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underneath my left eye you can see it beating!! help!!?
and when i touch it , i can feel a pulse and its scaring me!! it looks like a twitch, but its not, its like a beating vein! and its noticable!! please help!! im so freaked out!!
Additional Details
lol thanks everybody! yeah! i asked my friend and he said that that happened to him too! when he goes on the computer too much!

You're obviously a youngster, so panicky over a throbbing eye. Get some sleep young one!

it is common,when u r stressed or when there is less blood flow, i happens, for this try to stand upside down everyday for 2 mins, then blood flow will be there all over ur body, and u can avoid such type things happening to u.

oh mi god!
i thought i was the only one!!

aha!!? :D
it happens to me all the time...... don't worry!:)

Hannah xx
Oh its cool! Dont worry, happens to me all the time!
its just one of those natural weird random things that happens to people.

Angela P
its just a nerve. it can happem when youre stressed or tiredor for no apparent reason at all. its dead annoying but it will go away

This is not unusual, it's just a little twitch, and it's common for people to get eye twitches when they're stressed or just from time to time for no reason. If you have problems with your vision as a result, then I'd say see a doctor....

yeah, sometimes it happens to me, but its nothing to worry about i wouldn't think, ok.

It's a little twitch that happens to all of us sometimes. Don't freak out cause this is usually associated with stress. The more you freak out about it, the more it will happen.

You have to use some eye drops and sit less time at the computer. You can read about one type of eye drops here http://mdcagencies.com/item/general_health/ophthacare.html

Banana-Mango Luv
hehe. a LOT of people experience this. mine arent noticable to other people. it isnt unhealthy. the skin around the eyes are very thin & its likely for this to occur from time to time. when my brother eats, his eyelid slightly raises & lowers again! its funny. haha. but it doesnt make him a freak nor are you.

This is just a pulse close to the surface. Nothing to worry about.

maybe some type of wring worm

Ju Ju Beanz
Its caused by stress/tension/anxiety.
i used to get it a lot to.

I would presume you only get it every now and then, then it stops.
Its quite normal and nothing to worry about.

how ever! a visit to the doctor may reassure you and he may get to the bottom of whats worrying tou and prescribe something.

You could try gentle exercise like yoga etc this will learn to calm you when your levels are up and may be a good thing all through the stresses of every day life.

It's a "Alien" in your eye. :]

Don't worry I'll shoot it.

Come on, heart beats are heard on most parts of your body. Don't get upset, it's just a nerve carrying the pulse beat. It occurs to everyone at sometimes, but if it does to you often, consult a doctor. Stay calm and don't get stressed. Everything will be O.K.


Alyssa H
this same thing is happening to me it has been for the last 2 weeks, yes its weird i can actually see the muscle moving up and down, its not a twitch its weird,

It's probably stress. That happened to me once or twice. Just get a good rest and you'll be fine!(:

Khamirul Bin Mataree
thats normal

David N
Happens to a lot of people - you will be fine, but go see a doctor to calm yourself about it

this is very commmon,. I get it when i dont get enough sleep, stressed out or....RREALLLLY NERVOUS. but generically s;leppless. Take a nice day off, get proper rest eat proper and a few days it will stop!

hope this helped!

It's a muscle twitch or spasm. Sometimes it happens for ne reason. My son found it happened when he drank Red Bull in combination with a prescription medication he was taking.

Ying Ying
its normal.. everyone might experience the same thing with u right now..

There are nerves and blood vesles there, they get irratated at times and that is normal.

Jack Mehoffer
Wow sounds cool!

I guess its normal I never had that happen and I'm an old man...

this happens when someone is stressed out. It will go away so just try to relax. It is definetly not a big deal.

i've seen this question before...and have experienced this myself. are you especially stressed right now?

it usually goes away on it's own once your stress level goes down. no one will notice it as easily as you, cuz you can feel it twitching.

that happens to me sometimes. i dont know what causes it, it freaks me out too

Leah S
i have those alot there nothing to freak over i have them in my arm and you can see a part of my arm twitch its kinda fun to watch but yeah no worries your life is in no danger or anything like that

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