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Am I way too afraid of death?
I mean, I know its going to happen but just the thought of it brings me to tears. My mother or father can't mention the subject with me at all anymore.
I think about it a lot.... mainly about other people. You see, I am not afraid of myself dying, its more about other people. I get freaked out if I am in a argument or fight with somebody because I think about if they will die soon and I would never get to say sorry (Even if I am not the cause of the conflict.)
I sometimes want to just end my life, and think about ways to end it a lot because I don't want to watch people around me die.
Is this normal?
what can i do about it?
I am 12 years old if that helps btw.
Additional Details
I do go to church....

I got crushed by a semi truck going 120 on the highway....when it happened...no I wasn't scared. I led a good life, and helped alot of people...so I was ready, but I walked away without a scratch

I don't think it's normal.

Barack Obama © *the original*
consult a Christian pastor

Doesn't really sound normal to me. If you're not in church I would find one to go to :)

Fearing death at all is being too fearful of dying. My advice is to see something die. It really helped me. But that's just me it may make it worse for you...

i think you are too paranoid personally. although i have a fear of death to, i dont think you should go as far as ending your life!. it helps me to just believe that you have a set time to go and when that time comes, you cant stop it and it takes a lot of stress off of me. and if someone dies before you get to say sorry or you love them or something, i mean they may die mad but just think of all the happy times you will miss them for. dont beat yourself up about it! ( i have a fear death and it just helps me to know if im going to die it is ment to be, and i cant stop it).

mark h
i spent 6 months in iraq....that will cure ANYONES fear of death

lynsey IN
it is not normal
everyone will die someday and will die in a certain way that god wants them too
you should read the bible and see what god thinks about death

There are many natural disorders the cause that. Also, if someone recently died, maybe that's the cause. ask your parents to take you to a phycatrast.
here are some tips:
stay away from scary stuff incld. movies
stay away from dramams. only watch comodies and stuff like that
always have somone near you, like in the same room
get more tips online and from phycatrasts.
im one that is bad at spellings.

You should read the book "Staring at the Sun" By Irvin Yalom

Here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Staring-Sun-Overcoming-Terror-Death/dp/0787996688

charles d
Ok its fine to be afraid of death, but instead of worrying about dying u should have more thought about where ur going afterwords. Talk to my friend Jesus is our Savior hes on yahoo and im sure he will answer this ? better than i can.

do good things and dont be a sinner and you will feel better about death because if you are faced with death you will go to heaven.im athiest but im just trying to help

The Unfunded Liability
Its natural to be afraid of death.

You just need to stop thinking about it.

I know what you mean. But at your age, you shouldn't worry about this. Even if it is someone old, if you worry about it you won't enjoy what could be your last time with them. Try not to think about it, and you will feel stress free.

free spirit
Wow, I am alot older than you, and have the same feelings. I envision these bad things happening and what the outcome will be. It just happens....pops into your head.

i went through this...itll pass

You seem to be really sensitive and emotional. I feel the same way after I have an argument with my parents, or even my friends. So, don't hold grudges, you never know when someone might go, its always good to forgive and forget, unless the matter is too serious. You'll feel light and if something bad might happen, you won't feel like the blame's on you in any way.
God might want to take you ,or me, or anyone for that matter, any time he wants. Its good if you're prepared for it. Don't be afraid, and don't think about ending your life, when it hasn't even started.....I mean you're 12!
Its good that you think about this so early, but you should try to concentrate on the happier side of life

I would say that you are very conscious of death and you do seem to obsess about it too much. It is normal to perhaps think of it every so often but by the sounds of it you think about it too often and you shouldn't really think about it at 12.
I have often though about the argument factor; worrying that you will never get to tell the person sorry or how you really feel/ what you really want to say and all you can do is to either calm yourself down during the argument because I quite often find I just end up getting carried away with myself so try counting to ten or something and then you will be able to think clearly and apologize. I have also finally learnt (after 16 years) to just speak my mind at the time; don't hold back and I suppose speak your heart- then you can have no regrets in that sense.
It seems that you are afraid of feelings of grief/sadness/misery rather than death which is only a way of feeling those emotions. You're afraid of the loss of someone and the sorrow that would come with that, but killing yourself to resolve that would be petty. You would just be inflicting the very thing you are trying to avoid on others; how would they suffer? Also don't constantly think people are going to die; yes it is a natural thing but really you should cherish life! We know that we will die someday but it is that fact that allows us to cherish every opportunity, person, second that we experience and revel in the beauty of it all, the mystery that is life and the pleasure that it gives. Life is for living and if you constantly think of its end you will only hold yourself back and miss everything as you were to focused on one thing. Focus on the positives not the negatives. Take a big breath and look at everything anew.

However I would suggest you talk to a professional- see a psychiatrist. Here is a site where you can talk to people:


Also I would suggest reading Postsecret- they are in books and it is also a website. They are other people's secrets and they really inspire me when I feel down. It suggests writing your troubles on a pebble, carrying it for a while and then throwing it away in a stream- letting go.

I have had this exact same problem my whole life and I am 22. It's a hard thing to live with, especially now that I have a daughter. Every single day I think about "What if something happens to her." I used to lay in bed every night thinking about someone breaking in and killing my family or if my mom left the house I be scared she'd gotten in a wreck if she was gone too long. I told my doctor about this and he gave me crazy pills and made me feel stupid. My friends say it's not normal. Unfortunately, I don't think this problem will ever go away..I just have to cope with it.

i am also 12. and i find myself worrying a lot about death as well. i think it is normal to have those feelings and i do the same thing...so don't feel alone.

You seem just like me.... I'm sorry, I can't help, talk talk your school counselor. good luck! :)

ciao bella
i think that your really young to be having those thoughts. im 14 and had those thoughts sine i was 11, turns out im mildly depressed and have anxiety. you might have the same thing- it doesnt mean your screwed up by any means, it just means that your a bit melancholy and stuff. also, i would go out and have fun and be spontanious, do whatever your heart desires. this will show you that life is such a gift and while were here we need to enjoy it. also enjoy the people your with now because when they do die you dont want to have to look back on your time with them and realize that you were not happy around them, but just fearing their death instead. this helped me a lot. go see a phyciatrist they can get you meds that will help or go get Be Calmed. its a natural substance for mental illness of all kinds, it helps me. good luck sweetie (:

I think what you are feeling is absolutely normal for someone of your age. All of us at some time realize that the people we love will die and we worry about ourselves also.
In time your worries about this will not be so intense.
It's a normal part of growing up even though it is scary right now.

Yummy Yummy Toast!
Well, being afraid of death is very common, hun. I think about it a lot, as well. It's just sensitivity.

Life is a gift. To me, that is a fact. Death is sad, yes, but death is unavoidable. But how we live our life is in our hands. Being scared your whole life is a waste of time. Just live your life, and have no regrets and there will be no reason to be scared.

i think about that a lot and ill just start to cry randomly. I sometimes want to end my life to just writing this right now id making me cry. I've lost so many in my life that i just don't want it to go any farther but still it's ok and it's normal. Many people think of death a lot.....i know how you feeel

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