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2 people with mental problems under 1 roof??
my partner has depression and i have anxiety/panic problems, when im having a good day he's not and brings me down and vice versa, were both just making each other worse, do you think its wise to continue living like this as i would love to help him but sometimes i feel selfish as i have my own problems and then feel guilty for not supporting him the way i should be, i don't want to lose him but its difficult living like this has anyone been in a situation like mine and did it get better?
Additional Details
im on meds he is starting his

Very dangerous situation you are living in, you don't know when the other person is going to flip out of control.
My advice is to get yourself professional help, like M.I.N.D
and you can get much more information from this site

If both of you are on medication and attend regular counseling, this is a good arrangement as income is limited and it takes two to afford to live.
If either of you skips or stops medication or counseling more than once, then it is probably not worth the investment of emotional drain.
Just being responsible enough to take your pills and go to your counseling is a big step. Failure to take that tiny responsibility shows no interest in working anything out and a split is advised as the one off pills and not being counseled is responsible for the problems of both of you.

i have one person under my roof with a mental problem equal to 2 or more.

its my wife. help !!!!!

if your asking this question you must be having doubts about the relationship. if its not doing any good to be around him and vice versa you probably should end it now and give yourselves a chance to deal with your issues. its hard enough to do it yourself let alone helping someone else through it at the same time. if you love someone let them go if in the future its right for you to be together you can be but right now i cant see how it is.

ps. its your choice at the end of the day. good luck its not going to be easy either way

Were you both ill beore you met? Neither of you can be held responsible for improvements / deterioration in the others mental healh condidtion, only for your own. It might be an idea for you to both attend whoever has the next psych appointment together in order to get support in making any decisions about your futures as a couple, obviously that could continue if you did`nt share a home, if you both wanted it to.

only you can answer that

if the only thing that happens is you bring each other down, you have to wonder whats the point of being together

maybe you both could get on meds to pick you up

It's difficult when one person in a relationship has problems, let alone two of you. I would advise you to wait to see how his meds work, give it time, for the meds to do there job, if problems still exist talk about the situation with him. Hopefully things will improve but don't rush into anything at the moment.

Niall S
have you seeked medical advice, or depressiants?

give that a go, otherwise move out..

Great question - I myself am bipolar and have had the same concern in the past. I felt angry with my depressed partner when I was manic and when we were boh depressed we made each other worse. It is so so hard when you love someone. I would suggest that you set house rules - what I mean by that is things like time out from each other, space. We also went to see a counsellor which really helped us talk about the way we felt. We also got a dog!!!! That may sound mad but we had someone to care for and ake for walks. At the end of the day you have to decide if the relationship is worth fighting for, mental health probs and all. You have to look after yourself and that may mean walking away or putting in some very hard work.

Very good question. This is tough. You will have to look deep inside yourself for the answer. Do you love him enough to help him? Are you strong enough to help both of you. Seek professional help. Also remember that helping him can be contagious to both of you. You could both become in a better mood. Also try doing fun things together. Take a walk together, or anything fun. Talking helps alot. Do not just ignore each other. You obviously loved him enough to marry. But you also need to live your life to the fullest. If he is not on board with you, you will start to separate emotionally. Wish you the best.

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