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Princess Penguin
i was strangled yesterday and?
today there is this swelling in my neck and when i touch it, it hurts!
Additional Details
well, he strangled me because he was angry when i said that he has nothing to do with me...and the only reason he let go was because my friend stepped in...
i dunno what to do about him..

Rob F
You should got to the doctor immediately.

Go to the doctor!

Harley Lady
Put ice on it. And, I hope whoever strangled you is behind bars.

Why are you not at the Doctor's office or a hospital? Go Now!

Bianca H
go 2 a doctor as soon as possible or it will get worse

sandy v
Strange to me you didn't mention how and who strangled you.Maybe you should feel lucky to be alive.Call the police and press charges.The unmentioned party WILL be responsible for your doctor bills.Stay away from this person (and i say this because I don't know how one could accidentally be strangled)you could be dead right now.God Bless you and please please please don't let this evil person get away with having no regard for you at all.


I hope that you getting strangled was by some crazy accident and not another person attempting to hurt you.

You really should see a physician. You don't want the swelling to continue to the point of it affecting your airway and breathing.

You can have serious trauma to your neck that needs attention.

You can also try ice and anti-inflammatory medication, but if you start to have trouble breathing or swallowing, you need to get medical help ASAP.

Best recommendation is to get medical help AND go to the police and file a report if someone was violent towards you!

Hope you feel better.


Mr Ed
Yes, you should see a doctor, but you must also go the police. This guy is dangerous to others. You could save some other person-s life by reporting him and seeing that he is either put behind bars or gets psychiatric help.

Disney star 08!!
why what happened?

Your last question was about a friend "accidently" hitting your nose with a purse...............

Seek help

sorry to hear about your misfortune. try warm compresses.

Heather S
hosiptal ASAP

Put some ice on it.

Try not to touch it if it hurts.

It's natural that it's going to be swollen and hurt....

Sorry that happened to you.

I'm sorry that happened! You should ice it down for thirty minutes.

Sandy B
strangled? doesnt this mean you would be dead or your were clotheshanged? this is normal...you can go to the dr or wait a week to see if it goes away (normally it does due to,,,,,,well the obvious) if it complicates your breathing go...GO TO A DR IMMEDIATLY...........what happened....send me a email please

Everyone is right Maria! Get to the doctor. You may have damaged vocal chords among other things. You also need to fill out a police report. I hope you will be okay.

Don't just ice it! There may be damage that can become permenant if not tended to! Go dear. Let us know how it goes. Nana

wife in South Africa
what happened????? why don't you go and have it checked out? caan't really advise you due to the fact that this is not a normal procedure!

I am surprised and feel pity to note that you have not yet taken any remedy for the same !

Why did you get strangled?
Well everyone has their reasons.
See the doctor would be my first advise
My second advise is that he/she, whoever it is should pay for your medical expenses and then go to jail. Because you are a victim of violence. Whoever did that to you is a criminal. If you care about other people not being strangled, cops should know about it and take immediate actions.

Get a cold pack or frozen vegetables and put on your neck. Lie down. If this strangling was by a person, there are more issues to deal with than a swollen neck. Good luck.

Well, that's what happens when u get strangled. You should be alright in a few days. If not, make an appointment with a doctor. And if u get strangled again and survive again, go straight to the emergency room! Or call the cops.

do you mean you choked on something? Because it's probably going to be sore for a couple of days. Im not sure if ice would be ok or heat. You usually ice a sprain, a warm towel may be more comforting. And if you are not sure that you got whatever it is out, or are having trouble breathing, then you should see your doctor immediately.

what is wrong with people, I will never know!

Please for your health and safty go to the hospital and have it checked. You could ahve really gotten hurt

You need mental help, pronto.

Go to the doctor and let him ice it. Then go to the police dept and get this person put behind bars. Nobody has the right to put their hands on you!!!

go to the police and file a report. Don't let anybody **** with you.

cari anna
if the pain and swelling goes away within a few days, you'll be fine. when i was strangled, it was hard to swallow for a few days afterwards, but i was okay after a week or so.

but! the downside is that your esophagus might be bruised or cracked, so if youve got access to a doctor, i would go see one just to be sure.

*~STEVIE~* *~B~*
Go to a Drop in Centre or see you GP asap, and either leave or finish with the idiot.

Hello Maria! as with any swellings you apply a cold compress to calm the nerves around the affected area. Loosely wrap a cold towel around your neck area which in time will bring out the bruising to the place where it hurts. You may want to visit your local doctor to see if there is any long term 'damage ' but for the time being, just take things easy.

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