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Eliza McNally
A guy threatened to kill himself over me?
okay, well, i have this boyfriend and we were going through a bit of a rough patch. Then i was on a social networking site, and a guy started to message me. I told him i had a boyfriend, and i told him i only wanted to be friends, then i told my boyfriend i was talking to this guy.
well, about a week later, the new guy tells me that he has feelings for me and he thinks im the only girl for him. I was surprised, but i told him that i just wanted to be friends. He said i was giving him false hope, and that i was leading him on. He then threatened to kill himself.
I managed to talk him out of it, but then this morning i sent him a letter telling him that i couldnt be any more than friends.
about an hour later, i got a message from one of the new guys friends saying that he killed himself. im just not sure if it was all a lie or what.
what should i do?

You should get a clue and stop talking to guys who aren't your boyfriend.

The Wiz
He was obviously very disturbed even before you came along. It's not your fault as it really had nothing to do with you.

he may feel like he wants to die.. but YOU cannot do anything
at this point i wouldnt even be friends with him..
remove him from your buddy list and iggy him ... hes not going to kill himself.. people who really want to die.. do.. those who want attention.. just threaten.. hes obviously got some problems and you should stay as far away from him as possible

it sounds like he was just emotionally blackmailing you and because he's been rejected he wants more attention.. you can be almost certain he's lying, people liek that wouldn't have the guts to do it.

it's best to keep those tpyes of people out of your life

Midnight Storm
First of all, no matter if it's true or not, it is NOT YOUR FAULT. You cannot control the actions/feelings of another. However, the details of how you only talked through messages leads me to believe this guy is just royally messing with your head. Maybe he's even a friend of your boyfriend's and he was just trying to see if you would be faithful or something... the guy "killing himself" is the perfect excuse for you to never talk to him again... maybe that's a little extreme, but in my experience, there is nothing someone wouldn't do in the name of "love." I think it is deifnitely a practical joke, but if it isn't, the dude was obviously already messed up before you came around. Suicide victims aren't born overnight.

Do absolutely nothing. You cannot be responsible for the feelings and psychoses of the rest of the world. Threatening suicide can be a manipulation and can ultimately be dangerous to you.
Send him an e-mail which clearly says that you have friends already and that you cannot be responsible for those with mental health issues, and that he needs to seek mental health help and not contact you again. Do not give mixed messages.
People who do this can ultimately be quite dangerous. They often evolve into stalkers or evolve into other types of violent acting out. There are a number of red flags here. Please protect yourself and use great caution with social networking sites in general.
Please read the references I have provided below.
Stay safe.

You should contact the police. He really needs help.

first, didn't blame your-self for anything.. you only talked to this man online, and from your information never met him. you don't know what he's like or if ''he' was a 'he'.these new friend guys, how do they know this guy? are they only online friends with him? he could be a serial killer for all you know!!
so, for right now stay calm, blame yourself if you are feeling guilty--there are too many 'if's' in this scenario. most likely he did not commit suicide. if you are curious however check him out, profile what type of friends, blogs sometimes these are good indications of the person. no matter if he lies, the way one picks their friends and blogs they have some truth. you can also talk to these friends and ask for proof.
hope this helps, dont dwell on it if you can!!

Block him and move on with your life. He doesn't know you and if he killed himself I'm sure the rational goes far beyond any romantic interest in you. I mean, come on. "I'm a happy person in general but I met someone online who I don't really know and I like the idea of her being my girlfriend but she won't and now I'm going to kill myself." NO, THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. More like:
"I have severe issues and I feel like I have no one in life and now I can't even have a girlfriend so I killed myself."
That is how it works. Not your fault. I feel bad for him, but we still can't be sure if he killed himself or not, so...

Nichole B
so you say this guy was from the internet you met? Sadly all sorts of trolling and lies take place on the internet.
Frankly I would advise to stay away completely from this situation. Technically he didn't know you and he was harrassing you. You shouldnt have sent that last letter. You should have just let the situation be. This could be a gang, this could be a lot of things that is preying on innocent victims.
I honestly would say let it go.

Forget it. It's not your fault.
If he really did it then he had some serious mental issues.
If he hadn't had killed himself because of you he would have done it because his hamster died...or refused to play..

yea that actually happens alot

'' Mcloven &
If he did he was kinda strange... and you didn't do anything so you didn't kill him

But i doubt he actually killed himself, May have just been a prank, you should call the police or something like that just in case ...

he probably said that for attention

get the guy help. soon.

Shawntae W
wow i dont know i kinda had the same sitution but the guy didnt say he would kill him self he just started begging me to go out with him and shitt and im like sorry im taken and he like stalks me online now like everytime im online hes online asking me lots of questions its kinda creppy

Erilissa Gerffert
oh, hey this is a serious matter now. tell his friend to stop messing aroundd and to get a life.

If he really died then type his name and look for him on the internet and see if he really is. and if he is there's nothing you can do about it. It wasn't your fault that he killed himself that was him with his own thinking and he killed himself you didn't kill him. I'm sry to say this but if someone is crazy enough to kill themselves over another person then they are crazy.

I doubt somebody you just met would threaten to take their life, it's probably just a prank..my best situation is to jut ignore it.

There's no reason to believe that this is true. There doesn't seem to be any proof that this person has killed himself, other than the word of this friend. Could it be that it's just a trick to make you feel sorry for him after telling him how you felt? From what you've talked about, there's nothing there that suggests that you were "leading him on" or "giving him false hope". If I were you, I'd try to forget about this. You've done nothing wrong. Whatever happens, happens. In the end, this guy is doing all this to himself. Besides, you barely seem to know this guy at all. Try not to worry about it any more. It's not worth stressing over it.

Nothing you can really do, he had no reason to be acting like that, you were only online friends. As long as you were not leading him on then you have nothing to feel guilty about, plus its probably just a lie. I don't think someone would actually kill them self over someone they met online. You haven't done anything wrong.

Ryan 12
forget about the whole thing.

Willow the Monkey Nut
Call the police. Sounds fake to me though.

First of all...whatever was wrong with him iniatially has nothing to do with you..he's deeply DEPRESSED..dont feel bad. I was in a position with someone who have a knife in their hand threatening to kill themselves because they sooooo loved me. As an intelligent person... i knew that their motive to kill themself existed before me. So pleeeeease dont feel bad. Pray for them, whether it was a joke or not. But dont label yourself as the cause of this situation...Hope this helps:)

tilly till
theyre just messing with u

This is pretty intense and I cant blame you for wondering. If im hearing this correctly you were talking to this guy over the computer. So there's nothing to be sure about. And people don't just go on the internet and fall "in love" with someone. Also im pretty sure most people don't kill themselves if they get rejected or in your case denied.

So I think you should find a different site because he most likely didn't and i don't think you want to hang around people who say their so called "friends" killed themselves.

John de Witt
Nothing. You can't do anything about such things, and you have no responsibility.

Ignore it. Listen You have a boyfriend! You have no need to be talking to this dude. Leave him alone and spend time with your boyfriend. Unless your unhappy with your boyfriend...then just leave him. But yes forget this guy. If he threatens to kill himself over something so stupid as a girl turning him down then he needs some serious help or a punch in the face. Sorry I just think its silly and you shouldnt worry about it.

wow talk to ur mom

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