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 Whats the worst accident or injury you've had?
I used to be really accident prone when I was younger!! It seemed like I spent most of my youth on a hospital ward!

My worst accident/injury was when I fell from a balcony on a three story ...

 Is there anything fun to do while on crutches?
I sprained my ankle badly and possibly tore a ligament almost 2 weeks. The doc gave me an ankle brace and crutches and I am on them for a while and I was wondering, are there any activities I can do ...

 this is getting way to serious!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
yes this a repost but there r mor details and its worse. i am 13. i fell off my bike two sundays ago and i scraped my knee. i am pretty sure its infected.
- where the scar's supposed to b ...

 HELP!!! ANSWERS WANTED... EASY 10 POINTS!!!!!!!please?
i was playing with a big medicine ball in gym the other day. i smacked the ball with the pulm of my hand.
Is it just a pulled muscle????
its right near my thumb..
its gotten worse ...

 My 2 yr old son was bitten by fire ants on his foot and now his foot is very swollen ....
He was stung about 10 times and a few minutes afterwards his foot began to swell. This happened yesterday and today it's still swollen and very red.
Has this happened to anyone before? Do ...

 omg! please help! may have a srioues problem!? please help really worried!?
ok so today i was somewhere outside nda, i think that someone pushed me into a pole or something hard. and i'm pretty sure that it knocked me out, when i woke up i remember seeing blood on the ...

Ok i am going to cut to the chase
this morning when i had to go to school (make up day) I rammed my toe really hard into the door then when i got back home i took off my sock and it was black ...

 Is it possible to break your knuckle?
I had this series of like ten frustrating things happen one right after the other, and I punched a metal door as hard as I could... yeah, I know, no one has to point it out: it wasn't a smart ...

 At 40 it's still acceptable crying because of physical pain?
Last week I slipped and broke my big toe against a concrete wall
Shocking pain! I wanted to cry but I thought it's undignified for a lady in her 40th and, with indescribable efforts I ...

 how do i......?
How do I make my body stop being so sore?I worked out really hard yesterday for the first time in 3 months.Now my legs and my stomach are just so sore.what can i do so they can stop being so sore?...

 what would be the signs of a broken leg??
i slipped on ice sunday morning and fell really hard on my leg i'm going to the doctor on friday but its a little swollen and hurts like hell. i cant put any pressure on it so im using crutches ...

 what can it be if you are spitting up blood and throwing up and having sharp side pains?

 Head Injury, Blood, Dizziness, and Vomiting?
Saturday, I was on a golf cart with friends and I fell off and hit my head on the road.. There is a huge scab and bump on the top of my head and the back of my head hurts really bad.. Today I felt ...

 My eye hurts really bad?
I woke up this morning for find redness on my RIGHT eyeball only.
I thought it was nothing so i just left it alone. But around the afternoon, i saw that it was STILL THERE, and i started to ...

 what do you do when you hit yourself with a hammer? help!?
my sister was making a book shelf when she hit herself with a hammer. it turned all purple and worst part is moms not home and we can't call 911! D: tell me what do i do?...

 What do you use on a cut so it won't scar?
I have a cut and i don't want it to be a scar.
So help ...

 How to give yourself a bruise?
I have to do this for a project for media class, btw. I'm not like emo or anything.

But how could I give myself a bruise about the shape of a quarter/dollar for various places on my ...

 Who hasn't ever been stung by a bee?
I have never been stung by a wasp, bee, yellow jacket etc. and i was wondering how many other people haven't....

 How can I break my arm with out it relly hurting how can I break it easily? ?
I want to break my ...

 How do I brake my arm quick and easy?
because I already have it ...

pink hearts3 ♥
most minor injury you've been to hospital for?
whats the most minor thing you've been in for? what happened?

Just thought I would ask!

I broke my leg and got sent to the hospital. I know you haven't asked, but the most serious injury, was when i fainted.

Happy Man
never had stitches until an operation so never for a minor ailment such as cuts etc.

Daniel C
A bee sting right between the eyes and my eyes swelled shut or a bite wound from my self and having two stitches inside and one outside of my mouth.

Ren Therapy
I just went to a camp where some girl cut her foot on either a water ride or the brick walkway. It wasn't a bad cut but it was kinda long. It was thin so there wasn't too much blood. Anyways she made the counsellors call the ambulance rather than the nurse. It came and we all watched her walk in unassisted. She came back with a couple bandaids. However she proceeded to lie to everyone saying she got stitches. The lie was totally false because you don't put band-aids on stitches and she wouldn't be wearing the flip flops if the stitches really ran between her toes. So then she lied saying the doctor told her to tell people that. It was really funny how she thought she could pull it off.

not so much an injury as an allergic reaction to an insect bite (what a rubbish alergy) well i could have sorted it at home but been the first time it happened and my leg had swollen to twice it's size in 3 hours i was scared lol

the cotton bud end of a q-tip ear cleaner came off & got stuck right down me lughole - had to go to hospital to get it out - shame on me...

Sprained index finger from when my sister kicked me in my hand. Childhood was so great.

Someone at work trapped my thumb in a security door. Boss insisted I go to A&E becuase it was swollen. I got it x-rayed but it wasn't broken, just crushed the ligaments. Couldn't move it for ages and it blooming hurt!

I squashed my little finger..correction, the bus driver squashed my little finger. He pulled away sharp sending me hurtling to the end of the bus.....I put my hand out to stop myself, the people on the back row parted....My little finger got scrunched against the glass.

Not much but it was painful.I had to stop off at A&E on my way.

Dj DizzyDust <3 x
Blood Clot it my Froat .
I was 2 And i was born with a GleftPalet And i got it Sewedc up but then there was a build up of dry blood and it burst open during the night and i allmost died =( x

ummm nose bleed for a long time

A sprain lol. I did think it was a break. A football hit my hand/wrist at really high speed (do i sound less wimpy yet?) and it hurt so much and for so long!

i broke my arm in 3 places (yes thats is the most minor)

♫ Converse ♥
I thought I broke my finger because it bent right the way back and was swollen and I couldnt move it. It killed having the x ray done, but I found out it was just bruising. I couldnt move my finger for weeks though.

I pulled my thumb back and it KILLED me...I thought it was broken...so I got it checked. The nurses weren't happy!

Christopher G
Me? Nothing really minor, but let me tell you about some patients I've had!!!!

1) The parents of a 6 year-old who called 911 because their child had swallowed A SINGLE sudafed tablet.

2) The woman who called 911 at 3am complaining she was having an allergic reaction to an anesthetic her dentist had given her THREE WEEKS earlier!

3) The middle-aged guy who was rear-ended at less than 5 MPH, but asked in the ambulance "Hey, what's the worst thing that could be wrong with me?" (Looking for the "Lawsuit Lotto" best case).

While I never discourage anyone from calling 911 or seeking medical attention if they think they need it, there are a small number of people who use up a lot of resources.

I will also tell you, I've treated a lot of people who should have gone to the hospital much sooner than they did. That delay can sometimes be fatal, especially with chest pains.

My brother his teeth went though is bottom lip and he had to get it glued don't think thats minor when my parents broke up my other brother was one and was with his dad who left him alone with a window open and no screen my brother fell down 6 storys and olny broke his leg hip down

cut my fingers and hand open i fell with a milk bottle and didn't let go

a broken finger, i broke it during soccer, so i had 2 go 2 the hospital

Mike F
A splinter, it was a biggun though and when trying to get it out myself, Id bled quite a bit.

R maynn
i hurt my hand, its so silly now

amanda B
breaking my wrist would be the most minor injury ive ever had, i fell of my skate board and crashed into a tree, it kina hurt. lol it was hallarious though

hand getting smashed in a metal garage door

Sophie W
funnily enough the most common thing people go into hospital with (not me) is constipation!

I think I would say a bad headache, the rest was not minor!

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