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Teh Xbox Viking
Am I Really Crazy or Just Different? ?
Everybody says I am crazy. I don't know if its true or not so I'll leave it up to the oh-so wise people of yahoo.

I have a urge to snuggle with a dead mutilated body right now, especially if it was drooling in a rabbies way.

In art I wind up drawing pictures of the human body parts being nailed to a wall. I frequently fantasize my funeral, and always imagine myself with a shotgun in my mouth.

welll everyoone alredy told u everything i kud hav told u soooo
im jus say O.K.!

Bizzie B
OHhhhhhhhhhh **** Yeah U Crazy
Give Me The thumphs Down He ******* crazy

[email protected]
sounds like you just looking for attention. rabies is spelled with one B by the way. Why dont you go to college and be a coroner or something. you're just different i'd say.

Wisdom? Yahoo!? Does not compute...

Anyway, I get told I'm weird by my own parents... so... **** that, I don't care. Take it or leave it. I drew dark **** like that in highschool... then I got out of it, well... for the most part, I still draw dark ****... when I draw. I never had any pseudo-necrophiliac desires... and how is this dead thing drooling rabbies? Anyway... I'd say you're different. Crazy implies no rhyme or reason... obvious you have reason to what you're doing... you enjoy it...

hEaRt on mY sLeEvE;(
holy mother of god pray for us

odd socks!!!
1 word: wierd

You're a sick, dimented, and suicidal freak!!!!!

shannon c
umm yeah that's kinda creepy :)

Barber Girl
yeah, you do have some issues there. if you are serious about this, i hope you go talk to someone, get some help because these kinds of feelings are what winds up with colombine instances and unibomber junk.

Emmie K
That's kinda sick, no offense but then again, creative imagery.

Well if you're serious about the corpse cuddling thing then yes you have a problem. You actually wouldn't have to get a second opinion to know that yourself so I'm assuming you're not really crazy and you're just one of those people who want to appear crazy by being different. So you're not crazy or different; just a wannabe. I think it's pretty sad how every one here is buying into this.

I would say crazy..

umm well, i'd say that you would probably have a great career in the horror movie business to put it nicely. Everyone has crazy thoughts, just don't do them.

Your one sick mother ******

user name:
well your not crazy but something is worng pro something to do with you past, any family pro ? friends? i would see someone before you GEt a gun in your moth


everyone's crazy!
you just show your side while others hide it.

dude... your NOT crazy just DISTURBED....i think everybody thinks about death but not in those vivid ways. I suggest talk to someone dude

You have got to be kidding me..........

Well congratulations you have received the Gold Dezie trophy for best hopefully made up question!

Either way....yea snuggling up to mutilated bodies is not normal. But you might want to think about a career in the Horror industry preferably not as a serial killer.

If you honestly think this way I really suggest you see a therapist. They will be able to tell you if this is harmless or you need concealing.


Haha I guess you're not crazy anymore, since I bet everybody who answered this question imagined all that while they were reading. :)

Pretty Kitty15
I think you are mentally ill. Don't publish your work. Please. DON'T

K buddy , get theropay

Please answer my`n hunn

you are crazy!!!!

Dreamer ツ
Ummm.. yea thats just a tad bit out of the ordinary.
I can give you my therapist's number if you like ?

please for the love of god see a therapist, why waste this life? you could be so happy- SEE A THERAPIST

you're gross. go watch saw 5 or something

Okay it just seems like you URGE attention. I'm not trying to be mean, but my sister urges attention too. Shes 17 and she's done everything you could think of. I think you need a girlfriend, mate.

Mc S
You crave attention.

oookey dokey psychopath

dude your asking this question just to be a douche
I can tell

Hell no you aren't crazy. Cause I am the same way, and I can't be crazy! I mean, there's nothing wrong with snuggling next to a rotting corpse - they need love too!

There's nothing wrong with being different, why would you ever wanna be the same as some other boring person with no life who never has any fun?

As I always say, the world around us is a manifestation of the mind, where you can roam free as a freak, a weirdo, or a dead grandmother crawling up someone's leg with a knife in her teeth.

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