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 My ingrown toenail PLEASE HELP ME?
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my toenail fell off!?
when i was at track a few months back my nail got blood under it becuase my shoes were too small..ever since my nail had been black and gross and today i was the the computer and stubbed my big toe and the nail lifted right up..i pulled it off and there is a new nail under it but it is thin and hurts..what do i do?

ok, this wont exactly feel good, but just keep it clean and wait for it to grow back. i've done this before, peroxide kinda hurts for that, but u can put it into salt water. Just go to the beach, it'll help it heal smoothly.

i have been stepped on by my horses many times and this happens to me all the time. just let it grow back in and keep it clean. i know it hurts but it wont after a few days.

Prof. E
Might you be an athlete? When you kick a soccer ball, pivot for a fade-away jumper, or stop short at the net for a volley, your toes can get jammed against your shoes, sometimes causing a trauma that can result in the loss of a nail. If a toe gets smacked hard or repeatedly, the result can be a subungual hematoma — painful bleeding under the toenail that can, in more serious cases, cause the nail to fall off. If a subungual hematoma appears to be expanding quickly, it's a good idea to have a health care provider or trainer help you drain the blood from under the nail, a treatment that, when done quickly and correctly, can help keep the nail from falling off. If the blood appears to have spread to more than 25 percent of the nail, it's wise to have a health care provider examine the toe for bone fractures.

Whatever the cause of your nail loss, a replacement should grow back within several months. To prevent further foot problems and maintain happy and healthy toenails, keep these suggestions in mind:

* Wear fresh socks made of natural fibers (e.g., cotton) or synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the skin, allowing your feet to breathe.
* Buy well-fitted shoes that give your toes plenty of room. For example, wear shoes that have a wide toe box, rather than pointed toes.
* Keep your toenails trimmed across in a straight line.

That should help you nail down the problem.


Protect the toe with a bandage or cushioned wrap when you wear shoes. Also soak it in very warm-to-hot salt water, that is a trick used for any minor infection (JUST IN CASE). I do hope it will stop hurting and get better. If the moon of the nail hasn't been damaged it will grow back since it fell off (the nail not the toe).

Good luck and I wish you the best!


♫ No Music, No Life ♫
wait for the other one to grow back
its fine
my friend loses nails alot

Nothing. A toenail grew under the old one. If you want, go to the doctor but it should be fine.

Keep It Clean , Keep It Moisturized With Cream And Put Some Sort Of Bandage Until It Has Grown,It Should Grow Back Like It Was Before
Hope It Get's Better Xx

QT 3.14
i lost my thumbnail once. that's probably not a new nail, just hardened skin to protect it, try keeping it covered so that nothing rubs against it and try to keep from hitting it. your actual nail will probably grow back, but it'll take a while and it might be a little wierd lookin for a while, give it time.

You buy a new pair of shoes. Shoes are cheap. I'm sure if you have a computer that you have enough money to buy a pair of shoes that actually fit you.

You might want to seek the help of a doctor for that. EWW! it's nearly dinnertime, so post this somewhere else.

Same thing happened to me, only I pulled a door over my big toe. It's actually not as bad as it looks. Once the black, dead nail falls off, just make sure the new nail grows in normally and you'll never have to set foot in a doctor's office!

Okay dude this same thing like happened to me except for i dropped a shampoo bottle on my index toe ( i don't know what its really called) but after a while my toenail got black and bloody and one day a few months later it popped right off but i forced it but it was very easy. it's really normal for it i just wouldn't put to much pressure on it but your gunna be fine and just don't worry about it . (=

OhHh, If I were u I would REAlly see a doctor. Hope you get better!

ewwww your sick

Simply me
Yeah that happens

I just threw up a little bit. Haha.
Man, I'm sorry about your toenail.
Just let it grow back naturally
and don't stub it anymore.

Mr zZzZz
if it is really bothering you can put on a ban-daid to protect it but otherwise all you can do is wait for it to grow back.

let it grow

just put some neosporin on it and keep a bandaid on it during the day. when you get home, take it off so it will be able to air out. take biotin (a vitamin) to help it grow back faster and make your nails stronger.

Leave it alone, That's how a new one grows.
First it's really soft and doesn't even look like a nail but once it grows it starts to thicken and in a month or so, it'll be a regulaer toe nail. I had a toe nail removed completely once
because i had an ingrown toe nail and i put iodine on toe and wrapped it up, BIG MISTAKE, my toe and toe nail were burnt and the toe nail was taken off. Took a couple of months to get better but now you would never tell it ever came off.
You'll be fine, leave it alone.

Don't do anything except be extremely careful. Your toenail will grow back but i may take 2-3 months.

Wrap it up. And let it grow. You'll be fine!

Just be careful with it and let it grow. As long as you are young and healthy it will be fine in no time.


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