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Barbara H
Am I developing an eating disorder?
I haven't been eating, well mostly because I think I am fat, and because I want attention, and because I want a boy to like me, But the boy part is really last on my list...
I am 140 pounds, and 5"3, and 15 years old, and a girl. But everyone keeps telling me that I lost weight...
I hate eating in front of people, and whatever I do eat I try to throw it up but I only succeeded 4 times...
Whenever I talk about losing weight or dieting or anything related to that, I get this tingling feeling in my stomach...
Is this a eating disorder?
Every minute I think about this, even in class, I can't stop thinking about it, and I feel everyone in class looking at me...
I eveen try to sit and stand to make it look like I am skinnier...

Baby Gurl
You Are In Fact Starting to Get An Eating Disorder Called Bulimia. The Way I Know this is Because I was Bulimic when I was 18 years Old. I was in the Same Situation where I didn't like Eating in Front of People Because I felt that I was Fat.

Well I Started like You where I just wouldn't eat Much at All and then When I would Eat I Would Force Myself to Throw-up. Well it didn't Always Stay that Way. Within a Month I wasn't Making Myself throw-Up Anymore. I couldn't Stop the Throw-up. I Ended up being in the Hospital for a Little Over Two Weeks. The Doctors said if I wouldn't have came in when I did that I may Not Have Made it.

The Morale of the Story is you Need to eat and Stop making yourself Throw-Up. if you Think your Overweight (which you Actually Aren't close for your Age and Height) then do things like Working out. Get Involved in a Sport like track or something but Please don't Keep doing what your Doing to yourself. I don't want anybody to end up like I was.

Hope this Helps and good Luck!!!

☮Peαce ℓove
I think that you may have bulimia and anorexia. You should ask a trusted adult to take you to see a nutritionist or therapist. Theae things can be very difficult, but if you tell yourself you can do it, you can.

you weight the same amount i do , you are no why neeeeeeeear fat at all and you taller than me on;y by a inch. you might have one i think you should eat cuz u aint fat at all and if you wanna lose wait exercise

the eyes have it!
it looks like it's headed in that direction.

Thomas O
Heyy Ermm I feel sorry for you my cuzz had an Eating disorder and she used to get really skinny at an alarming rate she then had to go into hospital cozz of her bowels but she always thought of herself fat. I think 140 pounds is an ok weight for your age.. Loosing weight is ok but don't over do it.. and never think off yourself as FAT.

Hi Barbara,

Sure. It sounds like you have an eating disorder. But that is alright, because you can get BETTER results by eating more! I lost over 40 pounds by eating healthy and with little exercise.

It's simply a matter of eating right. Not eating less, believe it or not.

The solution is to eat mostly fruits and vegetables. Do not use ketchup, syrup, sauses, salad dressings, or similar condiments--those are what add hundreds of un-needed calories. Stick to light meat and avoid the dark; do not eat deep fried food. Rice and macaroni are great meal choices, with an orange or apple on the side.

If you follow this meal plan and stick with it--no junk food, either!, then you will loose pounds every week. It's hard but you can do it. Exercising will help even more but isn't needed.

Remember that drinking enough water also helps in loosing weight.

Hope this helps,


yes this is an eating disorder. You are going to irradicate your throat tissue by vomiting. keep this up,and you won't hold ANYTHING down. slowly you fat and mucle will be eaten away, because you can't eat food. then, you own body will attack the heart in search of nutrition, you'll go into cardiac arrest, and you'll die. please, you are not fat. 140lbs? come on! if it helps, women see them selves 40 % larger than they really are.

no your a female your definently not overwieght and if you really think you are than instead of doing this. I am a guy and have done it a few times work out jog or sit ups or push ups. I am 5'8 and 110 lbs my friend thats a girl is 5'2 and is 132lbs

Jason Birio
Yes, it is an eating disorder. A mix between belmelic (spelling?) and anerexic (spelling also?). Don't be afraid to eat in front of people. I used to be really fat but I lost the weight quickly and easily. Now 5'3" and 140 pounds isn't skinny but it isn't obese either. Just eat healthy foods like apples or oranges. Maybe even go vegetarian. You'll be surprised on how much weight you lose. If you are going to exercise, which everyone should, don't do basic things like crunches and pullups. They will only get you to hate it. Go for a walk, or swimming, or play a sport you enjoy, but don't do exercises that you hate to lose weight. Trust me.

SHAR") [lil mama a dime]
Yea you are developing an eating disorder.

Just eat healthy and exercise and avoid carbs.

When you thrown up the acids get on your teeth, that can ruin your teeth.

Yep def develpoing a problem. Talk to someone a counselor, parent , adult friend or a doctor

I Try
You're still about 25 pounds overweight. It's normal to be obsessed with your figure at this age, and it's normal to want to lose extra weight. Just do it by eating healthy low calorie foods, like an apple and skim milk for breakfast, a small salad or bowl of low cal soup for lunch, and a small amount of meat, some veggies, and another glass of skim milk for dinner. that extra weight will come off pretty quickly, and then you can increase your food a little to maintain the weight.

Do you know how selfish that is? There are poor starving people around the world, and you throw up your meals cause you don't have the self control to do a normal "healthy" diet? Listen I've been here before (until I finally came to my senses) and I'm going to tell you what your REALLY doing to yourself. When you throw up your meals, the acid from your stomache comes up and is slowly ruining your teeth. So if you want a guy to like you, your not gonna get him with rotten teeth. When you don't eat, you send your body into "starvation mode" and that's when it slows your metabloism down, stores fat, and slows your whole body down to keep itself running. So actually it doesn't help you to lose weight. If this boy really liked you, it wouldn't matter what you looked like and if your doing this for attention your just as shallow as he is.
So here are 3 things you should do:
1. Get over yourself
2. Eat something healthy
3.Start a healthy diet

dreams can come true
Omg, please stop this you will become anerexic, please eat again.
i hate eating infront of people and sure i like breathig in abit to make me that little bit skinnnier.
but i dont throw up my food after i eat it.
cause i like the way i look and you should too.

Yes this is an eating disorder, you should try talking to someone and you are def, not fat.

You might be, only be you. If a guy doesnt like you or someone thinks your fat then that is their problem. Dont be sad about it. And if you arent very hungry then get just a little snack and go in the bathroom and eat it. And instead of starving yourself just eat normally and go workout or soemthing. Anything to keep yourself healthy. Good luck! ♥

Holly wow I think you just answered your own question their.

Quit this immediately, this is ridiculous. Eat something and then digest it.

If you want to lose weight you're not going to do it by not eating and throwing it up when you do. This destroys your metabolism, thus making really fat in about a decade or so. If you want to loose weight eat healthier/different (not everything works for everyone) and do active things (people don't realize the value of simply jogging).

Give off your rear, turn off yahoo answers (sorry yahoo), take a walk, and then eat and digest something good and healthy.

the only way to lose weight is to eat properly especially breakfast the first meal of the day is very important you need to eat three meals a day plus snacks
if you want to lose weight just be aware of what you put in your mouth it is just common sense really
eat high fibre , grains fruit and veges every thing in moderation and a little exercise and you will lose weight
You do not want to be a skinny stick, that is not heathy and does not look good on anyone
Please dont be throwing up,be sensible life is to short to be worrying about silly things

If all that you say is true, then yes. You need to talk to a parent, grandparent, or your doctor about your obsession with your weight.

Get help, talk to someone. You need to develop healthy eating habits, and good self esteem.

Good luck dear

Yep, its a eating disorder. Losing Weight the correct way may take a while. Fast Weight lost, don't work because of the persons habit to eat correctly. They eat what they want and don't exercise.

I think so. Just be proud of who you are. think of all the starving children. They would be glad to eat. Be happy that you have some food! If all those people you think are laughing and making fun, thhen they're not really your friends. Take it from someone who cares....

ღ?cavalier de fantôme?ღ
Of course it's an eating disorder - and I think you know that. Please for the sake of your health set up a meeting to talk to a counselor at school about it, or even just a friend or family member.

Cindy B
Please take care of your self. If the boy doesn't like you for how you look or how you are he is not worth putting your life in danger. Or being unhappy because you cant eat.

Ciara =D
based on your description
you are I think

I think it is time for therapy , please go here:

Brit Brit
if u try to throw it up then its called bullemia. it is very dangerous. u need to seek help from someone that u can trust

i think you should see a doctor or conceler about it. it sounds like you have an eating disorder!

ahh ! stop it! it is an eating disorder. stop before it gets bad. there are other ways to lose weight and you arent even fat !

yea u gota go for help on this.

if you don't like eating in front of people you already have a eating disorder. its not that big of one. but you really shouldn't stop eating, its actually worse and will cause you to less weight. eat smaller portions and drink lots of water, it really does help

and yes if your causing yourself to throw up the food you eat, that's a disorder as well. honestly the way your obsessing over your weight isn't very healthy i would see your school counselor or a doctor

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