and wit, and oft insane asylum inmate.


The wildly creative genius often walks a fine line, as many of humankind's greatest minds have edged into the darkness of mental illness. Now a new study shows that creative people tend to share more personality traits with the mentally ill than they do with the middle-of-the-road masses.

Joyous Dawn in the morning
SO, THAT'S what my PROBLEM is! lol

Just like there is a fine line between love and hate,,,same applies to clever and stupid,,,usually the overly intelligent are not smart about other things,,so yes crazy ppl can also be smart

heck yeah
Case in point: Moi.

Hell yea dude.

Mon Ray
All the geniuses mankind has ever had were crazies, but not all crazies are geniuses. H.P. Lovecraft says differently though....

None of us are pure white. We are all shades of gray when it come to our mental abilities or deficiencies. When someone has an impairment in one area, there is usually excellence in another. Also, sometimes the things we are worst at earlier in life become the things we do best. ~

Gypsy Girl
Most of them are. Have you heard of mad scientists?

Many smart people have mental illnesses. I knew someone with schizophrenia that used to write graduate level papers on scientific subjects. A person with depression that has a master's degree in mechanical engineering.

YES! Very easily. I often times wonder if a schizophrenic person is just saying things that are beyond our knowledge.
Watch "A beautiful mind" its about a schizophrenic genius.

Edgar Allen Poe
Van Gogh
da Vinci
the list goes on

im crazy. and smart!! ^^ lol jk. but im not mentally ill. And yes they can be. So true!

Please Define Mentally Insane?
Please Define Normal?
Please Define Crazy?
Please Do Not Judge Others. Everyone Is Very Smart In Their Own Way.

yes actually, they can be highly intelligent, just unable to function in what we consider a 'normal' way.

look at autistics, theyre supposed to be near genius level, but theyre still mentally ill


most of them are

Number 3
That depends on how you define insane and how you define smart.

I've worked with those with mental illness, and they vary from being not so intelligent to being incredibly so. Much like everyone else.

There does appear to be a link between certain mental illness and creativity and outstanding thinking.

At the low points during my depression, I've thought about things and come up with some amazing ideas. I don't think the depression caused this, but I think the experiences I went through helped to expand my thinking capabilities.

As far as intellect goes, I'm intelligent. Naturally gifted but various factors prevented me achieving my full potential - most notably is the crippling depression.

Yes, crazy people can be smart.

I don't like to use the word crazy, but yes they can. I'm not saying that everyone is. John Nash was diagnosed with schizophrenia and he won the Nobel Prize. There are countless other examples.

We are smart

Yes - have you ever noticed that some of the smartest people are often a little bit crazy? Im not talking about the really fargone ones in asylums or anything but usually if you meet someone really intelligent they'll often be a little quirky or 'off'. I think that the more you know the scarier it is.

Many of the smartest people in history have had mental health issues, the film A Beautiful Mind is a perfect example

Here's a true story so you be the judge:
A man was driving down a country road when all of a sudden one of the wheels fell off his car. He pulled over to the side of the road to survey his problem.
He went and picked up the wheel from where it had fallen off and as he was walking back to the car he saw a high fence with a sign:

County Asylum for the Insane

On the inside of the fence a nice looking man was watching him walk back to his car. As he drew up near to him the man said:
"Wheel fell off, eh?"
The man with the car replied: "Yeah, here's the wheel, and it's OK, but I can't put it back on because the lug nuts fell off somewhere back on the road."

The man behind the fence smiled. He said:
"Well, why don't you just take one nut off each of the other 3 wheels, then you will have three to put that wheel back on with."
The man with the car said:
"Hey, that's pretty smart...thank you!" "By the way, what's a smart guy like you doing in a place like that?
The man behind the fence replied:

"I'm in here because I'm crazy, not because I'm stupid!"

Melissa B
Crazy people are actually some of the smartest people in the world. Like paranoid skitzos because they are always so mentally alert, and notice things that most people don't even notice. There are alot of crazy people who are intelligent. Besides, everyone's crazy in their own way.

some of the smartest ppl are crazy. there's a FINE line between genious and insanity. albery einstein was a genius but did have a lot of problems.

Actually most of them are smarter than normal people, the problem is that they use their smart part to make terrible plans as killing, robberys, kidnapps, etc. they will never use their smartness to do something good, actually most of the genius people or unique has mental problems, the main problem is that their crazyness ends killing them.

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