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 i just threw up blood.... help?!?
ok im freaking out and i can't get to a phone... what now?...

 Does it hurt getting stitches taken out?
i was out at the weekend and glass went straight into the top of my foot because i was in a bar. and before you ask yes i did have my shoes on! ive never has stitches before and i get my stitches ...

 18 days ago I fell on my elbow. The bruising and swelling has gone but I still have pain.Should I go to A&E?
The pain is on the tip of the elbow, there is a slight red mark but on bruising. I have full movement, but can't put any pressure on my elbow without pain....

 Will this heal?
Well a couple of months ago I had a shard of glass penetrate over half way through my foot and I bleed for 2 days,I had two huge gashes in my foot,one that went completly through my foot,the other ...

 i fell over this morning in the street and banged my head, please help?!?
went to a&e department by ambulance, done x-rays on my hip etc, bloods were fine, abit low on the blood pressure ( i am quite petite for my age) so they were not overly concerned! however since i ...

 I had a very deep cut in my finger and now I have extreme tooth and head pain.Did I get an infection???
Is it possible for the bad cut I had to give me a disease or bacteria to enter into my system and give me pain in my head and teeth??...

 Can you get a fever from sticking things into your anus?
I stuck a pen and a marker up my anus, and three days later I got a fever of 102.9, a runny nose, a headache, sensitivity everywhere, pain in my back and legs, throat pain, and I feel very weak. Is ...

 Why are my legs still hurting when i run?
I've been jogging 4-5 times per week for a little over 2 months now. I expected my legs to hurt when i first started and over came the soreness. However, within the past week, my calves and ...

 whats it called when you have an accident, and end up in a hospital who cant talk or move forever?
its for my story btw....

 my house is on fire. the only room that isnt on fire is the computer room. WHAT DO I DO?
There is OIL in the computer room cuz my brother is doing a science experiment with robots! im afraid to stay inside, but i cant get out because im on the top floor. WHAT DO I DO?...

 I'm using a crutch for a broken knee On an escalator, which leg should go first at the top and bottom?
My left leg is in a zimmer splint and cannot bend. I'm at the point where I can get by on one crutch or even a cane. I know how to handle stairs but am not sure about what is the safest way to ...

 Someone chopped off my leg and its falling apart!? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
sorry, my leg is not falling apart its just to get attention. the reall question is, why are people being mean to my little sister. thanks. im 16 my little sister is 8. we go to the same school its ...

 why is it that when you dance with high heels your toes get numb.....my toes are numb wat can i put on them..?
in ...

 My daughter hurt her arm when she fell of her horse she is complaning of pain in it what shall i do?
my sophie age 8 fell of a horse right on to her arm she said it hurts so much shall i take her to hospital except she does not want a plaster cast on ...

 Seeking pain relief for a severed tendon, chipped bone and a cut that required 50 stitches.?
Stitches were removed today, unable to bend the finger, and there is a great deal of ...

 What is your silliest injury or scar?
:) always funny to hear silly stories!
I have a fork mark in my leg due to my sister throwing a fork at me 'cause I was arguing with her....

 What piercing hurts worst?
What piercing hurts worst top lip or bottom?...

 EMERGENCY, urgent help required, please help!!!!!?
I was chewing a golf tee cos it feels nice on my teeth. I sneezed and the golf tee lodged into the roof of my mouth and now I can't get it out or close my mouth, I'm dribbling everywhere ...

 i want to break my ankle?
i really want to break my ankle dont call me wierd or a idiot cause im doing it for a reason but cant say (its too long)
i just really want to break my ankle give me about 10 ways to break a ...

 i cut myself accidently i didnt even feel it but it wont stop bleeding its just a minor cut why wont it stop?

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I'm alive .. still
Medial Meniscus problems or Articular Cartilage Problems After Meniscus surgery?
Did exercise help or hinder your recovery? Please, explain what happened and if you successfully recovered from pain and range of motion. What percentage better are you now?... Read More


my ear is peirced for about 2 years or more. and it had one pair of earings in for a while without cleaning th
em.. but one i took out and the top of it is like black & that ear is like bad it hurts and it just started bleeding today because i was picking something off of it & then i fell asleep and it... Read More


Achilles tendon?
I ran 7 miles yesterday, and as I was just about in my driveway, my achilles tendon started smarting like mad. It's not as painful as it was yesterday, but is there anything I can do (besides ice... Read More


Polina O
If you don't have any family and you have a serious car accident/health crisis, what are your options?

Additional Details
Worst case scenario--say you need months of rehab, lose your job, get evicted and are all alone in the world?... Read More


I had a spinal tap on sunday then a couple days later i got a blood patch because I got a spinal headache?
does anyone no how long it takes to recover from this they said a couple of days well I still cannot move around.... Read More


I was injured from running in gym. What should I do??
The outside of my right leg hurts. I ran the mile and the pain worsened. Should I go to a doctor?? Should I take pain killers when I am in gym??... Read More


What are some of the signs of a concussion?
... Read More


Bulging Disc Treatment ( cure?) ?
I have a bulging disc and I am in constant pain, I function and do almost everything, but the pain is getting worse.

Does anyone here has suffer and gotten treatment, be it surgery, medication, ... Read More


Part of the bottom of my tongue is cut. What is it?
My tongue has been sore all week. (about since Monday) Today I noticed that there are little red bumps on my tongue, and there was like a rigged tear down one side of my tongue and it had sort of whi... Read More


Patrick K
My foot has been hurting on the outside part of it. What could it be?
... Read More


Nurse or Doctor responses only!?
I had carpel tunnel syrgery on Wednesday and can return to work on the 10th and need to know what kind of exercises I can do to build the strength back in my hand.I work as a dietary aide/dishwasher ... Read More


I live in Napa, California. Can someone tell me if their is a place in napa I can go to that accepts medical?
I need medical attention right away. There is a problem with my right leg. Someone in Napa, California. Help me find medical attention. In the meantime, what are some home remedies that will work for ... Read More


How long should a sprained MCL take to heal?
Coming off a ladder 3 weeks ago, bent my right knee sideways . Urgent care said no tears, just sprained, after xrays. Go forth and walk on it. It's still stiff and a little swollen, but not on ... Read More


stitches wont stop bleeding!?
I got stitches today after having some scar tissue cut out. Since my stomach is an area that I cannot really stop bending, the stitches keep bleeding. I have bled through bandages. I plan to call my d... Read More


ashlie k
i need a web sight on bone bruise on the knee?
... Read More


cesar kawi21
knee fluid... what could be wrong?
i had a motorcycle accident about 2 weeks ago... i hit my knee no brokend bones or damage mucles... so my doctor put some stiches .... but the cut didnt close all the way... so i still have a little o... Read More


charm t
EMG did anyone of you pass this test with the needles inserted in muscles?
I did the first part with the electrical currents and the second part is coming up next week and I am really afraid of needles.

Does it hurt a lot and can it dammage my muscles more. There is not... Read More


Miss Informed
Ewww! I have a wound on the palm of my hand and it's leaking clear stuff... Normal?
Earlier today at my softball game I dove for home and ended up with a small rock in my palm. It came out but left a small hole about the size of the end of a q-tip. I still had a few innings to do, so... Read More


Jonathan K
i walk could walk on my sprain ankle, is it okay if i walk on it for now on?
... Read More


I got a bruised lip. HOW DO I GET IT DOWN QUICKER?
Well, I was in band and I play percussion and I had to raise the stand to my level. Turns out it wasn't screwed in all the way and it popped up and i pulled hard and it hit my lip. Now my lip is ... Read More


Jacob M
collarbone broken from football?
how long does it take to heal a broken collarbone?... Read More


will the hospital put a cast on for protection?
i recently hurt my hand badly and went the hospital and they did nothing so i bandaged it up and put a sling on its bin a few days now and that isn't helping me because i keep banging it on thing... Read More


I can't move my finger what is wrong?
So i cut my pinky pretty bad carving pumpkins last saturday night and i can't bend it now. And not just because it hurts i cannot move it. And now i can bend my ring finger like i'm making a... Read More


How long would a bone that was fractured be sensitive for?
I fractured my ankle on November 25th

Got a walking cast/boot on November 29th

Got to stop wearing the walking cast/boot on January 6th

It's APRIL... and my bone is still a bit sen... Read More


Do i have arthritis of some kind?
I've had knee problems since i was in primary school, so from the age of about 12. I am now 22 and have had an athroscope done on my left knee, 2 on my right knee and slight tears in my cartlilag... Read More


Flavor Flem!!!
has anybody on here broken their thumb and ankle?which hurst more...?
i would guess the ankle..but just wondering...... Read More


i hurt my knee about 2 months ago the docs dont really know what it is do you??
well i fell in indoor traack and hit it really hard on the ground, then slid into a big wooden door, and dented my shin. the pain is really bad when i run and even worse when im done. it hurts the mos... Read More


what dose it mean when your fingernails turn purple and you get cold?
i really dont feel good. i have been cold and my hands are freezing... Read More


Ive got 3 broken ribs and a fractured Ankle.?
What can i do to relax? I know i cant fix the ribs.

or the ankle.

I ride dirtbikes. that should explain enough.... Read More


Ankle Pain, not sure what happen to it?
It hurts when i bend it towards and away from my body, but only in the front of it. Its not swelling or bruised, so i dont think its sprained, anyone have an idea what might be wrong?... Read More

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