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 Will they cut my toe off?
My big toe is red alltheway to the first knuckle line kinda. It is white with puss near my nail. Im wondering if its serious it just started today....

 Any good ways to treat a fat lip?
I was at baseball practice today and the idiot catcher was standing in the runners line, then the throw home from third base popped out of his glove and BAM! right in my teeth.

Now my lip ...

 I can't stop sliding around on my forehead. help.?

 Should I get my ankle checked out? (picture)?
I hurt my ankle today chasing around my 12 year old brother in-law. I don't know much about injuries, and there is no one I can ask. Does it look serious enough to get checked out by a doctor? I ...

 what is the fastest unpainful way to die?

Additional Details
dont make things up....

 Should I be alright?
I wanted to know if i am alright because i took a firecracker, lit it about foot above my face, and it exploded too quickly to run, and after it exploded, my ears felt like cotton balls were ...

 i need help?????????????
ok so i was in goal someone kicked a ball at my wrist the whole wrist went backwards. it hurts so bad and i cant put much pressure on it. it hurts really bad. and i don't want to go to the ...

 Serious question....I've been stung by a wasp!?
OK I was out in the garden about an hour ago, barefoot, and I must have stood on a wasp, as my toe really hurt, I managed to get the sting out, and put some antiseptic cream on my toe, but now my toe ...

 I got hit in the forehead by a softball....?
while looking up to catch a ball, it knocked me completely out (i fell to the ground and lost consciousness for a minute) and then I couldnt read anything for about 3 days because everything was ...

 Have you ever broken a bone?
What bone, how, what treated it, and how much did it hurt?...

 Wierd painful small lump on the entrance of my nose?
About 2 nights ago, i went to sleep and then the next morning i woke up and i had a small lump on the entrance of my left nostrol. its not that big, its about the size of the top of a small stud ...

 is this an infection in my ear piercing??????????????????
ok so i asked before if i had an earing infection because i got my ears double pierced and after the 6 weeks they told me to keep the earings in they told me i could take them out so i did to clean ...

Okay, so my stepfather is an arrogant a**hole, and today he swung his huge fat fist into the left side of my head. Oh, by the way, I'm only 14 years old. And I'm a girl. Right after, I ...

 If someone broke there leg in two place's how long would they likely be off work?
I'm covering for a guy at work who did that and was wondering how long i'd be doing his job.
Additional Details
Its a phsyical job lots of walking around is involved....

 is my toe broken? advice please?
I was at my cousins football birthday party and was kicked in the toes - no shoes on! Was really painful and had started going blue within 15 mins. it is my middle toe. i can wiggle my toes but ...

 Help, I'm desperate! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS! URGENT!!!!?
I got into an accident and the inside of my mouth/lip is swollen and it looks puffy. What can I do to make the swollen/puffiness go away by TOMORROW . It's been a couple of days since the ...

 i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
Additional Details
but its been like this for 1 ...

 · Your doctor has just told you that you have a month to live, what would you do in that stretch of time?

 Could you do this?
This guy I know recently got into a wreck and damaged his eye and in order to retain his vision he had to get a shot directly in his eyeball!! He had to sit there and stare at this tiny dot on the ...

 my toenail fell off!?
when i was at track a few months back my nail got blood under it becuase my shoes were too small..ever since my nail had been black and gross and today i was the the computer and stubbed my big toe ...

what have you broken?
tell me all of your painful stories were a bone has been broken or fractured. tell me how you did it, what it looked like, and how broken was it? good luck!

um a couple of ribs (2 at once and a chipped foot) all at the same time from a rough soccer game at about 20mins in one of the girls from the other team and me were running straight at the ball and neither of us pulled out so we collided straight on and she put her knee out and her elbows broke one of my ribs. so i went off and the coach checked it and she said it was broken and i should stay off but stupid me wanted to play. so i went back on got tripped broke my other rib and misplaced the one that was already broken and then she and 2 other people kicked my foot because i still had the ball while i was lying on the ground holding my ribs and they kicked my foot so hard it chipped the bone (i have strong bones). so i had to limp off and the coach made me sit out. i went to the doctor after the game and he said you could see one of my ribs was broken and misplaced. so now it has healed like that. (i was 13 at the time which was last year.) 2 chips out of my left shin from surf skills at school and soccer. i dislocated my left pinky twice once by catching it on my shirt playing handball and once by getting it slammed in a window and pulling away. oh and i split my toe open and broke it on christmas day when i was 6 by dropping a draw full of pens and colouring pencils on it. had to get it glued at hospital. and alot more i cant be stuffed saying (more x-rays than my brother who has broken his arm 3 times, my mum who has had surgeries and my dad who broke his back. i have had more than they have had all put together. (im very clumsy) but i have never broken an arm or leg just sprained

How about an "almost" story?

While I was giving birth to my daughter (a normal weight baby of 7lbs),
my epidural wore off. I could feel EVERYTHING. Doc said we were too far into the game for more pain med. Plus, baby was not getting the optimal amount of oxygen. They put an oxygen mask on me to help support the baby.

The pain was incredible. My family could hear me screaming from the waiting room. MY RIGHT HIP WAS TRYING TO DISLOCATE! Words just cannot describe the agony of feeling the hip ball being pushed out of its socket by bodily force that you cannot control!!! Ew!

Within minutes of birth, all was right with the world again. I held my angel and I asked my husband if we could have another baby! The next two came via c-section!!

I fractured my funny bone in my right arm. Fell of a bar stool - funny now but not at the time. I has my heels hooked round the bar at the bottom and turned round to quick, the stool started to tip forwards but the alcohol in my brain forgot the unhook my feet so off we went, Put my arm out to break my fall and crunch.....
Although I didn't know I'd done anything to it until next morning. Still hurts now and that was yrs ago.... x

nuthin cause im awesome!!!!!!! bt i nearly did wen i wos skiing dat wos funny i did lyk 3 flips and endid up rolling 2 da bottom of da hill it hurt

you know whats supprising? ive never gone to the hospital, (unless you count getting shots and when i was born) However, I did staple my finger, in which time I cried, and afterwords I realized I didnt remember any pain, and I also lost a toenail, a chair fell on my toe and a week later I saw that the toenail was blue (dried blood, oxygen diprived) and my toenail gradually fell off like a tooth, you know? like you can twist it more and more until it finally comes off? I hope that satisfiys your question. sorry i never broke a bone.

Mademoiselle Brittany
hearts, and lots of plates and glasses, but not a bone in my body, oooh answer mine, anybody http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AqNSCf5J77zXsHAk6WZiiOLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090413004626AAoWDAo

Trust me I'm a Doctor ♥
I threw a drawer full of cutlery at my b/f in fit of temper last year, it was really heavy. I caught my left middle finger between 2 drawers and flattened it. Broke the tip of the bone into 6 pieces and ripped the nail off. Never found one bit of bone, guess it was on the kitchen floor?

It was very painful and got infected. Took 6 months to heal properly, had to have minor op to have it sewn back together.

A year on its healed OK but will never look the same as before though. Permanent reminder of not to lose my temper in future.

I've also broken my right humerus, left wrist and 2 ribs (not all at the same time)

I Can Has Answer?
Only thing that has ever been broken in my life was my pinky on my right hand. Twice.

Once when i was being beaten by my grandmother as a young child
Once when i was 22 when i hit my boyfriend in his face.

The result, both times was just some pain, swelling and bruising. my pinky is kind of sideways now. :/

I broke my thumb, and it never hurt, until it was healing, but it wasn't in a cast, they just wrapped elastoplast around it, which I'm allergic to, so all the skin peeled off.

Two days after I got the plaster off, my friend and I were scrapping, and he kicked me, and broke it again. This time it hurt like a son of a gun, and again, had to be wrapped in elastoplast, which again made my hand peel.


CrAzY pEaR
i crack my bones everyday, it's not healthy and i'm trying to stop, it's not just once in a blue moon, it's like everyday, every 4 minutes
it not that broken, it does not hurt, it feels relaxing.
i have NOT broken any serous bones, but i heard cracking you fingers and toe's is bad, and you can break them :(

I've broken my nose about 5 times. The worst was when I ran a go-kart into a truck and the kart went under but my face didnt. And another time I dropped a bowling ball on my toe. The nail fell off and it took months for the bone to heal.

James B
I broke my right clavicle by landing on it when I fell off a skateboard while going down a hill, it didn't poke out or anything but I pretty much shattered it. Honestly though I didn't even realize that i broke it until half a day later.

anne b
An ankle, fell down the stairs. It swelled up and was painful.

never broken a bone - im a lucky one :)

a heart :[

never broken a bone in my life.

Less than zero (<0)
I broke my finger, fractured the side of my foot, and I had my big toes broken for a surgery. My finger was really swollen, and bruised to crap. Same as my foot.. I really didn't see my toes since they where in bandages.
My finger broke at the joint... it snapped all the way back! my foot had a significant fracture, but it wasn't too big, but bigger than a hairline.

well i broke my pockets. i had money in them one minute and the next minute they where broken. they where broken very bad. i think it happened at the super wal-mart. it was bad

Broken wrist - took 12 months from when it broke to fully healed, it was in a cast for 6 months and wasnt healing so i had a plate a screws in. I actually thought it was just sprained at the time. Then at night it started hurting like crazy, went to the hospital and i had a broken wrist.

Broken foot - A pallet fell off the lorry at work on my foot, worst pain of my life My foot swelled to 4 times its size, had to wait 5 hours in casualty before i was seen i thought i was gonna die. That took 9 moinths to heal

My heart, someone broke up with me after dating for a year. :[

* Ava *
I was at a county hockey tournament with my team and we were about half way through the match, when by accident a girl came up to me and accidentally whacked me round the knee. My knee-cap split into 5 pieces and because it shattered it sent shudders down my leg and cracked my shin bone and split my ankle into 2 pieces. I passed out for about 4 minutes, then the ambulance came.I have had 7 operations. I have gotta have an 8th in about 2 weeks. I was on crutches for about 6 months.

Broke 3 ribs, slipped a disk in my back, broke my wrist and dislocated my shoulder in a skiing accident 2 years ago.

I've also dislocated my ankle. (I'm only 14 but I am quite accident prone).

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