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what do i do for broken toes?
im pretty sure ive broken my baby toe and the one next to it, dont see the point in going to hospital as pretty sure they dont do anything for toes but just wondering whats the best thing for me to with it

go to the doctors office where they will do an x-ray. from there they will probably send you to a podiatrist or orthopedist

tape them to minimise movement and go easy on them , in kickboxing i broke toes all the time not much ya can do : (

matthew Z
The hospital cannot do anything about it. The best thing to do is to tape them together so that they'll heal straight. Take over the counter pain medicine if the pain is unbearable. I would suggest Motrin. Also, you would want to start taking Calicum to help strengthen the bone density and help the healing process. Plus, stay off of it as much as possible.

Im so scene.
I have two broken toes now.
And i just walk on my heel. and ice it everytime i get the chance.

i just recently broke my toe and going to the doctor was a waste of time and money. Just get sum tape (medical ask for it at ur drug store and they will help u pick out the right kind) tape the 2 toes together that u think r broken. Ice it for the first couple of days and try to stay of it. Get sum pain meds and thats about all u can do. Just change the tape every day or 2 or when it gets dirty and do this for about a month. Unforutnatly thats all u can do :[ hope u feel better i feel ur pain my toe is broken too

stainless steven
strap em up and take great care for 3 months and should heal OK.

Chris W
Funny you ask. I believe I currently have a broken toe myself (dr appntmnt tomorrow).

From everything I've read, not much can be done. Soak in epsom salt a couple times a day. Ice it to reduce swelling. Elevate when resting. Don't be too active and buddy tape it to the toes next to it. I would still recommend seeing a dr as they can x-ray it and give you a good treatment regimen.

Good Luck!!

Use medical tape you can buy at drugstores. (not that expensive) and "buddy tape" the two toes to the one next to them. It will hold them stable. Wear an Ugg type boot(doesnt have to be an ugg, just a boot) to protect them and try to not walk long distances. I really hope this helps! Good luck healing!

you dont need to go to the hospital. go to cvs or savon or any health store and buy a mini cast for your toe. itll heal within a week or 2

D.O.T ~ El Borriqueño Blatino
Just wrap it up and it will probably heal on its own!

Mom of 2 great boys
There is nothing they can do.

My son broke his toe, and all we did was tape his toe to the next toe keeping it stiff.

Take a gauze pad and then wrap it with tape.

If it starts to turn blue/purple, you will need to have it checked out because you may have injured a vein or something else.

Feel better and take some Tylenol for the pain, and ice pack 15 mins on, and then repeat after 30mins.


i broke my toe! dont go to the doctors its a waste of money, they do nothing. and it will heal itself.
if it spreads and starts to hurt your foot really bad go see the doc!

Since I went through the same experience on my right foot, I can really sympathize. I was knocked off my bicycle by a car driven by a crazy woman who ran a red light. But, DO go the hospital. First, X-rays can determine if they're broken and, if so, how badly. A bad break requires resetting. Normal treatment involves tiny toe casts. They don't hurt you. They are part metal for firmness, part padding for comfort, and part something artificial - I think that it is plastic, but could be wrong. That last part protects your broken toe and the one(s) next to it from skin damage. Walking on a broken toe only makes it worse.

Mama Janet
Tape the broken toes to the ones next to it to help stabalize them. I know you're tempted to wear sandals but it can get hurt more that way. Wear a comfortable pair of close toe shoes to protect the broken ones and rest as much as possible with your foot elevated.

yea the hospital wont do anything about it. just tape your toes together with medical tape so they heal straight.

When I had a broken toe, I wore sandals, with a thick wooden sole, and a substantial bevel on the front. One walked in these sandals, without bending their toes. The sandals, also had multiple straps, making them constructive splints. I don't know where, you would find such sandals today.

Regardless, the general advice for a broken toe, is to tape it to one or more adjacent toes, keep your foot elevated when you can, use ice and an NSAID to reduce inflammation. Probably, your best over the counter NSAID is ibuprofen.

the wind
have them set or you are risking bad arthritis later in life

Nothing. Except some tylenol and taping the toes together to the next one. Keeps them from moving so much which is terribly painful. I feel for ya!!! Been there, done that!

my sister broke her 2nd from the end toe, they just told us to put popcicle sticks on it for a few weeks. she didn't listen and now its crocked and bent. eww.. just make sure you tape it up with the other toe that is straight. you don't want to have toe problems the rest of your life and have trouble getting shoes as well.

theres nothing really to do except tape them together until they heal.Ibprophen could help with the pain & any swelling there is . You could even soak your foot in epsoms salt for the pain occasionally.If they are trully broken they will always bother you to some extent because broken bones will always ache when there is a change in the weather condions.I broke my ankle when I was 3 & my heel bone 3 yrs ago
& they always bother me in rainy weather & in the winter.

I think that you should just try to stay off of them. Also you want to tape them together. That way they have support and they wont move so no more damage happens to them!

Ice in the evening, walk slowly and no balet for 4-6 weeks.

This happened to me in Cancun on vacation. There was nothing I could do about it, but leave them to heal on their own. If it's summer where you are then you may find it eases the pain and helps with healing them if you where sandals or flip flops. Hope it helps!!

You can't really do anything. Just keep it safe, and don't put too much pressure on it. It will heal on its own. You can't get a cast or any of that.

Stay off of your feet as much as you can until it heal. Try not to move it as much. If you have to walk on it, use a cane or crutch to take the pressure off of the foot with the broken toe. When I broke my toes, I had to get a cast...but that was because I'd broken three of them at once.

You're right...the doctor will probably tell you to do the exact same thing. But if it starts to swell and change color, you may want to seek his/her advice.

Hope this helps.

The only thing you can do is tape or wrap them together.Stay off them for a while so they don't swell. That's what I had to do to mine when I broke my Baby toe.Hope they heal soon.

Gone for good...
Strap them up, take pain killers and limp!

hippie chick
use some medical tape and tape them so they cant really move. i broke my middle toe and the one next to my baby toe a while back, went to the hospital and they didnt do anything about it. good luck and try not to walk on it too much.

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