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Be honest. If you're not mentally ill, how do you view people who are?
Any of these:
schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anti-social personality disorder, major depression, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and all others.

I can cure them all for just 12 cents... the cost per bullet.

Well they need to take medications and act like normal people. No excuses to be mean or crazy.

green is clean
Honestly...and I hope I don't go to hell if there is one...I feel sorry for them, but I'd rather not be around them. It makes me uncomfortable. My father-in-law is bipolar and it makes me angry sometimes at his crazy behavior.

The Prince
Personally, I have never dealt with anybody like this and I don't really know how would I react. I guess I would be sorry, pitiful, and just step away slowly.

[email protected]
i feel bad but i get mad when they know their having problems but won't take their meds,

I know someone who is schizophrenia and she doesn't seem like she does. Most people who have these so-called diseases are on meds. Some even act all weird and some even do bad things especially if the have kids

It doesn't take a "schizophrenia" to see a "schizophrenia." It's all in the way....we were trained.

..the exact same way I feel toward people with biological disorders. It makes me sad and I wish that it didn't have to be.

Its unfortunate but their is a huge stigma in this country about mental disorders. Many people are reluctant to seek help which only makes the problem worse. Many people suffer from these diseases and should seek professional help.

a really close friend of mine has some fairly debilitating mental disorders, including schizophrenia. I don't really think it affects the way I feel about him, its just a part of his life and his personality is the same as ever (I've known him my whole life). It sometimes gets in the way of his being able to do stuff, and I feel for him because its a struggle for him to lead a normal life, but as far as my opinion, its the same as before he developed any symptoms. Of course he has also had a hard time getting people who don't know him well to look past it once they find out, and even some old friends. To be fair I do have a degree in Psychology and that might be making me more accepting of it than other people.

An illness is an illness, whether it's physical or mental. People who have the disorders you describe need treatment, just as people who have herpes, cancer, glaucoma, or any other physical disorder.

van kedileri
the poor things.
I hope they are diagnosed and get help. I have a problem with people with any of those disorders who do not know nor admit it and bring that to others.

i view them as humans who are different from me who just want to be treated normal.

I view them as individuals who are coping with a difficulty and I think how to best help them.

Sometimes a condition can be cured with medications but I view them as someone who wasnt as lucky as I was and its kinda sad. It isnt their fault.

i feel sorry for them.
some people are just mean

Well, my brother is autistic. So, i have sympathy for people with disorders.

Golden Ivy
My doctors said I am (schizo-Psycho they say), but i do know others too with mental illness and I treat them just like any other person! It is just like having a broken arm, braces, glasses, allergies, cancer etc. what really stops you from having a friend just because someone is different!

I don't feel bad for these people at all. I think they are just like us. Whether we have one problem or another, it doesn't matter. I have always made friends with these people. They try to make things the best they can. I know someone who has schizophrenia, she is one the best people I know. Even with people who have physical disabilities, they are cool as well. In grade school, I was their buddy all the way through. I hated seeing them hurt by bullies, so I would try to protect my friends. The are just as special as to me, than my friends who have no disabilities. I love these people. It is fun to see how they work with things, even if it is difficult. I just want to help everyone, no matter who they are or what they have. It is a great place to be in. *Smile* :)

i view them as people that have mental disorders...i do feel bad for them.

it really makes you appreciate what you have. no matter how big ur problem is someone always has it worse

These are all aspects of a person - sometimes they get in the
way of them, sometimes they don't.

I savor the times that they don't.

I treat them as I treat any others with incapacity.

And yes, IF they can laugh at it, I can too.

i feel really sorry for those people that have been dealt this card in life. i have several family members that have mental illness so i'm probably a little more understanding than most. when i encounter people on the street that are mentally ill, i sometimes find them a bit scary. this is because i know that they can be unpredictable at times. but my basic take on them is that they have a disease, i try not to stigmatize, and keep myself safe at the same time.

theyre the same as us, just people

who deserve no more or less respect than anyone else

green day chick.
first i get freaked out then i realize like in a sec that im not like that so it dosent give the rite to hate then or make fun of them i feels sry 4 them most of the time.

Angelina DeGrizz
I'm a little afraid of them. ("Them" like they're not even human) I know they are people with personalities and lives and families but, I'm not sure how to behave around them. I'm getting better. I currently have one friend who had downs syndrome and one with ADHD. There's nothing "wrong" with them just my perception of them.

Nikki Tesla
My mother is paranoid schizophrenic. She is the most beautiful amazing wonderful person on the face of the earth. She made a loving wonderful home for us kids. She had delusions, ofcourse, but her delusions were never harmful. They were sometimes humorous. Though we never laughed at her. To her they were real. I tell you I would never, not in a million years, have traded my mother for a "normal" one. I am truly blessed that she is my Mom!!

tina m
I have been caring for my youngest sister who is schizophrenic, mentally retarded and legally blind for ten years, since our mother died.

I view her as a human being, and I treat her the way that I would hope someone would treat me if I ever needed that kind of care.

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