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Are there any kind of foods helps when you're depressed?
i've read that some kind of foods really helps to lift the spirits up when you are depressed.if you know about it plz tell what kind of food helps to overcome depression?

1 tbsp flaxspeed daily processes pleaseure sensory cortex
rye energy
maple syrup depression
blueberries health tuna maintan energy protein
carrots health chicken mood energy
oj stress health fish omega
potatos mood turkey breast protein
brocoli energy muscle recovery eyes
sesame ginger boost mood
mayo mood energy
cheddar energy
mozzarella muscle
bagel muscle
dry cured ham energy
2 handfuls nuts daily

age sunflower seeds cheese grape juice

cherries sleep

Like someone else said, "anything with natural anti-oxidants can help." Think about eating really well, DRINKING LOTS OF WATER, and get a little exercise. Cause if you find yourself really healthy and in shape, what can there possibly be to be depressed about??

When i was depressed, it helped when i ate a lot of Fiberous foods.. things like oatmeal and apples.. things that will make you go poo... somehow we tend to be constipated when we are depressed... drinking lots and lots of water helps with that process.. it may sound odd.. but when i was depressed it helped me a lot to get out.. exercise *even when i didnt feel like it*.. I hope that helps...

I think by now you got the answer to whats a good depression food - Its Chocolate Chocolate n more Chocolate. I eat it even when im not depress just to make sure i dont get depress :) if you still get depress after eating chocolates then come back again here and ask again.

Fruits and vegetables. Juice em"

B vitamins help..look for 100mg strength. Eat natural foods, nothing processed and in boxes..Depression is a chemical imbalance of the brain and may be caused by an improper diet..Be sure to take a multi as I said with 100mg of b complex, that helps alot, chamomile, Valerian root, help relax as does warm milk. Treat yourself well and be kind to yourself. I had depression for two years and self talk and eating proper helped me. Bless you..I wish you all the best!
Stay away from anything laden with sugar ..that is the worst you can do for yourself!

chocolate, green tea, anything with anti-oxidants can help you.

I love to have a coke icee, it makes me happy.

I also love to go to the seafood buffet and stuff myself with snowcrab legs!!! that makes me happy too.

La De Durango!!!
choloclate... it has endorphins or some other chemical that tells the brain t release endorphins, and endorphins make you happy

Team Coco

I eat chocolate when I feel depressed and it gives me a lift.

eat sweet things
but only a few (aka a few cookies, a few brownies, etc.)

whole grains and high protien low fat no caffiene lots of water, watch youre sugars all of them and more water and some exersize every day even if all you can do is walk around the ghouse for 5 min, before you know it youll be outside walking! no chemicals, as little as posible, also if you are female keep really good track of your cycle and the symptoms. but ya gotta have a lil chocolate sometimes!

gina j
drink 5 cups of green tea daily

i eat 2 bananas a day the first person is so right and exercise is key to get those endorphins pumping right

Mainly chocolate. Ice cream is good too.

chamomile tea is wonderful ... also you should AVOID caffeine, and get outside ... take a walk ... you'll be surprised how much it helps.

food is at times a coping mechanism for depression. this is a very unhealthy practice, and thus if you are depressed i would recommend visiting your physican and thereby seeking help wether it be counseling or medication or both.

chocolate! ^__^

Ruchjat K
You must eat all foods,drinks and fruits and vegetables which are halal or not prohibited by your religion and better or thoyib for your body.Not allf foods,drinks,fruits and vegetables ae fit for your body though it is not forbidden.Please ask your health specialist and your doctor for that becase it is depend on your desease and your needs for vitamines.It is better you drink one and a half litre fresh water a day and eat banana and some other fruits you wanted You must seach the root cause of depressed condition and try hard to overcome.Pease be calm and pray to God at right time.

neha a
ya looooots of ice creams and chocolates

Well, it is true depression food wont cure it. If it lasts for over a month it may be real depression, a real medical condition.
Go see your doc and talk to them about it. It will not go away on its own, I suffer with it, and have to be on medication.

If its an occasional downers, dark chocolate is good. Also, taking st. johns wart will help. But st. johns wart will decrease effectivness of birth control pills.

Probably sugar...it makes you hyper...or caffeine...it does too!

from what i understand...if we eat processed foods...like chocolates...we are making things worse...we are going to feel good for awhile and then going to crash again....the good old sugar rush thing...we need to start eating whole foods....the real stuff...not processed, not manufactured, grains, fish, nuts, rice...the healthy things...then our moods will lift up not to mention that our weights will drop ( another mood lifter)
if you go to http://clusty.com/
which is a search engine, and type in foods for depression you will get some more sites
hope this helps

bananas, chocolate (OR chocolate covered bananas....FROZEN!)

B-Complex vitamins with extra Folic acid. Stay away from dark chocolate, it always gets me depressed.

The best thing is exercise. Move it or lose it. Start with walking. go at your own pace. eventually work up to running twice a week if you can. The most difficult part is getting started, but laborious as it may be, exercise is not as bad as having depression.

Also someone said "nuts", but somewhere I heard specifically walnuts (Omega 3's?), but I haven't noticed much difference with any food. On the other hand, exercise is a miracle cure. It has a very significant effect. Its comperable to a drug (because it is a drug; natural ones your body makes). Your body was meant to be worked.

Also, don't drink too much, it's a big downer.


ஜ♥§ÙGǺЯ★KÙ߀♥ஜ ?ツ
Exercise... It has always helped me.... It releases endorphins and that make you feel happy.... Good Luck ......

Chocolate. All kinds of chocolate, chocolate milk, chocolate cake, dove milk chocolate ice cream and candy bars. It really helps me.

Well don't eat too much chocolate cuz then you will be fat & deppressed.

Yes there are a number of things a vitamin therapy of 10000 mg of vitamin A, 3000 mg of vitamin C time released, 5000 mg of sub-lingual B 12, 2000 mg of Omega 3, 1500 mg of no flush niacin and 6 tablets of cal-mag by Schiff brand. At least the first five if you can't do anything else. Here's a list of other foods. There is a better way!

Food does affect your mood, and what you eat -- and when -- can impact depression. Sugar and caffeine give you a quick lift -- but can leave you feeling down when their effects wear off. This meal plan reduces sugar and caffeine intake because feelings of depression often improve when their consumption is minimized. Complex carbs act as tranquilizers by increasing your amount of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that calms, in your brain. This meal plan contains lots of fruits and whole-wheat foods to increase your complex carb intake. Turkey contains tryptophan which has a calming affect on the brain. Chamomile, peppermint or goyah tea, for your morning and evening mojo has a calming effect on the brain. Chronic dehydration -- however slight -- can cause feelings of anxiety. That's why this diet includes plenty of water, often with some lemon or lime added to liven it up. Golden raisins are high in vitamin B6 and can be added to an meal or eaten as a snack.

Even marginal vitamin deficiencies that don't result in clinical symptoms can negatively affect your mood. This diet, when paired with a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement, will help ensure adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals (especially the B vitamins and folic acid. Steady blood sugar levels help keep you on an even keel. This meal plan includes complex carbohydrates in every meal and encourages eating small meals spaced evenly throughout the day to help normalize blood sugar levels. ie, vitamin D, magnesium, selenium, and calcium).


option one
calcium-fortified orange juice
fiber therapy
soy protein fortified with calcium and vitamin D
vitamin therapy

option two
1/2 cup egg scramble
slice of whole-wheat toast
peach slices fiber therapy
herbal tea
vitamin therapy

option one
spinach and tuna salad
herbal tea

option two
smoked salmon on whole-wheat bagel with tomato and red onion
sliced pear herbal tea

option three
black bean, lentil or vegetable soup
mixed green salad
herbal tea

option one
chicken or turkey salad
spinach salad (high in folic acid)
walnuts and dates

option two
salmon or tuna
another vegetable from the list
herbal tea or water

option three
vegetable or lentil soup
sliced tomatoes
herbal tea or water

SNACKS (in between meals)
Choose two or three each day:
whole-grain crackers with almond butter
handful of fresh nuts and dried fruit
soy protein smoothie
small fruit
apple slices and fat-free cheese

Healthy Dos and Don'ts

Here are a few eating tips to keep in mind when you're dealing with depression.

Take a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement see vitamin therapy.
Get regular, vigorous exercise daily The endorphins produced make you feel relaxed, plus exercises reduces muscle tension and blood pressure
Take a multivitamin supplement that includes B and sublingual B12. Even undetectable malnutrition can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression
* Drink plenty of water or other fluids like herb tea

Consume caffeine
Drink alcohol
Load up on simple sugars and simple carbohydrates

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