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 What do you use on a cut so it won't scar?
I have a cut and i don't want it to be a scar.
So help ...

ok so i cut myself & cant stop my arms looks like a road map can anyone help?

Rich T
Sure, what help would you like from me?

cover it up

Do your legs aswell so they match, WTF, get help from your GP man, you need to talk to someone. trust me.

jason c
Self harm is a way for a person to take control of there life, it makes you feel alive and in charge. Unfortunately these feelings pass soon and then your back to the beginning again.
You really need to see your doctor to get a referral to a specialist so you can get help.
It a long and difficult road ahead but with out help you will never truly get control as the cutting will always be in charge.
Good Luck.

There are different scar treatments you can try such as mederma and bio-oil. i think vitamin e oil is sposed to be good as well.

But the main thing to do is stop, or at least reduce the scarring. the best thing to do is get professional help, but if you are like me and don't want to/are too scared etc then you need to find an alternative that works for you. see my question on alternatives:


or email me for more ideas. if you decide you want to stop, set yourself a goal of a number of days you will go without cutting. when you reach the goal, treat yourself (no cutting!) to give yourself encouragement. then increase the number of days and do the same again. keep doing this until you stop.

Email me if you want to talk to someone who understands.
Good luck.
Stay strong, stay safe.

Yes...a doctor.


i don't think anyone of us can help you on here. you should see a professional about cutting yourself!

fiona millar
get some concerling this helps and is u are depressed do something that makes u happy and say to ur self i am not going to do this i am not gong to cut my self. i use to cut my arms and boady coz i was upset and was unhappy but i told some one and let it all out and she helps me and makes me happy. and tlks to me find some one who understands u if ya want i wil xxxadd me to man [email protected]

You need to speak to a counsellor. Your GP should be able to refer you.

Go search for a doctor, dude. This problem is psychological!

combat baby
a doctor can help.

bill l
yes medical doctors can help you most likely have a personality disorder. this can be treated . a psychiatrist is the one who would make such a determination .

you should seek professional help. Talk to your mom or dad. Im sure they can lead you in the right direction. The first step in healing is confession

U need help and by asking this question you've taken the first step. DON'T STOP NOW. By admitting that u have a problem you've made a big breakthrough. Now follow through. If you have no idea how to get help, see your family Doc. Doc's know where to point u for help. Be honest with your Doc. GOOD LUCK!!!!

I used to work with somebody who cut up regular her arms were like road maps too through my mental health training I suggested when she felt like cutting she put an elastic band on a finger and twang it.. she tried this method and said it satisfied the need for cutting I have not seen her for awhile so don't know if she is still using this method as a releif take care

go see a doctor immediateley. seek help. before its to late and you are scard for life. what will you tell your kids?

theres a couple of websites what may help you hun.

take care x

well next time you feel like cutting do it with something smaller lyk a saftey pin then do it with a red texta and eventually just stop.. it is hard to stop but its not impossible for now to cover the cuts use green eyeshadow then foundation it really works the green takes out the red then the foundation covers the green i also suggest that you talk to someone like a trusted friend so you dont feel as if your going through it alone

Pebble da rebble
You need to talk to someone as this is s cry for help. Contact me if you feel the need to talk. I have been through a lot myself and have beaten cancer 3 times now. I do understand what you are going through.

Have u ever thought about going to see a counciler my friend used to cut her wrists but all i did was gave her some moral support and then she finally stopped it is a long procedure but it is worth it, so if u need any firther advise e-mail me!

[email protected]
You do need specialist help, go see your doctor and be totaly honest with him/her.

first off you have to determine why you cut, like do you have a secret from your past that you have had to cover up or do you just get depressed with life in general a lot of people and myself have used the company secret scars who will talk through with you everything that you are feeling and why you may be feeling the way you are and find anouther alternative to SI

Alternitives like using red marker on your arm instead of a knife, ice to numb the pain you are feeling inside, going for lonk walks when you feel the need no matter what the time is and even using a friend as a buddy through the process one you can ring and just talk about anything if you don't want to talk about the real problem

you need to speak to someone first and keep a diary of your feelings and how you got to the point of cutting and find out that way what is triggering you

i wish you luck as its not an easy road to walk but their are a lot of people just like you and who can help you along the way

ask your self why you cut your self
then ask if it is worth the scars
when you think of cuting
go for a walk
listen to soungs
main thing go where there are people that care
or you dont want them seeing you cut your self
cuz your not likey to do it when there are people

oh dear you must be at your witts end, try to get help in stopping this instead of trying to cover it up

go see a counsellor, talk to your mum/dad/grandparent/friend and ask them to help you
i cant really help as i cant understand why people cut themselves, is it to let out pain? if so try and find out whats causing the pain and get through it

I really hope this isn't a sick joke. I've been self harming for around ten years and my arm is heavily scarred. If you really need help, try asking your GP to refer you to a Psychotherapist. Talking about it does help. I wish you luck.

Rockstar ☆
ok so stop cutting yourself.....
why do you do it? think about that and see if you can convince yourself to stop. We cant help you with that problem, the only thing you will hear from us is to go see a doctor or a shrink........unless you are looking for attention on yahoo answers, which isnt very good b/c we dont know you or know anything about you-we dont even know what you look like. Talk to a friend-a close friend or family member....not us.

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