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 I feel like crying??????
Im not really sure why im not depressed or ever have been i just want to cry does anyone know why/how or anything??
Additional Details
oh im not sad about anything idk y!!? AND im not ...

 I have a thing for my plumber.. should I lock him in the house with me?
Two weeks ago I had a clogged bathroom drain due to some old tampons. Anyway.. DAMN! the plumbers as sweet as apple pie.. a down right HUNK of a man!

So last week I clogged up my drains on ...

 is anyone going through what im going through please help?
my childs father in i was in a relationship for a year in a half we now have a 1 year old daughter in a baby on the way 5 month pregnant. were not together anymore now cause he left me 3 months ago ...

 Should I kill myself???????? I am 16?
I truly have nothing to live for, no good friends, lovers or family that cares about me. My dad is a douche (putting it extremely lightly) and my mom's a drug addict. I don't believe in god,...

 Are you addicted to anything?
Not necessarily anything immediately dangerous like drugs or alcohol. More harmless things like facebook, a TV show, a particular food, etc....

 self esteem problem.....?
ok so, something has been going wrong with my self esteem. like b4, i was a reallllly happy person. i loved to go out with my friends and just be around people. and i was kinda full of my self, i ...

 Im 15 and suicide is what I think about.?
I am a 15 year old girl and I feel that my life is bad enough for it to end it's not really something I should being posting on here but I need advice ad I have no one who I can talk to about ...

 Why do crazies some times sleep in bathtubs?
Every time i see a movie about a crazy person chances are he will sleep in a bath tub, Why is that?...

 i think i have ocd tell me?
When i wash my hands i sometimes do it more than once. When i walk, sometimes i go back a few steps and do it again. I think i even sometimes turn lights on and off more than once. Now tell me ...

 Why am I listening to classical music?
I like it, but for about the past two weeks, I've had a particular spike in interest. I don't know what it is, am I depressed?? I have been listening to Air on G, Requiem-Mozart, Clair de L...

 do i need some pot to calm my nerves?
im always paranoid, anxious and over anylize every little ache or pain or everything else to life. i cant sleep and nite and i sure as hell cant relax! just curious wud this drug help me at all?...

 I've been really depressed lately and nothing seems to help!!!!?
ive been real depressed lately and been feeling really lonley, i feel like im sketchin around the brim of sanity. ive tryed every thing that makes me feel good (no drugs or booze) evrey thing i love ...

 am i weird or its me (huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself)?
huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself

i tryed to cut my arms
i tryed to eat medics and i ated lots of them
i trewed myself in front of a car the car stopped
hang ...

 I truely need help, I'm feeling so suicidal?
My mind is really messed up at the moment,Im so depressed, I feel like there is no point in me living another day,Im 19 n have been feeling this way for a very long time now - previously on here ...

 i have Suicidal thoughts.. help me please!?
i'm really depressed.... i am a 16 year old Boy ,i've never had a girlfriend,i've never even hugged or held hands with a girl that isn't related to me.... i'm not good at ...

 I am having an emotional problem over something bad I did?
The other day a question and an answer here on Yahoo Answers was in violation and they deleted them as they should. Now I feel so dirty and horrible for violating Yahoo. They trusted me to ask and ...

 What is the best way to break a lifestyle habit?
I'm looking for answers of substance. What psychological tricks can I pull to make myself go out during the weekends, rather than just staying inside, playing video games and smoking pot?...

 Help Me With Myself!!!?
i am 16 years old , my parents are pretty wealthy and i pretty much have every thing i could possibly want and more (bmw, dirtbikes, etc). even with all this, somehow i feel lost within myself. my ...

 I use yahoo answers when I'm lonely, does any one else ?
I suffer from depression and because of this I basically have no friends. I ask questions on Yahoo Answers because I'm lonely . It excites me when I get a new answer. Does anyone else feel this ...

 thoughts of suicide, i want to die but, i also want to live?
i want to know how to want to live when i feel as though my world is crashing down around me.

i have made a list of everything that i want to do b4 i die but, everytime i look review it, ...

Can anyone give me some comforting words or tell me something funny?
Lonely and going through insomniac stage. Nearly 3.30 am in UK. Be much appreciated. x Anyone else suffer from same thing? x
Additional Details
Thank you, you all helped. Still can't sleep but for all your answers. It'll be 4am shortly xx Hope you guys are ok x

David V

girly <3
Haha! Poor thing. Try reading some stuff on this site. It's funny.
It's like an archive of stupid things people say...lol


My husband has insomnia too, and I think it's often caused by some type of anxiety. You probably have a lot on the mind right now. I know when I can't sleep I drink a big glass of red wine and read a book then I am OUT.
I was just looking a these funny shirts, maybe it will amuse you too:


Yeah, I suffer from insomnia. I take over-the-counter sleeping pills but they don't always work. The Barenaked Ladies song Who Needs Sleep is an amusing description of this problem.

say Toy Boat ten times fast..

haha yeah I know right

umm.. o i noe BE HAPPY :)

well funny videos usually make me feel better. go to youtube..sorry i dont know any right off the top of my head. :)

I do! but its only 9:27 here in minnesota.

i always found the words "cat sweater" sort of amusing...

It's 9:31 pm here in Minnesota now...

Strange thing is...I'm originally from the UK...weird...

Anyways...this is the best I got on such short notice...

What did the Gorilla say when he walked into a bar?


Terrible...I know...

Hang in there! Hope life is going okay!!!! Don't let anything get to you...and no matter how bad life might get, always remember that you're a good person! At least...I think so...

Earth Day
Did you hear about the blonde who plugged her power strip back into itself to save electricity?


Why did the blonde put lipstick on her forehead?
Because she was trying to make up her mind.


When a blonde working at the local Taco Bell was asked to put minimal lettuce on an order she replied, "I'm sorry, we only have iceberg."


What do you get when you put seven blondes in a freezer?
Frosted Flakes


A blonde was driving down the highway when she read a sign saying, "Clean Restrooms Next 10 Miles." She was really late for her appointment since there were 26 restrooms to clean.


While waiting at a cross walk for the light to change, a blonde asked why the signal was buzzing. When she was told that it was to let blind people know when the light was red, she replied, "What in the world are blind people doing driving?"


Did you hear about the blonde who called the county to have the Deer Crossing sign removed from her road? It seems that too many deer were being hit by cars.


Patient: I’m really depressed.
Therapist: I see. Yes. You are depressed.
Patient: Nothing is going well.
Therapist: Nothing well.
Patient: I feel like killing myself.
T: You’re thinking of killing yourself.
P: Yes, I’m going to do it NOW.
T: You want to do it now.
P: [Jumps out window.]
T: Woosh. Splat.

try this website its soooo funny! http://www.fmylife.com/

You can try listening to this song. =D


Quick remedy for insomnia... orgasm. You figure it out from there, my friend. Take your problems in your "own hands" as the saying goes.

here is something funny:

your moma is so thin she uses a cheerio as a belt

phillip b
there must be lots going on in your life --here is some info --Be an informed person so you can choose your healing route well. Be really aware that the conventional treatment for this can be horrendous and you can go on for years with no improvement and massive damaging detrimental side effects from meds . Do read this very carefully and try and understand the principles behind what is being said .
Evaluate all of this info well –this info will save you years of suffering ---years if you apply it ..
This will educate you on our health care system and its dire limitations
All treatment recommended by the doctors should be tested and approved and quite rightly so.
That makes sense right .it costs millions to test and approve treatments because of the possible damage to people..
Drug companies Fund most research and will only and I mean only look at treatments, which show the promise of good deal of a profit, --they will actively dismiss any therapy which does not have profit potential— thus your doctor will only recommend therapies with profit in them.
Despite The fact that some of these other therapies mentioned do have overwhelming benefits some, which have saved needless amputations, needless pain and trauma, and much loss of life. Drugs are not the answer for depression with mind altering chemicals or any other mental illness. This is a fundamental principle and unless you grasp this fully –you could /will have years of suffering ahead of you .
This does not help you though when you are ill and suffering—not hearing about therapies which can help from a person you look up to and trust Have you heard your local doctor recommend, Massage Spiritual healing, Herbs, Light therapy,Colour therapy,the violet ray therapy, Osteopathy, Electrical Frequency devices.
These therapies will work for many complaints of a so called mental nature
we have thousands of testimonials and results showing years of successful applications
Do this and I will guarantee improvements to you inside a day its that simple, of course getting these things in place can be much harder. Each therapy can have a very beneficial influence on you.
Print this all off save it and enact it and share it --- of course someone to help you get these therapies in your life is invaluable but do not be swayed by them trying for short cuts ….
1,get someone to massage your back and legs at least 3 times a week use peanut oil or a mix of 50-50 olive and peanut oil.
2 use the violet ray machine an Edgar Cayce device google search this --- 3 times a week on the other days especially on the spine….we use it every day with very positive results
3.get a tent sleep out side 3times a week utilising earth energy - nature can help big time especially with how you feel how much energy you have
4 study and apply good nutrition-- adequate minerals all of them particularly calcium and magnesium iron essential fatty acids omega 3 6 9 protein etc
5 ensure your thyroid is working well
7 ensure you do at least I hr per day some kind of voluntary work when you are able..the reasons you are ill , or poor or have allsorts of bad things happen to you is because of karma -----usually from past lives but some from this one –voluntary work will offset your mistakes--- how much it offsets well that is down to god and how much you do. Healing us is in direct proportion to the help we give others ie your healing comes with helping others achieve theirs so if people are doing very little in helping others ---they suffer more and longer...and if they are doing a lot they get well faster....so now you know what to do ,,and like a lot of us are already doing being of service.
8 be amongst people who are giving, friendly who have time for you who love you , choose your friends well
9 be or get to a place which personally love or like
10 get and do some work which you like or love
11 ensure you do no acts which hurt or inflict on anyone –don’t want to add to your karma do we !!!
12 spiritual healing yes and reiki -.
13think good positive thoughts, laughter, look at comedy, play good uplifting music,
14 avoid at all costs exposure to violence, murders, suffering ,death ,tragedies, -feed upon good things uplifting things, things that feel like a breath of fresh air..
15 Positive affirmation- that’s right programme your self in the mirror , thoughts are things words are things actions are things , all have influence, few people realise these things can have an effect on themselves .
16 a detox ------ toxins can influence how you feel big time
17 hugs get plenty of them in your daily life you would be amazed at how people feel after a few decent hugs….
18 loads of exercise running walking climbing but something which you enjoy
19 rid yourselves of all aspartame laden foods and drink and many additives get back to a wholesome organic diet diet
A total cure however is tied up with karma so you

It's only 10:30 pm where I am, but I'll probably be awake when 3:30 am rolls around. Sometimes reading helps me relax until I get sleepy; I especially like to read the Bible if I'm feeling sad or worrying about something. Or I'll watch a silly movie on dvd; that usually puts me right to sleep. Not much help, but thought you deserved an answer!! Happy sleeping!

The Other Woman ;)
Omg! You're living my life honey! I'm up EVERY night until at least 5am. Sometimes 6 before I finally get to sleep. Then your body gets into that routine so there's basically no hope.

BUT if you go to a doctor and have them prescribe you Trazadone (which is usually used to treat depression or epilepsy) it has been proven helpful as a sleep aide. I use it for sleep (but I do have depression too) It doesn't hurt to ask though and it DOES work!

Melatonin is a natural vitamin thing that's supposed to help with sleep too, it didn't help me, but again, it wouldn't hurt to try.

Hope I helped. Good luck, and I know what you're going through!

I recommend you check out this social networking community called LetsReflect.com. There are people there going through situations similar to yours. They are great for advice and encouragement.

The process of Self Reflection has truly changed my life….here’s my profile. http://www.letsreflect.com/profile.php?userid=6

This is a journey….not a quick fix. The trick is staying positive and surrounding yourself with positive people. You are capable of great things! I believe in you. Best of luck.

Hedgehogs: why don't they just share the hedge?

Supposedly the funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Hey im up 2 didn't realise the time good night! Sorry lolz

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