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I ♥ you!
omg! please help! may have a srioues problem!? please help really worried!?
ok so today i was somewhere outside nda, i think that someone pushed me into a pole or something hard. and i'm pretty sure that it knocked me out, when i woke up i remember seeing blood on the ground, and i remember hearing myself saying " no im fine just take me home" so someone did, and i got some water, got choked on it and then puked up some blood. now, i have a ssimave headache, and i'm really kashy. what should i do? what do you think is going on with me?

ok i can remember certain, rdanmo events of the day, but the things i do remember, its not like they really happened, its like i'm in a dream.

is there something serious wrong with me?

probably a concussion, go see doctor immediately.
could be a serious problem, and your liver might fail

Wild Breaker

better go to the hospital if you are vomiting up blood after an injury you don't remember, could be serious.

Tiffany (:
idkk thats really weird you probably hit your head and got memory loss from itt but yu should definately go to a doctor!

Wonky the sane!
Look for bruises on your body, and if you do find some, visit a doctor.

BobBy In NH
911, 911, 911 ,911 or go away cause its not fair to put us in this crap !

u should go to a hospital, and if it is a dream or something, then go to a psicologist

GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would recommend going to the hospital now or if that isn't possible go to the doctor tomorrow or soonest you can.
i wouldn't recommend waiting till tomorrow to go to the doctor though.

If you think its a serious problem go to the hospital.

If you think it subsided then don't go, but if you notice anything else strange go to the hospital. I hope you feel better :)

I can't really say because I'm not a doctor, but I really really think you should see a doctor. Possibly even go to the ER. Your symptoms sound pretty serious. If I were you I would go to a doctor as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry on something like this.
I hope you feel better!

Yes. Call someone. Now.

Julia B
GO TO EMERGENCY ROOM!!!!!!!! seriously that is NOT good.

Ryan Turner
It sounds like your in shock and you should call an ambulence right away. You may have been assaulted so make sure you explain your story as best you can at the hospital cause you should probably make out a police report.

go to the docter. you probably had a bad fall. dont go to the docter yourself. ask someone to take you there incase something happens.

i see what's going on...
ok i understand how you got a headache from getting pushed to a pole. but puking blood? i'm not sure it was blood. it can't be blood. if it's blood you can have a serious cancer i had. the cancer i had was loocemua. if you are 100% sure you puked blood you need to go to the doctors to check with that. other then that everything is ok. it might have been a migrant. you just need to be cautious. you were probaly dizzy and you didn't know what was going on. You just need to sleep and probaly take tilenol or advil.

ya dig
go doctors whoever pushed u is a downy

omg, that is really bad. i think that you should go to the hospital or something because that is not normal. please ask for help :) it will help you

Nothing other than being a pathological liar... or an atrocious storyteller... or just incredibly bored... Try sopping up the blood and grey matter dripping from your ears with a piece of chewy bread and enjoy a French Provencal meal fit for a 17th century peasant

Rachel W
go see a doctor!

If you were knocked out you're probably concussed which would explain the nausea but not the throwing up blood.
Best play it safe and call your doctor or nip down to your nearest A&E. There's no harm in making sure.

looks like u just stepped into a horror film!!! anywayz i bet ur alright because if it was really serious i dont think u would have been able to remember that u can ask this question on yahoo. but i do think that just incase u should go 2 a doctor

James B
It sounds like you have a concussion. There's not really anything you can do about it now, but be careful with your head for a while.

N.B. a concussion is caused by your brain hitting the inside of your skull.

Jazzy Bby;
Yhu may have had a concussion and you need to go to the hospital immediately.

You have a concussion. Go to the doctor immediately.

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