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Caroline Gildea
my son got a kick on the side of his head today and was knocked out for a few minutes,what do i do?
I am keeping him indoors as he`s 12yrs and very active

How are the pupils of his eyes looking? If one is much wider than the other, than you have a problem. Go to a dr, but why are you keeping him indoors if he is active? Shouldn't kids be outside playing and running about? Take him to a running track and let him let off some steam:)
Hope he is ok!

Hospital immediatetly.

Get him to a Doctor. I recall a case not long ago where a teenager got into a fight at a party and got punched in the head, he didn't feel too well and went home to bed and died in his sleep. The corinor found that a simple procedure to releave the pressure on his brain would have saved his life. I don't mean to scare you with this story, your son may be fine but get him checked anyway.

call his doc and explain what happened, head injuries are serious. Does he have a haedache? Could be a slight concussion but only a doc can make that call, may be some internal bleeding, brain swelling or other complications. Do not let him go to sleep. get him to a doctor or hospital er.

rae c
what? go to the hospital. if he was knocked un conscious he should always go to the hospital if he was simply kicked in the head but was awake the whole time watch for headache then immediately take him to the hospital but at 12 if he looses consciousness seek medical attention asap and don't let him go to sleep, until he does.

I ♥ my family
Bring him to the hospital and get him checkout just in case there is any injuries that you cant see

I would take him to the ER so they can scan his head. That celebrity was in the news a few weeks ago that died 2 days later from a brain bleed from her accident that involved a head injury. Better be safe than sorry. Then I seen a story on AOL about a little girl that got hit in the head with a golf ball and had the same injury they said if she would have waited one more day she would have died...look for nausea, vomiting, headache, unequal pupil size...

big owl
How long ago has it happen and how dose he feel ,if there is course for concern take him to the hospital


Carrie O
Take him to the hospital. head injuries can be a lot worse than they seem, and it always to be on the safe side anyway.

Make sure he doesn't fall asleep and call a doctor or take him to casualty. Take a torch and look at his eyes, if his pupils are fixed and dilated, call an ambulance. Don't take a risk, get him seen by a medical professional.

Take him to the nearby doctors for a check out and the doctors may have to transfer him to the hospital for x-rays or tests because head injuries are very dangerous and it could lead to very big issues if it isnt sorted and may affect him in later life. Hope he gets well.

J Low
Probably best that you take your son to the casualty department (ER) and have him checked out..

look at his pupils if they are dialated more then they should be he probally has a concussion. If he is talking non sense or cant remember things take time to the hospital. With a concussion you will have to wake him up every few hours to makesure that hes okay.

Kernow Lady
Whenever anyone has lost consciousness even for a few minutes after a blow to the head, they must go for an xray. Remember what happened to Natasha Richardson?. Don't mean to frighten you, but you need to be sure he is ok.

Take him to the hospital, he needs to get checked out.
Explain to him you want to be on the safe side as not to panic him.

You don't sit here and ask, you take him to a hospital. He could have concussion which doesn't always show itself immediately, it could take a day to show. You don't want his brain to swell up. Best get him looked at and quick. The rule is, when someone is knocked out, always seek medical help even if the person is only knocked out for a few seconds.

Any loss of consciousness should be sent to hospital.

hospital to check for concussion etc

i would take him to the hospital because if he was knocked out he could have internal bleeding. i would go just to make sure hes ok.

The Bricklayer
Take him to the hospital.

I would go tho the ER. Head injuries can be very dangerous, especially since he was knocked out. He may have a mild concussion.


Everyone here has told you to take him to the hospital....that's NOT what you should be doing.

You should dial 911 and have the medics check him out and then they will take him to the hospital.

This is what I do for a living, and it's much better if his treatment starts from where he is located right now.

If he was 'knocked out', the impact was significant. The injury that's likely to be present is a 'coup contracoup' and it's a bad thing to have.

I won't go into the reasons why you should take this very seriously, but I will say that your son could die in a very short period of time. He may seem fine right now, but that's likely going to go down hill and when it does..it happens quickly in kids.

Getting him checked out by the medics now is free (in some states) and will likely save his life.

Someone on here told you to check his pupils...that's not what you should be doing as you don't know how to do it. It's not a simple "are they fixed?" test...there's a lot more to it than that!

Feel Better!

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