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Vick J
i twisted my ankle its swollen a lot please help (please please read) ?
i sprained my ankle when playing basketball my right foot landed on my friends foot an i twisted it. the ankle is swollen i put ice on it took ibuprofen what else should i do?? is it fractured? or broken or cracked i didn't hear no crack when i twisted it its swollen what should i do please help i researched on the internet that i don't have to go to the doc cause it will heal by itself? right? its just swollen i can walk a little bit but putting pressure hurts please help i would really appreciate it what should i do? keep applying ice rest wait till the swolleness goes away?

lulu-happy new year!

watch tv and forget about it...the pain will go away...

Yoshiki Hayashi
Use mental eggs

you should go to the doctor

If you know it's not broken for sure... then TRY some icy-hot pomade and rub down the swelling, after wrap it snugly with a bandage wrap. I t worked for me.

Go to a walk-in clinic (if you don't have insurance) or your primary care doctor in a day or two if the swelling and pain have not yet subsided. If it is fractured then you will need medical attention, likely some sort of cast and/or crutches and painkillers. Until then just keep doing what you are doing. maybe a shot of whiskey might dull the pain a little. It will possibly just be a bad sprain and will heal on its own, but like I said, in a day or two if it has not gotten any better then it is probably broken.

i was wearing boots once and i fell and twisted my ankle we went home and iced it for twenty mins. then wrapped it and went to go get and x-ray. the doc said that sprains hurt more than breaks. you might have broken it. might not have.?

If you can't move it then it is broken. I say you should go to hospital just in case because you never know it really could be badly damaged and they know best.

i did this along time ago. keep icing it and take some pain killers. this is what you need to look out for, just because it isn't hurting, doesn't mean its healed. wait about two weeks before you start playing any sports or you'll just hurt it again and keep draging it out for months.

You can alternate ibuprofen and acetaminophen every 2 hours. Also use heat and ice if you don't have a heating pad get a clean white sock and fill the foot part of it with uncooked rice, tie it off and zap it in the microwave for 1 minute it's makes an awesome heating pad. If you still have trouble with it after a couple days go see the dr.

It sounds bad, but it actually works if you give it a try. When you twist your ankle it comes out of its socket. What you need to do is have a strong person take a hold of your foot and yank it. It will be painful, but trust me it works. I have always hated it, but I sprained my ankle 4 times last year and the first time, I went to the ER, they gave me vicodin, xrayed my foot, and then sent me home with instructions to ice it. 2 days later it was still swollen, then my uncle just walked up and yanked it. I screamed but later that evening I was actually able to walk on it, even though it still kind of hurt, it didn't hurt as much. I sprained my ankle 3 more times and yanked it right away and I was walking around on in the next day. Yeah I know. I sounds horrible, but if you want, you can try it. It works well.

You might just want to go to the doctor it might be fractured if the swelling and pain doesn't go away after a couple of days.

Alex P
ICE ICE ICE DUDE!! ice is now your best friend. i did the same thing playing lacrosse, i went to my doc. and he said it wasn't broken just severally sprained. i had to use crutches though. so like the dude said down there use the RICE method it works. i did it and i was better in a matter of about two weeks.

go in 15 min. intervals. and then 30 min. off. you should have two ice packs so when your using one the other one will be cold when you take it out.

You do sports and this is the first time you have twisted your ankle? Is this question really a serious one? I have twisted my ankle so many times I have lost track. First of all, stay off your ankle. Ice hopefully will reduce the swelling, but you will still have to wait it out until it heals. If you start exercising on it before it is completely healed it will take longer to heal completely. If you can afford to invest in crutches, they might help to take the pressure off your ankle. Crutches, unfortunately, tend to be somewhat expensive to rent, but they probably are available at a local pharmacy.

If you can walk or put weight on your foot at all, it is probably not broken.

Try not to become too dependent on painkillers. I think you should try to let it heal on its own without running to the doctor. I once twisted my ankle so badly that I could feel the bones moving around, but it eventually healed on its own. That time, however, I had to massage it a lot and do stretching exercises on it to get it back to the point where it was functioning right.

I am skeptical of the medical system. If they have your number, you could be in trouble. One time I broke my leg and the orthopedics specialist wanted to do knee surgery, saying he wanted to graft cartiledge from my hip and place it in my knee socket. He said it would heal more perfectly. He took several pictures, each involving a certain amount of radiation, I am sure. Fortunately, he had to go out of town the next week and his replacement took a picture of my leg (actually it was the upper tibial plateau). He only took one picture. He said it looked like a clean break and he did not see why it should not heal on its own. Now how would an extra piece of cartilege floating inside the knee socket have made my knee more normal and functioning?

Be careful of orthos. Some are good, like the one who said to let it heal on its own. Some are can be disastrous, like the original one I mentioned, who probably should not have been there in the first place.

i had something similar before but urs seems worst then mine
mine went away with out doing anything
i couldnt walk for 2 days

To make the swelling go down you should soke your foot in warm water and esposen salt...Try walking on it or apply pressure...if you can't then you should go to the doctor. Keep your foot/leg elevated so the blood can flow more easily....i have had many ankly injuries before

you should be fine, if you can limp the its definitely not broken or fractured. just stay off of it and it should heal properly.

i fractured my ankle in the 6th grade and never went to the doc cause my dad wouldn't take me and im fine. it healed properly

ok i know this may sound a bit weird... but it DOES work im a tennis player, and once i twisted my ankle 2 days before a tournament and i got publix bags the brown ones and got vinegar, and wrapped the brown PAPER bags around my foot and put vinegar on it and put a sock over it and kept doing that for 2 days and by the 3rd day that i woke up it was all good. So try doing that , and leave it on for a long time but always switch it and put more vinegar on it. try keeping your foot elavated... try going to sleep with it so it works better and faster.
i know it sounds very weird but it works!!
and no i dont think it is fractured , just rest it and do the thing that i said above...

oh yeah if it that doesnt work by the 3rd day then go to the doctors!!!

When i hurt my arm, i fell on it and it hurt a LOT
It ached and i had ice on it too, it was REALLY swolen.

You should go have an x-ray, because there is a chance it's fractured (fractures means broken.. lol)

Yeah my arm ended up being broken so you might have broken your ankle go to the doctor!

Ooh,maybe it's broken partly. But if it really hurts A LOT like you can't even move your leg, then it's surely a broken bone.

The best thing you could is go check with the doctors. Before anything serious happens!

Best of luck and hope this helped!

Elevate it,
wrap it with ice,
if the swelling is not gone in 36 hours go to the doctor!!!

You're doing fine. Follow the RICE method:

Compression- an ace wrap will do
Elevation- keep the ankle above your heart.

i had the same thing happen to me, i walked but it hurt badly i had to walk on my knees... i went to the clinic and they gave me a splint it was just a really bad sprain. you should go have it checked

Go to doctor.. Make sure not broken!


Carol T
You can check with you Doctor, but don't go to the EM, coz they don't show much interest.
But you will need to stop with you sport, less activity for 6 months, until it heels

Kay Kay
go to a doctor to have x-rays to see if its broken..and if its just a sprain they'll give you some medicine to deal with the pain and swelling!

Gary D
The only way to know if it's broken is going to be an X-Ray done by a doctor.

In the meantime, if it's a sprain, for the first 24-48 hours keep ice on it to prevent swelling and take Ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory). Keep it elevated (on a chair or footstool) as much as possible for the next few days. After 24-48 hours, you should use warmth to encourage more blood flow to the afected area, which will help remove the bruising and encourage the healing process.

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