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Ok this was an acciden't see im a cutter and i ended up cutting a little to deep now its bleeding and won't stop. I think i am in shock i am in a lot of pain and right now i cannot feel ...

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today might have easily ...

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I won't get into explaining why, but how do I stop thinking ...

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just to let ...

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Am i weird? ( 10 points)?
i like to lick my friends ears

please thell me if that is weird♥
Additional Details
and yes it's the inside of the ear

were the wax is

no.. i see people walking down the street all the time..licking eachothers ears...it's the new thing..did'nt you know?

i'd enjoy you licking my ear..sounds fun!!

lol. dirty maybe ..

Not if you're a cat! My cats groom each other all the time, including slurping at each other's ears.

HAHA..hate to break it ya.. but ya! But you must have some pretty nice buds that like ya for who ya are if they let you lick their ears!

Depends if the Group of Boys you do it to Think your Hot then its NOT (thts rite doing it to girl makes you weird)

*licks ur cheek* no course not

YES YOU ARE WIERD! it seems your into Ear fetish which is somewaht disgusting but some guy like it. I some kiss behinds my GF's ear and she likes it..

spirit of the wolf
nope, not to me.

Ahah that's realllyy funny (:
Nah, it doesn't make you weird it's cute.
Everyone has weird habits, my friends like to bite me.

Are You Cereal? (Renee D)
it really is okay unless you put your tongue inside the ear. it's a nice gesture and you aren't the only one who does it. its a gesture of love and appreciation and that is what you show your friends every time you do it!


kickin` it old skool
Eww. I think so. What if there was ear wax in there and you licked it off? haha yuckkk. And do your freinds enjoy it? They`re weird to.. no offence.

i give you my heart
yes, but being weird is so much fun!

We all have certain things that make us happy. If licking someones ear makes you happy then please do so, if it makes them happy to have you licking their ears then more power to you then. As far as it being weird? Different not weird.

timothy j

Yeah, that is a little bit weird but I think that just makes you more unique!

i don't really think thats normal,but nothing wrong with it :)

me :)
very weird. and to ur friends!

bLoNdIe bAbY
u can't be serious

No its not weird to LIKE doing this, everyone is different .
However I think it is strange to actually DO this. If a guy tried to do this to me i would feel a but freaked out.

You are weird for licking your friends ears, and they are weird for letting you lick your friends ears. That is weird behavior. Have you thought about seeing a shrink?

uhmm. yeahhh thats REALLY weird, im surprised you have friends, that let you do that.

EWW! that is weird.

Here's a life secret pal... everyone is ******* weird, just go outside and watch people for a while and you'll understand.

Peace <3
lol yes you like to eat earwax?

Irish Rover-the dark side
Well, it may be a bit strange to others, but as long as you are not hurting anybody, what harm are you doing? We all have our little quirks...each to their own. I love bursting other people's blisters, for example!

hello :)
yes totallt werid

χσχσ [ιтαℓιαивєℓℓα]χσχσ
yes that is retarded who does thatt????

they are weirder for LETTING you lick their ears.

yes that is but you should not look at it as weird just look at it as different



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