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is my toe broken? should i see a doctor? please help i never broke anything before!?
i stubbed my BABY toe and now its red and swollen it really kills! it feels like there is needles stabbing at my foot! should i go see a doctor?

The Guru
Ice it now, it's probably not broken. If the pain doesn't subside noticeably within a day or so, see a doctor.

No, I dont think that stubbing your toe will brake it. I dropped a barbel on my big toe last year and it only slightly fractured it. It hurt real bad like I wanted to amputate it. So chances are, dont see a doctor and save your money because, your toe is probably fine.


If the pain persists see a doctor. I dropped a house brick on my big toe last night, it hurt like hell and it was bleeding a bit it also looked swollen, but today although it's still a bit swollen, the pain has gone. So give your BABY toe a day or two, if the pain gets less you'll know its getting better. I doubt whether its broken. Speedy recovery, I know what it feels like.

My friend luke did the same thing and said he was fine but it turned out that he did break it and now its kind of out of place so you shouldn 't waist your toime seeing a doctor you should get an xray

not much you can do.not much a doctor can do.if it's stubbed up he will pull it out.but thats about it.so you just have to deal with it.

you might have broken something. But I recommend that you just put Ice on it and wait. If the pain continues go to the hospital...but not the emergency room. Your not dieing are you?

Having broken 2 different toes; one the baby I can tell you it is painful and annoying.

Going to a doctor is an option but I never bothered; just taped the toe to it's neighbor and walked gently for about 4 weeks b4 pulling the tape off.

That has happened to me many times. I just left it to heal.
Just tape it up to the toe next to it for support, and wait a month or two for it to fully heal. No sense going to the doctor as that's exactly what they'll tell you

I broke my little toe before. Went to the ER for xrays, and after determining that it was broken, all they did was tape it to its neighbor with bandage tape. I suggest you do that yourself, and save yourself a doctor bill...since its too small for a cast anyway...
I could tell it was broken before I went because when I wiggled it with my finger...i could hear the bone scraping together...pretty gross, you might not want to try it (I was seven at the time so...yeah)

But yeah I suggest just tape it to the other toe, for maybe three weeks, or untill it feels better. thats all they'll do at the doctors anyway.

Sounds like you may have broken it!

Head to a doctor, won't do any harm.

no comment
I did that and I had to pitch a full baseball game, it is probably broken but not that badly. If you ice it and tape it up it should be fine in a week or so, I survived it.

If it is broken there is nothing a doctor can do. Just put some ice on it and stay off of it.

I have broken my baby toe before and to be honest there is not really a lot they can do - give you pain relief and possibly strap it up but not a lot more.

Hope it heals soon x

can you walk on it? last year I broke my baby toe and i couldn't even walk because it hurt so bad. my whole foot swelled up. If you just stubbed it now then you should wait a little while and see if the swelling and pain get worse or better. If it gets worse then you should go to a doctor. depending on where it exactly it is broken they may tape it or they may need to do something else. mine was broken closer to the base where all my bones connect so i had to wear a foot brace and use crutches. Its hard to judge for yourself where exactly its broken so I would go to a doctor just in case.

I broke my toe before and it hurt so bad I couldn't even stand up on my foot. It was the 4th toe and I had to wear a cast for 4 weeks(from my knee down). Most of the time they don't do anything but tell you to tape the broke toe to the toe beside it. My pain was so bad I was crawling on the floor in pain, so I know how you feel. I would go to the doctor just to be on the safe side. My toe still hangs to the left after all these years.

You could, but i don't think that there is much that they can do to help you.

lyzardcreek gal
probably not broken....when you stump for toe it will turn red, blue, black and purple ....it will hurt like hell but they most never are broken

I was told by my orthopedic surgeon, that a toe is broken whenever it gets black and blue. I broke my big toe. They took x-rays, but don't really do anything except tape it. In my case, they didn't do anything.

Elevate it, ice it and wear flip flops.

LOL @ baby toe. You should make you a dr. appt. and go. It could actually be worse than what you think...

its not broken, trust me. ive broken 15 bones so far, including little toes. what you should do is get some frozen peas, ice pack or whatever, wrap it in a tea towel and leave it on the foot for 10-15 minutes, then what you want to do is slowly massage it, slightly pulling outwards. if it pops, it will be ok after a few days, if it doesent, and isn't better after 3-4 days, go see a doc.

dont freak but it is probally broken... but since its just your little toe dont go to the doctor just take some advil and ice it it will b better in no time

Cryssy C
I would.. but maybe im being biased because i broke three toes two weeks ago lol. try icing it, and look for bruising. take some advil because they wont give you any right away... and if it hurts you are gonna need it.

I've broke toes before. Their is nothing a doctor can do but to tell you to take tylenol. It is a time process it will eventually heal, but until then it will hurt. Put ice on it.

There isn't much a doctor can do for a broken toe besides splint it, which you can do yourself. Most drug stores have little toe splints you can buy if it is hurting you. Just put some ice on it and take a pain killer.

That's almost certainly broken, all right. I've had half a dozen fractures - arm, ankle, tailbone, rib, finger and toe - but fingers and toes hurt the worst. Unfortunately the doctor can't do much but x-ray it and say, "yup, it's broken." They can prescribe pain relievers though.
Treatment consists of splinting it so it doesn't move. You will probably be wearing sandals for several weeks to accommodate the splint. You don't want anything touching that toe for a few weeks anyway.
My sympathy and good luck!

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