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❀Hapagirl❀ السلام عليكم ✿~海樂~✿
Am I a freak? really worried?
I get really, uncontrollably angry and sad when people kill bugs and other animals intentionally. It started when I was really little and my mom told me how to smack a mosquito on the window. I did, and afterwards I felt so bad I cried all night. In preschool(daycare?) a bee flew into the classroom and the teacher squished it with a napkin, and I started screaming in blind rage and started punching, kicking, and slapping her. In more recent times, I've learned to control myself better, but I can't stop myself from cussing the person out and crying later on.

I know this sounds really silly to you, but it is serious. Is this a mental disorder? How can I control myself better in these situations?
Additional Details
I'm a 14 year old female in case that helps.

yes u r

yes, your a freak.

Count to 10?

Bob Y
Don't worry
I'm the exact same. My sister & I are complete opposite. Whenever she sees a bug she gets my mom to kill it. I hate that. I think youre just a really sensitive person.

I don't think I would call you a freak, but yes, this is poor behavior on a couple of levels. Your response to killing an insect is a gross overreaction. Your inability to control your behavior is rank immaturity. Your treatment of your teacher is atrocious.

Button Benjamin
it is not a mental disorder! it is just that you have a lot of love for animals and bugs! to control yourself better just don't look when they kill it and take deep breaths if you do

It should be normal cause i hate BUGS but every time someone would kill them i would get sad so it shouldn't be a problem :D

Well, my friend and I are the same way, so I hope it's not a condition! Also, I believe that it is not, and that you just don't want to see another organism's life ended, because of the 'dominent' species (humans).

No, I would not call you a freak. I think your are in touch with the suffering of other life. The world needs more of that, not less.

Bonnie S
You need to seek help. It is perfectly fine to be upset and to want to spare all life no matter how small but to be this severe in your reaction is not healthy. I am not trying to be mean or cruel there may be something that can be done to help you through this in a healthier way.

Its great that you have a big heart. Some people can't even say that for themselves. But you can't go crying every time you step on an ant or youll be depressed.

Try therapy?

You're definitely not a freak. There are people out there with wayyyy worse problems.

You should go to see your family doctor. Ask your family doctor do an elevation on you and then ask her to referral you to specialist.

No--you just sound like a super sensitive person. However, if this really interferes with your daily life, talk to someone about it. Maybe you have a history of being hurt in some way and identify with creatures who have no way to defend themselves, just a thought.

What can I say? you love animals! lol. Its a little weird what you did during class though. did you get suspended?

Look up obsession and being obsessed, like OCD. You are not a freak but a normal teenager in a STRESSED OUT world. The solution is to be relaxed and feel tranquility, happiness and contentment.

See site below. LRH says try to control what you can control and do not try to control what you cannot control. Jesus says that you look for slivers in others eyes when you have logs in your own eyes. You have a serious problem. If you are determined to be a danger to others then you can be locked up in an institution.

uuummmmm. yes

there is nothing wrong with that you are compationate for all animal and insects life. although you proabably should take some anger clases to stop from cussing them out. instead tell them how you feel.

Rachel C
Well if you're upset cuz somebody killed a bee, you need some serious help.

I hate when people kill things too, and there are groups out there that can help you focus your energy to help. You have to realize that bugs and animals get killed for many things, and we need to eat them too for sustenance, but I hate when they are killed pointlessly.

Anyway, I would say maybe there is a problem maybe deeper that you are working through. Either way, I would suggest either getting some kind of counseling just to find out why you react so strongly. Or get involved and help the creatures that need it the most.

Good luck!

Murder is murder, on any level, animal, insect, human, etc.. I think it's cool you flip out! Seriously, I do. I think you really have a strong passion and care for all living creatures, and I love that!

The best suggestion I have is to ask your mom about talking to a psychologist. Get some help to find out if anything is wrong, and how to control yourself a bit better.

Josh's Hon
I don't think that it would be a mental disorder, but there is something in your brain that gets upset when bugs get squashed. I bet it's pretty much the same hurt we feel when loved ones die, or if we watch how people kill our beef before we eat it. Yours is just extreme. If it makes you feel better, see a psychologist, and tell them how you feel, they may be able to identify the "problem" and tell you how to cope when this kind of situation comes up.

i use to be like that but i got over it, i mean ...like it still bothers me, just not as much, i just put ma head in da sanddd

Sounds to me like you just really love animals. You should join a shelter or something. I don't think that there is anything wrong with you, it'd probably be a good idea to look away when stuff is obviously going to happen, otherwise 10 deep, slow breaths is good.

There's nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with the people who kill innocent little animals for the pleasure of it, thats just sick.

not necesarilly you could just be an animal lover. and you're young. it's fine hunnie!

OMG I HAVE A FRIEND EXCATLY LIKE U! no biggie! ur an animal lover....so wat! if ppl have a prob..screww them! but ya u cant help that u LOVE animals! so dont think u have a disorder or illness or anything caz u dont!

Kay H
Your not a freak but just a very sensative young girl who will definately grow out of it but just remember there is nothing wrong in caring what happens to any living thing. Your so involved and caring about living things I thing you would be a great animal vet or a doctor or nurse. It seems to me you care what happens to animals and humans so naturally a career in helping animals or people should be considered in your future. ps; Please dont go around slapping people,im sure you have stopped but now its a felony to physically attack someone and you have a bright future Craig

I think it's a good thing that you think this way because it means you really love animals, even though it may be hard to control. When you see someone about to squish a bug, look away and don't think about it. But go and see a doctor and ask what you can do, cause i'm sure not many people on Yahoo! answers can answer this question well. I know it's not a mental disorder. Don't worry. Just ask your doctor and they will help you!

go to a therapist who can help you understand this problem.

I don't kill harmless bugs either but remember that mosquitoes have killed more humans than anything else I can think of. Hornets and Wasps do nothing but sting. They can die.
But if my wife or I find a spider in the house we will catch it and release it outside as they are beneficial to man.

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