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Anxiety disorder?
I'm 14, and I've been studying GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).
I fit and have fit many of the symptoms most of my life, such as worrying constantly about small problems and letting them plague my mind. I never feel completely happy, I'm always worried about something. I try to stop worrying, but I end up doing it anyway. It stresses me out alot and I feel really hopeless about it. I also at a few points have had small panic attacks, a really sudden feeling of horror like something awful just happened, when nothing bad happened at all. I can't name a specific time when these things started to bother me or when they bother me currently, it's really random. I also have a problem with almost passing out suddenly. I'll stand and things will just fade out.
I know many teens think they have mental problems or.. but that's why I've avoided bringing this up to my parents or anyone.
My dad suffers from an anxiety disorder that I'm not sure of, but I think it might be GAD or Panic Disorder

God Almighty is the best Healer. He can help you to live a life of joy, peac, hope, and free of worry. God loves you and you are precious to Him. He sent His only Son to die on the Cross to save us from condemnation, so that we can be qualified for Heaven. Never, never, miss Heaven for any thing in this miserable and sinful world. Jesus is waiting to welcome us to Heaven. Praise the Lord. Amen.

i dont no anything about the GAD but i can tell you dont let the small stuff get to you... relax get rid of the negative thoughts or something bad might happen... start with getting rid of the small things a little bit at a time. talk with your parents never keep things to yourself because you would only worry the people around you and cause nothing but pain to them and yourself. talk with the people you trust the most with your problems dont try to solve it by yourself

what ever your worried about you should take care of so you dont worry anymore.Get ride of those small problems so you can rest easyer.Work out,it help me...

I'm 14 too!
I'm not sure. If you do, (I mean EVERYTHING that you have mentioned has happening to me lately!) However, I have had to deal with a lot of disappointment in my life, and I think that at least for me that some of this is due to a combination of stress and dealing with this disappointments.
I also have high-funcitioning Austim, and having that also makes me a bit obsessive...so I'm really not sure. I'm going to look this up and edit this comment, ok?


Oh god! I think I might have it! Listen, could you talk to me about this? My spare e-mail account is called [email protected], please e-mail me, please?

There are tons of medications on the market to help you -- see your doctor.

there is a natural fix to it next time you feel th world is colapseing arround you just breath consentrate on happy feeling memorys at night about a hr or 2 turn off ur tv drinks come camomile tea relax and meditate i used to get realy stress back in the day and i did that it works jut make sure your sorroundings are peacefull

Sweetheart please see a doctor as soon as you can. No one should have to go through life like that.Put your health first and good luck.

yes its most likely you do have it. you should tell your parents about it. if you feel uncomfortable doing that, then talk to you school counselor or nurse. they will help

had the same problem they put me on depression drugs

Can help!!

All i can tell you is please go and get help, or you will end up like me staying inside the house and letting life pass you by

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