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 what is the fastest unpainful way to die?

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dont make things up....

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What bone, how, what treated it, and how much did it hurt?...

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 is this an infection in my ear piercing??????????????????
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Okay, so my stepfather is an arrogant a**hole, and today he swung his huge fat fist into the left side of my head. Oh, by the way, I'm only 14 years old. And I'm a girl. Right after, I ...

 If someone broke there leg in two place's how long would they likely be off work?
I'm covering for a guy at work who did that and was wondering how long i'd be doing his job.
Additional Details
Its a phsyical job lots of walking around is involved....

 is my toe broken? advice please?
I was at my cousins football birthday party and was kicked in the toes - no shoes on! Was really painful and had started going blue within 15 mins. it is my middle toe. i can wiggle my toes but ...

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 i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
Additional Details
but its been like this for 1 ...

 Â· Your doctor has just told you that you have a month to live, what would you do in that stretch of time?

 Could you do this?
This guy I know recently got into a wreck and damaged his eye and in order to retain his vision he had to get a shot directly in his eyeball!! He had to sit there and stare at this tiny dot on the ...

 my toenail fell off!?
when i was at track a few months back my nail got blood under it becuase my shoes were too small..ever since my nail had been black and gross and today i was the the computer and stubbed my big toe ...

 I don't like to cause pain to myself, but I am trying to break my foot or ankle.?
So far I have got it pretty bruised. I just want to break it so I can get a cast or a brace and crutches. The way I injure myself is by banging it repetitively, dropping heavy text books on it, using ...

 Is it possible to get back your get up and go once it has got up and gone?

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No energy, can`t be bothered to do every day tasks, etc. etc. etc....

 My son got kicked in the thumb and it's swollen and very bruised but he can move it. Any thoughts?

 stitches do they hurt?
well i fell on the play ground at my school and got stitches on my nose and will it hurt when the doctors takes the stitches out. i am curious cause i am real scared about wat happen so i rather be ...

what is the problem with my back??
i play baseball and i came home from practice and the mid back was hurting what could have happened and how long would it take to heal .. it is near my spine but maybe 2 inches away some one told me i might have had a vertbhrate move out of place

Justin D
hey the same thing happened to me a while ago after I left the gym...just take it easy and get on some ibuprofen...also, apply some heat to it like a head pad or let the hot water stay on it in the shower. Don't worry man, it'll go away in a couple days. I know it hurts, though.

Just take it easy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, It should loosen up............!

oh yeah we have the same problem dude my back hurts a lot because of the accident when i was playing basketball, i rolled over and i hit my back at the end. until now i am suffering but it turns out to be a dislocated nerve of my hip/back but i recommend that you have it check with a doctor for sure. "better safe than sorry"

Go to the chiropractor, I had a similar pain in my upper back and it turns out my ribs were getting hung up on something. A few visits to the chiropractor and I felt great! They can tell you whats wrong and fix it quick and it doesnt hurt a bit. And most often your insurance will pay for it.

if your about 12-18 its totally normal to get a pain in your back after hard sports playing etc, its growing pains.

if not that age ide see your doctor !

Maybe not move out of place but a bulging disc. Best thing to do is go to the doctor and have it checked out before you do any more damage.

Byron Brunski
Is it broke...?

Dr. Who???

Aubreigh S
You need to see a chiropractor. That's who can fix it.

rest.it helps...

or go the doctor if nothing improves in days...

you're putting too much stress on your back during practice, which means you have improper form

as for healing it can taking anywhere from 2 days to a week and you may want to look into some medication to relieve the pain

Go see your doctor for an xray to be safe...in the meantime ice for 20 mins every hour as much as you can. Tylenol always works wonders too. Hope you feel better!

i think you're dying

ohh i had the same problem just seep or relax it its fin it will heal by the next moarning

Sounds like a muscle strain. You can probably trace the muscle that is damaged-mid back is usually one of the vertical muscles that runs along the spine. I have seen massage and kneading of the muscle unkink it and make it a lot better in this situation.

Doesn't sound like a horrible problem, I mean you aren't having killer spasms that make you fall writhing on the floor in agony are you? Because that can happen and is usually a sign of a much more serious injury.

I recommend heat (hot water bottle) and manipulation of the muscle in this mild type of injury. Pulsating showerheads with hot water can help too.

Some people swear by chiros, but I never had good experience with them. Heat and absence of sudden movements are about the best solution I have found unless you have an actual pinched nerve thing going, which this does not sound like at all.

stretch you back out before and after physical activity. theres one stretch where you sid down with you legs in front of you, put one leg over the other, put you arm against the inside of that leg, and push outward as you turn in the opposite direction. i've always used that one before baseball and i've never had problems with my back... only my feet/legs :(

Hannah J
try to relaxe and if it doesn't help go see a doctor.

go to the doctor

Jimmy TightLips
The best thing you can do is see your GP about an x-ray

I'd go to the chiropractor, straight away.

Ok T
who knows

Sounds like you may have pulled a muscle. Give it a couple of days, and if the pain gets worse, or doesn't go away, then maybe see your Dr.
Also, try getting a good massage from time to time!

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