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kinda weird question, but i really need an answer and fast!!!??
when you go to the doctor, and you get an x-ray of.. say your tailbone (lower back, right between the buttocks.. :s)do you get to keep you clothes on, or do you have to take them off for the x-ray???
because i might have to get an x-ray there, and i dont really want to take off my pants and stuff in front of the doc.... :(

BONUS: has anyone else have a briused of fractured tailbone? because i have all the symptons, (it hurts when i strain it, like when i sit or bend or am just walking) i have done my research, and im pretty sure i have one of those.
how did you cure it? i havent really tried icing it, only once, didnt seem to help, though! so how did you get it to go away? how long did it last? my dad is planning on making a dr. appt. so ya...
thanks!!! :)
if you need anymore info. to answer email me, i will reply!!!
Additional Details
btw, i am 13 if it makes a difference

Off sweet pea. Sorry

♥ hello_kitty_xoxo ♥
Yes your clothes will have to be off . Sorry

hell b
you wear a gown, x-rays are bad for you

A tailbone is a VERY sensitive part of your body. If you ask me I bet it is bruised. Because I have bruised my tailbone and other people I know have too. Even bruising it a tiny bit is SERIOUSLY painful I know what you are going through. I would wait from 2 weeks-a month for results. I would go to the doctor last. It's expensive. I think you just have to try to relax for a few weeks. It's hard but just try it.

I think you have to take your clothes off.

Dr. Ernest J Folk
You will have to change into a hospital gown. The reason being is because in order to get a good x-ray, there shouldn't be anything blocking it. Unless you use a higher dosage of x-ray radiation, but you cannot do that because a high concentration of x-ray radiation could be dangerous.

For xrays, yes you have to take everything off because the least little bit of metal will effect the x ray. Don't worry tho as you are given a hospital gown to change into in a private changing room and no one sees you bare. The x ray is done through the gown. I have no idea how such an injury would be treated if it is a fracture. Often muscle problems are treated with 10 minutes cold pack then 10 minutes of heat several times a day and and anti inflamitory of some kind or a muscle relaxer .

im pretty sure you wont. if x-rays can go through skin im pretty sure they can go through cloths. when i broke my coller bone it was just under the coller of my shirt. but i still didnt have to take off my shirt or anything.

Did you fall? I think the average time to heal a bone is about weeks. No, you don't have to take your clothes off for an x-ray. Just be sure to wear sweats; no metal buttons or zippers. They may make you put on a robe, but not bare butt. You also might have a cyst on tailbone like I did. It is called a pilonidal cyst. You will be glad to go and get it checked out, really!

maggie l
You would likely have on a hospital gown, or cotton underwear. No metal, like zippers or anything like that. You might try wearing cotton boxers or cotton shorts, perhaps that will work.

Yes, I broke mine- horribly painful. Going to the doctor was the best option for good results & less pain. Plus you wouldn't wan to the heal incorrectly & later have to be re-broken and fixed.

Usually the Dr doesn't do the x-rays, a technician does. When taking the pix, they step out of the room. It will be handled in a professional manner, causing you the least amount of embarrassment & discomfort possible.

Sitting on ice packs may help relive the discomfort, until you can get to a doctor. Go ahead & tell your parents to make an appt & be honest with the Drs that you prefer to keep on a much clothing as possible or use a sheet for modesty. I would expect your request will be honored. Always speak up for yourself.

yeah for the x ray you really need to take off your pants juz to make sure the that there is no interference or other bodies detected. beside you only get shadow from the x ray so it is quite difficult to examine the xray with you pants' shadow inside it. don't worry too much usually the lab technician or radiologist will do the works and if the person in charge is a guy usually he'll come with a chaperon nurse.

Daris M. O
I know it's pretty embarassing for a 13 yr old to go to a Dr sometime but you will be ask to wear a hospital gown,You will be covered all the time you are having the xray. These people are trained to take care of not only your injury but, you personally. They're not going to expose you no more than necessary. Health care people are trained to take care of you and they understand that you will be uncomfortable. You may change your mind about us and want to become either a Radiologist, an Xray technician, or someone else in the medical field.
Yes I had an injury to the lower spine (called the coccyx). There are 5 little bones on the end of the spine, people not in the medical field call the 'tail-bone', if you happen to fall or sit down on something hard this area can get bruised. You may have a little cyst which is a little infected bump in that area that may require some antiobiotics to help it heal.
Good Luck

Jacqueline S
, At thirteen I could see that you might be embarrassed but don't be. Everyone who works in the medical Field has see it all and then some. You might be bruised or you may have a Pilonidal Cyst. A Pilonidal Cyst is a Cyst that forms at the base of the tailbone. They are pretty common. I had one when I was younger. My husband has also had one. You didn't say what makes you think you may be bruised. Good Luck, and don't stress over it.

Vicky L
Can't answer your question about whether they X-ray with your clothes on or off but...

I broke my tailbone when I was 11. I fell while ice skaking. The doctor diagnosed me from the symptoms and the situation in which the injury happened, so I didn't have X-rays.

Curing it simply involves time. The tailbone will not reconnect itself -- it simply is re-absorbed by the body over time. It was VERY painful for quite a while. I found that sitting on one of those inflatable round pool rings (that look like life-saving rings) helped a lot. It seemed to take the pressure off. I would say that it hurt a lot for several months.

Sorry to tell you, though, that I still have problems with it occassionally -- and it's been 33 years! It's not nearly as bad, but every once in a while, if I've sat on a hard chair for a long time, when I stand up it will ache.

Just don't wear any metal. No belts, etc. Sometimes you'll have to wear scrubs, but NEVER should you have to be naked. Most times a broken tail bone just needs a little TLC, and a foam doughnut.

Wear pants and a shirt that has no metal on it, so like sweats or sumthin and you can keep them on. As for the booty.... sorry, theres nothing really you can do for it, just rest it. Sorry.

You do not need to remove your pants, unless you have zippers or any metal in the pants. If you wear sweat pants you will be able to wear them. The X-ray will go right through the material. If any metal is present it would show up on the X-ray. If a person would need to remove their pants they would be able to keep their undies on and wear a hospital gown. You would not be uncovered or undressing in front of anyone. An X-ray would be good to see if you have a fracture/break. You should try not to sit directly on the tail bone area. May use an ice or heat pack for no more than 20 minutes at a time. You could take Tylenol or Motrin for the pain. It is good for you to see your doctor. I know it is scary, but they should be good to you and help you get feeling better.

Cynthia L
Don't worry sweetie, yes, you will be asked to take-off your pants and top, but you may keep your underwear and they will give you a hospital gown. The X-ray will help your doctor determine what procedures will help you according to your injury, just try to relax and be comfortable for now ok?


Hi - No, it can be through underwear and a gown - just don't have any metal in the area (snaps, etc.) I had a bruised tailbone when someone pulled a chair out before I sat down in school. There isn't really a cure - time will help. There are some chiropractors that can help. Mine lasted six months. Anti-inflammatory can help too - alternating heat and ice - 15 minutes 2-3 times a day can help too. Good luck,

Robert D
You will have a gown most likely.

There is little they can do. Pain medication. Stool softeners if you need them.

You might want to buy a donut cushion for sitting, if that bothers you.

Ice 20 minutes, that sort of thing.

Good luck.

Sue F
If you have to have x rays done, you will be asked to undress and them put on a cover up that is called a johnny and possibly a robe.

Don't be embarrassed about the doctor or nurses seeing any part of your body, that is part of their job and they have to see what you have injured, as well as take x rays. They look at many people both dressed and completely undressed all the time. They will respect your privacy as much as possible, and you may actually be able to have your Dad or Mom in the room with you if that will make you more comfortable.

I actually fell off of the back of a bike when I was a kid, and broke a smallpeice off of the bottom of my tailbone, and I had a lot of the same symptoms that you are talking about.

The doctor will tell you what to do to take care of the injury, I am sure that they will know what is best for you and your injury.

Good luck, you Dad is very smart to be marking an appointment for you. I hope you feel better soon.

You wont have to be naked but you will have to wear one of those paper dresses. You can't have metal for an x-ray so wear a sports bra so you don't have to be exposed.

Mrs. WC
You will probably be given a hospital gown to put on before your x-ray. You may not have a fracture, just muscular damage. I did this several years ago and STILL have pain. I keep re-injuring it, getting in and out of my low car.

All I can say is good luck. Hope the best for you.

Rob H
I don't think you'll have to completely undress...he might ask you to take off your pants but you will also likely get a cloth robe to cover yourself. Remember that doctors are supposed to be very respectful of your body and your privacy. They are professionally responsible for this and most I think understand that a girl your age might feel a bit uncomfortable about it and act with respect about it. Also remember that they've seen 100s of patients so it's nothing out of the ordinary for them. That said, doctors are people too and it's important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable. You might want to consider asking your dad for a female doc. As you get older you will learn what kind of person you feel most comfortable with. As far as the medical specifics of your injury, i don't know. Good luck :)

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