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i used to cut myself all the time now i started again?
when i was in 6th grade i started cutting myself. almost everyday. then over the summer i stopped. in 7th grade i did it every once in awhile and a few of my friends knew about it. now i'm in 8th grade and las week i cut myself again and started doing it regularly again. 've always used a safety pin and scratched myself until i bled and if i wanted more pain i'd spay some perfume in it to feel the sting. but on friday my mom cleaned out my room (which really upset me cuz she threw away tons of my stuff) and she found my safety pins. of course se didn't know what they were for and i told her i used them for art projects. surprisingly she believed me but she still won't give them back.
i really wanted to cut myself to distract from everything (long story of why i do it) but i didn't have any safety pins. so i took a steak knife and i used it to cut myself. i think it kind of scared me. but now i did it a few more times today. i usually cut on the inside of my left arm in a small area but i guess i wasn't really paying attention and cut lower and higher than i usually do. now i don't know how to hide them as well. and i think i've been doing it too much.
so basically what do i do?
and how do i keep my cuts better hidden? (and i'm not going to cut somewhere else)
Additional Details
oh, and thankies in advance for all your answers!

sarcastic michael o.

everyone help me with this?

dont cut urself....

ppl like u make me sick....

well stop cutting yourself. get some scar removing stuff. wear makeup and long sleeves

Kelly M
u know this is really bad so try stopping when you are sad write it on paper and then put in in a drawer. Look at your family think of how heartbroken they'd be if they knew you were so depressed. Just show your mom your wrists don't say anything she'll understand tell her how you feel. Just let her help you.
Also when you cut yourself you'll get the lable emo and you don't want that and by the way scene is the way you dress and emo is the cuts togethern it is a emon style.

Draken D
Fine, you're not emo. You have to tell someone about this, obviously, which would be your parents. It's possible you just have OCD that says you have to do this, but the main thing is just to tell your parents.

ok, i know right now cutting may seem like the best solution, but like you said, getting deeper cuts, you will have scars, and I'm pretty sure when your 20, you wont want those.I'm not going to say "see a therapist" but maybe you should talk to your mom about it, i strongly reccomend telling her everything, but if you just cant bring yourself to, tell her about whats depressing you (why your cutting.) i know it may seem like its the end of the world now, but 20 years later you will regret it. trust me i know.

ok.. i hope ur kidding, because that is the weridest thing i hav ever read aand u reallly need 2 talk 2 som1 about this accept ur friends cus they obvisuloy dont care about u. u need 2 stop this cus u will seriously injure urself 1 day and maby cut 1 of ur veins and bleed 2 death.. and try and listen 2 cool music instead of cutting urself not a good way 2 deal with ur problems and it is a mentel illness.. get checked out.. hope it all oes well 4 ya


Charlotte B
if you really want a good way to release your emotions then you should talk to a professional that can actually help you. all cutting yourself is going to help you with is obtaining some nasty scars that you are going to regret later in life. and watch out sticking unsanitary objects in your skin, it could give you some bad infections.

your question shouldnt be how to hide it better. To be able to cause yourself physical pain means there something physologically wrong somehow. What you need to do is be honest with your mom so she can get you the help you need. If your doing this at such a young age then theres a very large chance it will develope into codepencendies and deeper problems. get it under control now before it ruins your life.

Some Jackass in Texas
a wise man once said Therapy is extremely expensive, popping bubble wrap is radically cheap. Pain and pleasure receptors are basically the same, so replace the pain with pleasure (like your self)

why dont u try other methods of dealing with ****... like balst your ipod and go for a jog... or go to the rec center and use a punching bag?? if you get an infection from perfume in your cuts that would be pretty terrible and your parents would most definately find out then..

girl. you need to stop RFN. it like hurt me to read this. self inflicted wounds are not cool and definitely not a way to deal with your issues. you really should talk to someone about your problems instead of doing this. if you cut too deep you might die. but it's your choice.

Honey, you need to stop doing this. This is so destructive and will leave you with not just physical scars, but emotional ones. You need to find someone to talk to, be it you parents, teacher, couselor, or an adult you can trust. It looks like you have a lot of emotional pain, and the only thing that I know can help fill the whole in your heart is Jesus Christ. Im praying for you!

sunshine :]
Quit cutting now. No one has that big of a reason to conflict pain on themselves. Instead of cutting, take a hair elastic or rubber band and wear it on your wrist. Every time you feel the need to cut, pop the elastic on your wrist. It relieved the urge to cut. This is a simple solution, and it doesn't leave scars! Pop it on your wrist as many or as few times as needed, to relieve the urge. Actually I have a habit of doing this, I never did cut but when I'm stressed I pop a rubber band on my wrist.

I am majoring in psychology. If you need to talk to someone, please feel free to use my email link on my profile.

You NEED proffesional help.
I'm not a doctor so I can't elaborate, but seriously, you should talk to someone.

i think u should stop before u hurt urself badly. but u need help by the sounds of it. u should talk 2 people about ur problems, dont hide away & hurt ur self. seriously stop. i would hate 2 hear that u died on the news!

Massie. Ella. Evans.
Please stop this, it can kill you, talk to a school councilor or someone.

Stop cutting yourself emo go bake cookies

You should go and see someone that will help you deal with the problems and stop cutting yourself. It is not safe, and bad things can happen.

lil g
my friend has the same problem n i told him that he has to stop because it is not healthy n that he should go out and hang with his friends and enjoy life because you only live once

I dont think keeping them hidden is the way to deal with this you need to get help, and you will only get help by forgetting about your pride and admitting that you have a problem.

You need to get to the route cause of why youre inflicting this pain on yourself, because until you get to the route cause and deal with the pain it will not go away.

I have learnt this many times in life that a small problem that is not dealt with becomes a bigger problem along the way and using outlets to deal with the pain instead of getting rid of the pain will only drive us to destruction.

Good luck and i hope you find the courage to face your problems and in doing so lead a life free of pain. It is very doable when you put your mind to it. :)

The term for that is called a "Cutter" > But most people do it if you have to much stress, getting talked about badly, parent''s fighting way to much or you face what they call bulling. Please stop and don't do it anymore because you could accidentally cut a nerve and it could kill you. You are probably a really nice person and pretty to but if you injury yourself alot you will be in the er alot and you don't want that do you. No one wants this and alot of people do cut themselves but it's not healthy to do that your best guess is to stop cutting yourself and do talk to someone like your parents or your doctor because once you do this you will be fine and you will be able to move on with your life and leave cutting in the past.

Please stop doing this it's risking you life and your health.

Its hard to hide them as you keep this up it will get harder. When your friends ask what happen and they will you will learn to lie it will be hard, but it will get easy and lining to mom that will be easy parents not want to think anything is wrong till its to late. so at some point your friend will stop asking your cutting will take over and you will be covered in scares. Now for hiding then long sleeve you can try makeup never had much luck, make such you keep all wound clean so they heal. People will be mean when they find out what you are doing to your self. I am telling you all this as a 24 year old who has been a cutter for 10 year who still deals with the thoughts of it very day even after getting help.
you should try and get help find an adult you can talk to
there is a hotline 1800dontcut or1800-366-8288
good luck

prince charming
Please stop cutting yourself. It doesn't solve any problems and evidently it's causing u more stress and worries. See how you're worried about hiding them? The pain is there. It's real. It no longer needs any more confirmation, but a healing process.

Tell your mom about you cutting yourself. Let her help you.

We're not built to be perfect. But we are build to cope with our imperfections and learn from them. You have a system of support. Don't let them down by denying yourself their help.

If talking with your mom is too scary, try talking about it with your friends that know about. Then maybe have them tell your mom for you. Talk to your school councilor too.

Miss America
You need to talk to a psychiatrist..cutting is not healthy.

I seriously think you should tell your parents. If you can't speak to them, go see a doctor, teacher, or a school counselor. There are a lot of people that want to help you. Find help. You shouldn't be doing this to yourself. You have so much to live for. I don't know what else to tell you. I don't know what it's like in your shoes, or know anything about what you're going through. All I can say is for you to keep your head up. The world will be better.

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