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 Cracking Sensation behind the neck.?
Does anyone know why you hear a cracking sensation on the base of the skull, shoulder or behind the neck when we stretch? I almsot hear this all the time I do it. Does it have anything to do with ...

 are skin staples or sutures better for a cut to my elbow? How to I prevent scarring?
I cut my elbow on broken glass at work and the ER Doctor used staples; shes said that it promotes lesss scarring, but I see a large raised scar forming. will this disappear after staples are removed?...

 What is the best exercises to rehab a severely strained knee joint?
I fell at home down stairs but did not sever the ACL, MCL, or PCL. I am taking injectios into the knee of chicken collegen to rebuild the shock absorbing qualities of the knee. Yet I lack strength in ...

 how long for my achilles tendant to heal?
ok so i have had a cast on my leg for an achilles swolen tendant since oct. 27th. i get it looked at on friday the 24th of nov. how long does it take to heal?
is it a high chance ill be getting ...

 I get patella tendonitis when I run.?
Walking doesn't hurt, but after a mile of running the pain is severe.
Any suggestions for treating it? I am taking ALLEVE, but it doesn't seem to help....

 Stress fracture foot is cold, other foot is not, is that OK?
I've had a stress fracture for around 11 weeks. Constant reinjury is making my foot heal really slowly. However, I have finally gained insight and am doing all I can to make it better. Walking ...

 punched in the face, odd sensation when applying pressure to area near infraorbital foramen?
I got punched in the face, right hand side, 5 days ago, and I've noticed today that when I apply pressure to the area between my cheekbone and nose (basically at the infraorbital foramen), I ...

numbness in legs?
I have numbness in both legs i have been diagnosed with cloged arteries in my legs but a slight case. when i walk my legs get real fatiged then they go numb. i will go numb from the middle of my back all the way down i cant even feel my private areas i dont have health insurace and i cant work so i cant afford tests the clogged arteries should only make my legs fatiged any one have any thing simular so i can maybe get an idea of whats going on with me

Super G
definitely a circulatory disorder -- regardless of your insurance status, there are physicians that will treat you. contact a local clinic (not a hospital) directly and ask them how you can receive help with your medical condition. you will find that clinical physicians are helpful in these cases.

i wish you the best and i am confident that you will receive effective treatment and things will improve

Connie P
I think that your arteries must have a lot of plaque in them... The reason why your legs get tried when you walk is there is not enough blood getting to your muscles so they cramp up. It sounds like you may have a pinched nerve in you back also but it could be plaque or clogged in your Aorta. Have you tried getting on medicare or going to free clinic? I think that you really can not ignore your problem if they can find where the clog is then they can just bypass the area and the blood flow will start to flow normal again! It is usually a pretty easy thing to do!
Are you diabetic then you should make sure to control your blood sugar, Do you smoke? if you do then Quit! it is only making it worse! I wish you better health and better days =-)

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