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Joanne H
Am I Crazy ?!!? PLEASE Anwser didnt get anwsers on other question PLEASE. Thank you.?
Im addicted to cutting .. deep
I attempt/think about suicide
I talk to myself crazyness
I naturally anwser to people kill me
I always cry leave the mascara down my face for ages
I want to die
I dont sleep till about 5am
One minute im happy the next im so deeply depressed
Ill be having a laugh with a 'friend' then ill be crying till it hurts having flashbacks of things that have happend in the past, feeling alone.
Noone can help me - Noone Cares
I cant walk up the street without thinking somone gunna get me
I fidgit with my hands and wrists.
I write words into my wrist with a blade.
Im always angrey and agressive at my mum/Ive hit her before
I smash up my room when i get angry

Am i going crazy? mentally ill. .
if i go to a doctor what will they do.
Additional Details
Thanks for the genuine nice comments, to the others no im not emo at all. . and to the people calling me weird, i actually cover up all these feelings and bring across to everyone im the happy bubley girl when im not. You people that call me these things are the ones that make me like this. i needed help so i asked a question, thanks for the rude replys.

Bob B
your a ******* paranoid freak smoke weed

cookies 'n cream
yes, ur emo and have serious issues. go see a doctor before you kill yourself.

whoa.. before i used to be the same thing
but uh i don't write words on my wrist with a blade.
but they might put you in a place where crazy people
go. or you should just get therapy. depends how serious
and weird you are.

Muneeb Khan
It seems to me you might have some type of serious anxiety disorder. You need to see a psychologist immediately. But the important thing is that you have recognized the problem. That is already a huge and very important step towards recovery.

Remember, you are important, and people love you. There's no need to feel like no one likes you. You have friends, and family. I'm sure you're a great person.

The important thing to do is to tell someone you trust about your problem immediately.

Also, if you go to a doctor, they will not ridicule you or be mad at you in any way. They are there to help you. They will simply diagnose you and help you along on your way to recovery.

Remember, you're important. Many people will miss you if you're gone. :)

if you go to a doctor they will refer you a psychologist or psychiatrist who will assess you and decide what therapy and medication is appropriate for you. the doctor may prescribe some anti-depressants or anti- anxiety medication when you see him/her but will def refer you to someone to talk about your problems. A psychologist can not prescribe medication and since your condition sounds serious i reckon you will be referred to a psychiatrist. if when you see the doctor he thinks you may be a threat to yourself or others you may be admitted to hospital immediately. I know that sounds scary but sometimes it is the best course of action to get well again.

From what you describe you really need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Good luck.

ok from what i've read you have: bipolar mania and clinical depression. when someone is bipolar they experience sudden changes in feelings. from being happy one minute to depressed the next, it's all due to in balanced chemicals in your brain. go see your doctor or a doctor for help. and NO YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! seriously, see a doctor, this type of stuff is actually VERY TREATABLE. Consider seeing a psychologist too.

Elle Woods
It sounds like you have some unresolved conflicts/things from the past that you haven't let go. And you're wrong to think that no one cares..even I care, and I don't know you. I recommend seeing a doctor. When you go, they will ask you some questions about what is going on and likely refer you to a psychologist. Don't think you're crazy for going to a psychologist. I have been to one because of some things that were bothering me in my life. Going will help you out if you have the right attitude about it. Good luck sweetheart

well i think you do need to see a doctor . they will be your friend and guide you back to the path of true normal happiness:) try to join a religion youth group and talk with lots of people, then you will be busy and hopefully not be as harmful to yourself and i hope you become a happier person:D

Leslie B
I dont like to use the word crazy. I have had some deep depression before. I think you need to go see a doctor. They may give you medicine..they may do something else. Im not sure. It depends on what is wrong. But I think you REALLY need to go see someone. Dont be scared to go. Its totally okay to get help. So many people go get it. So dont be ashamed and pleaseeee go talk to someone before you hurt yourself. Good luck!! and remember..people do care!! I really am deeply worried about you right now! and i dont even know you. Imagine how the people you do know worry about you? And God loves you more than you could ever know! Bottom line: Go see a doctor! GOOD LUCK!!

You need to see a Dr., a school councilor, something, someone, please!! You sound bipolar and you need to get your self some help please before it is to late. When you go see a Dr. the might put you in a hospital till you get better or they might put you on some meds and just have your mom watch you closely. I wish you the best of luck!

I don't think you are crazy but I do believe you have some problems and are suffering from depression and deep down you may need some attention. You should definatley see a doctor, someone you can talk to. Talking is sometimes the best thing. Trust me you do not want to kill yourself, no matter how bad things get, it always gets better. Several years down the road something great will happen and you will look back and say, if I killed myself I would not be here right now. Trust me, you don;t want to kill yourself.

Most likely if you go to a doctor they will want you to see a psychiatrist so you can talk to someone who will listen and prescribe you to anti-depressants.

They'll put you on meds until you can get with a psychiatrist who can counsel you. You really need help.

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Maybe your bipolar or even depressed for sure. Try to get help and there is help for what you feel . You can get better if you want to get better. Try to see a doctor in order for them to get you maybe on medication or even to refer you to a good therapist.

I hope you get well soon and don't try to kill yourself . Life is so precious even though in the darkest time we may not think that.

Did you know you are not alone. There are so many who do that. Hopefully you are getting mental help because this is a disorder that needs addressed. I will share this with you, I have not shared it with anyone on this site before but I hit myself so hard I leave marks. That is nothing compared to what you are going through. call the mental hospital and see if you can get into support group please. Please get help and let the past go. We love you and others do too. Beat up your pillow, scratch your stuffed cat, stomp on a strangers picture, just do anything else to get that painful hurt out. Learn how to discipline yourself without toucher..

Spring has come!
wow i think your going through hard times. the best thing to do is to write about it or go to sleep so you forget about it i feel that way sometimes and its perfectly normal. everyone has hard times but please dont kill yourself.

well i say u need to control ur self a lot let me tell u a way to control urself wake up 5 in the morning and relax and think everything tats hurting u and take tat a side and say to ur self forget the fuking past and continue ur day probably i would suggest smoking a cigarette onece or twice ina day and relax dont giva *** about anything tat hurts .its just mind depression and the only way to solve tis is to control ur self much more ten before u want to talk just reply me i will send u my email

I ain't going to say your crazy, but you need to get some help.
and I am suprised this question was allowed to be on here.
I asked a question once that had to do with one of those things and it got taken off.

just another girl
You need to see a doctor, you sound like you are a manic depressive. There are medications to treat these thing. Dont waite go now.

you should go see a doctor at your school or something.. best thing is to talk about it

You seem to be bi-polar and have a serious medical condition. I would advise seeing doctor immediately.

If you feel like cutting yourself, just leave the room. Go for a walk. Go somewhere. Don't be alone. Tell your friends and family. Don't be ashamed or afraid.

Surround yourself with people you like, get sunlight (it helps with depression), avoid computer for a while, try to eat healthy and normalize your sleeping schedule.

Jennifer L
I don't mean to scare you by saying this but I really do think that you need to meet with a counselor. I worked at a therapuetic boarding school for troubled teenagers and I've seen a lot of what you are describing. It sounds somewhat like bipolar disorder, with a little OCD. There is help out there and no one will think less of you for seeking help. Honestly I think it shows how couragous and strong you are to admit that you need to see a counselor. I know it's a scary thing but trust me, I've seen a lot of people turn their lives around, it just takes one step and I know you can make that happen.

I would visit a psychologist and a councilor you need help.Cutting wont make the situation better only worse.Please visit a councilor and a psychologist this may lead to death.Especially if your thinking about attempt to suicide.

actually, u sound emotional to me. so go to the doc, tell them all these symptoms, and they'll giv u medicine to help u..

Quite honestly, I'm the wrong person to answer this, because I'm in a really bad place mentally myself. But I will tell you this; people DO care about you. I bet there's someone you've never even talked to who would be devastated if you killed yourself, and who will eventually be a really good friend when you discover them. Also, you should see a doctor. They usually (depending where you are and how old) can't do anything to you without your consent. And hell, many people swear that medication or therapy saved their life! I'm not one of them, but you could be.

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