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 Is it wrong to feel happy all the time?
I know this sounds silly but my life has so much passion and meaning, sometimes I wonder if it's really meant to be as such. I look around me and see people that have so much pain and grief, but ...

 I think im Bi-Polar, how do i tell my mom?
UGH i feel really angry right now. And like 30 minutes ago i was feeling really good. Anyways i have been having constant mood swings, and haven't been able to sleep well.

I just took ...

 Everytime I look at the clock I see 9:11?
Its kinda weird. I dont really pay attention to it and doesnt really bother me. I just kind of forget about it. But I do notice it. And this has only started since a month ago.

How many of ...

 how is life 4 people out there?

Additional Details
for anyone and ...

 I'm so scared?!?
I heard pounding somewhere out of my house. What should I do?...

 How do I tell my mom I'm a cutter?
How can I do this without her thinking that I', doing it for attention or that it's part of my "goth subculture" and music?...

 Will someone please help me..?
I saw my boyfriend try to kill himself yesterday. I wanted to end the relationship because he hurts me, mostly emotional, but sometimes it resorts to pushing and grabbing. He drank about 3/4 of a 1/2 ...

 Help please, I don't know what to do, and I'm scared?
I've been sleepwalking and losing weight (10 pounds) Over the last two weeks. I think it might be because of one specific thing going on thats really bothering me, and I don't know what to ...

 What do you tend to do when you're the most stressed?
I go to the casino and drink.
Additional Details
I only bring $20-$30 so I'm not tempted to overspend if I get a little tipsy!...

 hmm.what is this?
I probably sound like a huge baby, but I want to know what this is!

Im very close and attached to my mom.I used to sleep at peoples houses every weekend,but now I cant even go for a day. I...

 Did you ever feel like you wanted to kill yourself? But you managed to control yourself? How?
Please help i feel like geting a piece of paper and saying my final good byes :(...

 RE QUESTION Yes or No....Would you ever put either/both of your parents in a Care Centre/Nursing Home???
I noticed a lot of people answered definately NOT


what if the parent was incontinent, agressive, deranged due to altzeimer's etc.

Could you really cope with ...

 Will this sadness ever go away?
I have become extremely depressed, and before you say, I have already made an appointment to see my doctor. I just wanted to know if any one out there is also going through this illness. I feel ...

 I think my friend is cutting herself.?
Last Thursday, my friend and I noticed all kinda of scars on our other friend's wrists. We got a little worried, and asked her why they were there. At first, she said she was cutting herself. L...

 I've just been to a funeral. Can you help me with a question?
I've visited the funeral of my sisters' best friends' mother. She was only 52. Cancer. The family are devestated. How long does the whole "grieving process" take? Is there ...

 This is very personal, ashamed to share, but i am at my wits end?
My son was a good lad, he joined the army at 16, excelled, he went all over the world, doing all sorts, jumping out of planes, bull run in spain etc. I was so proud! He was posted to Iraq, excelled ...

 know one understands me my life is miserable i cant stop crying?
people say im emo i cut myself and cry alot but i cant stop i need help
Additional Details
my parents don't know about it but my friends do cuz they do it too im scared to tell my ...

 POLL : Do antidepressants really help?
1. Yes, ( i took/take them)
2. Yes, ( i never took them, but i know.)
3. No, ( i took/take them)
4. No, ( i never took them, but i know.)
5. They dont help as much ...

 i'm mental help!!!!?

 Song that makes you cry?
Please post a youtube link to the saddest song (or songs) you know.

The song that makes me cry wins!
Additional Details

Am I crazy, or do I have special powers?
One day when I was at work, using my calculator, I was about to press the 8 button, but it suddenly disappeared!
Later when I drove past Mobile 8 (As I usually do on my way home from work), There was a zero instead of an 8 on the sign!
When I got home, I was looking at the details on my laptop, and the front began to slowly change color!! Then, when I showed all of these things to my husband, (Calculator and laptop) he agreed that the 8 was missing from my calculator, and that my laptop was pink instead of its usual blue.
Then the next morning, my calculator and my laptop were back to normal, as so my husband agreed...

Strawberry Cupcake
acid does that...
or you really do have powers, however, i have no clue as to what you will do with your "disappearing 8" gift.

Binthere Doneit
I would tell my wife that the world is flat if thats all it took for her to do that special thing she does.lol

Powerssssssssss :)


you have special powers

Ryan Smith
You are probably crazy or something. Your husband must have just played along.

Go see ur Eye doc...

naw, you're just crazy. what kind of a super power would make 8's disappear?

Is there any reason why your husband would want to build a case for your insanity. Any inheritances coming up etc.?


who knows...whats with the 8`s and 0`s,......powers(possibility

You are crazy and so is your husband.

either you got an imaginary husband or your husband knows better than not to disagree with you.

this sounds completely made up, but if it is true then......i dont know

autumn b
Well what exactly do you think which superpower do you have

My avatar has a mullet!
Your husband is crazy.

©Florida Gator Man
Are you serious or maybe he's playing a prank!

thats awesome!! ur crazy!!

Jewish Girl891
it was an odd dream...

think about it. that's what happened and the NEXT MORNING everything was normal.

By referring to the next morning, do you mean that's when you woke up?


No, everything is fine. 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888… 8 8

dont do them before going to work.
and i have to say..
i think you dreamt that up.
but to answer your question.

just quit smoking the weed and everything will go back to normal.

wow thats weird, um idk maybe you have mystical powers

Hmmm....I am gonna say that is really creepy!!! And I think that maybe you have a ghost following you or something. And the ghost is changing stuff around!!!!

and oh yeah....you're crazy and you have way to much time on your hands!

yes you do have powers I bet you can even fly find a tall building and find out


well your husband saw it and agreed...i would say it is some sort of weird paranormal phenomenon. maybe an alternate universe collided with ours for a second causing some minor temporary changes.

Joe M
I think you have vivid dreams that seem so real, you think that they actually happened.

As peter griffin would say..

Um, i'm sorry uh...what?

Crazy 100%

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