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Amnesia?! Please help, easy ten points!?
Is it possible to get hit in the head so hard, it could give you memory loss? As in not remembering ANYTHING, such as family members or events? How long does it usually last? Is it even called amnesia?
Please help!
Additional Details
Details please! Could it be possible for someone to get it for a day? NOt remember anything, but the next day be fine?

Erin S
yes, it is called that and it's very possible it can take from a few hours to a few years to remember if ever but having family talk about the memories and bring the person things from their past helps the person with amnesia to recall things they may have forgotten

Alison S
Yeah, it is possible I think. I've heard cases of it happening...like people that get in motorcycle accidents. But it has to be a rather hard impact. And yes it would be called amnesia probably.

probably if it was but something very thick.


I can't remember.

Amnesia is caused by trauma to the brain, and yeah if you get hit in the head it could happen... you can even die if you get hit hard enough.

it is called amnesia, there is a possiblity it could never come back...but it could eventually if you surround yourself with people who knew you and go to a special doctor.

Bob R
I used to know the answer to this, but I can't remember.

Yes this is possible you could not remember a thing and have to even learn how to walk and other things sometimes.

Yeah, but head injuries could result in more than just that. If you get hit really hard you could go into a comma as well. There is no time frame, some people get hit real hard then nothing really happens, others get hit in the head and are in comma for days, if not weeks. You can't put a time frame on something like that.

Shopaholic Chick
yes it is possible yes it is called that and it may be temporary or permanant

well I believe its very true that it could happen and it is called amnesia
I have never seen it happen to anyone I know but sure it could happen

Pirate Girl
Yes its all true.
Good Luckers!!


yes, could last any amount of time.

ab b

Ryan D
It could be a brain injury buit your memory should come back

Black Bird
yea its possible , yuo can even die

Adam G
Amnesia is a common symptom of a moderate to severe concussion. The severity varies by case and can be complete and long term or minimal and brief. There are cases of brain injury leading to loss of short term memory, but they are usually permanent.

Yes, a blow to the head could cause what you're talking about, but if it was that hard of a hit, I doubt the person would be feeling too well for a couple of days.

Writers Block
It is possible. Not likely. It is called amnesia. The memory is a funny thing because you can't possibly tell if it's permanent or short term.

Pareidolon 6,o
It's called retrograde amnesia.
It can result from damage to temporal lobes and hippocampus.
But the hippocampus is right in the middle of the brain so you would need to damage a heck of a lot of other tissue to have this.
It usually happens for... oh... 1 to 4 hours before the injury...
So that explains why my psych teacher said the whole forgotten life thing was unrealistic.

Yes its possible.

What happens is that trauma causes the brain cells to disconnect certain parts wich are linked to certain memories. If the trauma was bad enough it could be permanent.

Yes. i know someone who had it, the doctor said this:

1) He could loose all memory but the chances were 5%

2) permanent memory loss, chances were 25%

3) and temporary memory loss, chances were 45%

The hit has to be really hard though, he fell from a ladder, it was pretty high up. and the only thing he suffered was PAIN!!!
but yeah. it is possible

Yup, and it isn't pleasant, either. This happens when the memory-keeping cerebellum is damaged, and long-term memories are then lost. This type of brain damage is called Post-Traumatic Amnesia. In some cases like car crashes and you get your head hit, if you do not die, you can have ranges between mild amnesia (remembering people but not what they look like, or forgetting what happened right before the accident) or severe amnesia, in which the person has absolutely no idea who they are, their family, or their past. In VERY severe cases, this can be permanent. In the show "Samantha Who?" a woman in a car crash cannot remember who she is or of her past life, and with the help of her friends, begins to piece back together her life. Very funny!

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