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whould it be ok to use peroxide on ...?
my toe. about a week ago, i fell & my toenail hit the edge of the step, & popped up my toenail. I went to the doctor & they romoved it, bandaged it & sent me home, I changed the bandage they put on. I have kept neosporin & a bandaid on my toe. I havnt left the bandaid off, or cleaned it. It is VERY tender. Would it be ok to clean it with peroxide or something?? please help, i dont want my toe to run the risk of getting infescted. =[

thanks in advance :]

Yes, it would be a good thing to clean with soap and water, then rinse with peroxide, daily, and put neosporin and a fresh bandage on every day until it is healed

I'm not a dr. just someone who's been wounded more than a few times! Peroxide is a antiseptic it cleans the area! I think it would be ok to use on your toe!


Colleen O
Yeah you can clean it with peroxide. You should have been keeping it clean the entire time.

yeah girl it's okay to put peroxide on your it's not going to sting or nothing it's just going to bubble up.

Heinz M
Sure, use peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Both work well

go to doctor

I would HYDROGEN peroxide only to clean it. Otherwise rubbing alcohol could help you remove the bandaid and sterilize your wound. Call your doctor for proper cleaning methods, but do something to prevent infection.

I would really ask your dr. in regards to that!

Peroxide actually prolongs the healing process. The best thing to cleanse it with is soap and water. If you can't touch it and what not, have a soapy pail/bucket/whatever and soak your foot in it. Make sure it's antibacterial soap though, no fragrance pretty stuff. Dial will work.


most the time you can call a doctor for advice free. i would ask them before doing any thing.

sorry to hear about your toe ,i bet it sure did hurt?i would keep using the neosporin on it but at night take the bandaid off when u r sleeping to let the air get to it ..it might be a good idea tho to call the dr. and ask the nurse...

you might wanna wash it with a mild antibacterial soap, like Dial then re-neosporin and re-bandage. I do use hydrogen peroxide, but I hear that it might be harmful now, instead of bubbling the yuck out, it can bubble in too... I need to switch to isopropyl alcohol

Yes it's okay.

Peroxide is good at kill germs. Also, they now have Antiseptic Wash you can get at the store. One like Fred Meyer, Walmart. The larger stores. It should be with all the first aid things. Be sure when you change the bandage and apply one of the above let it dry before putting a band-aid back on. Once in a while if your not moving around let it air out for a while too. Sorry about the major OUCH!!!! Hope this helps...

DONt use peroxide, it has started the healing process and peroxide will damage the new tissue growth.
If it shows no sign o f infection dont worry.
Keep it protected, and when you can let air get to it.
Keep band aid dry and continue with neosporin if it is still " raw"
as it heels more back off the neosporin.
you can also use a clean Qtip to wipe off any gunk or rinse in warm water, but then make sure it is dried carefully and band aid isnt damp.

yes as long as the wound is not extremely deep. I used peroxide on my toe when I had ingrown nail and after they removed it. I would take a q-tip and dip it in peroxide and rub it around to clean down in the cuticle. It will boil up and stuff but that is the peroxide cleaning the bacteria. Keep the neosporin and bandage on it to keep dirt out, at night I would take it off and wear a sock. It need air to breathe and heal as well.

peroxide is good for any ailment. you can even use it as a gargle for mouth soars...(just don't swallow)

yap you use peroxide to clean your wound. so yeah its fine to use it.

That thing needs some air! Since the bleeding, if any has stopped by now.Take the bandaid off and put some peroxcide over it. Its got to have some air to heal. Keeping it covered in a moist dark bandage will cause bacteria to grow. If you still have seepage cover it up after a few hours of getting air..then take it back off in a few hours. Otherwise just leave the bandage off.

ha ha and who cares

Yikes!!!! Peroxide will sting the hell out of your toe. Go to Walgreens or Save-On or the nearest drug store and buy Equaline's "Topical Antiseptic Solution" aka Betadine. Equaline is less expensive than Betadine. It's like buying the generic brand of a prescription drug. Get a bowl or something large enough for your entire foot. Fill the vessel with warm water and pour in probably half or less of the Antiseptic solution. This is the same stuff used on surgery patients before cutting. It sort of looks like blood. It WILL NOT STING and you should soak your toe (or entire foot will not hurt) for at least 10 minutes. Wash off and re-bandage. I promise this will prevent any infection from setting in.

Get well soon, and ouch, that hurts.

See the link below to look at what you should buy.

the biggest prep
yea do put peroxcide on it

of course. peroxide is used for putting on sores.it'll heal faster.

Kookie M
Yes you can use peroxide but if you don't want to run the chance of infection you should of been doing this before

half insane
go ahead man last time i checked peroxide never killed anyone!

The neosporin is probably sufficient. You can use peroxide, but it would probably be painful on this type of injury.

DNC Invert
I used peroxide on all sores.

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