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i need to get a ring off my finger and its really tight, how do i do it, if i wanna be safe?

Miss Kris
you probably want to keep the ring, just as a memonto or something :P i dunno. but plug your sink with a proper plug and start running water then pour some dishwashing soap over top of the ring and start twisting the ring slightly then as it gets easier to twist, twist it more and more. then eventually twist it and slide it down your finger and if you drop it with your soapy hands it will land in the plugged sink and wont go down the drain. :)
good luck!

lots and lots of water and soap and even try to get plyers and slowly slide it off,

Kailey U
Fill you sink up with water then put dish soap on there and stick your hand in there for 10 min. then try to take your ring off but if it doseent work PUT ALOT of dish soap in your hand then rub it on your finger the ring is on then stick your hand in the water then try to take it off in the water I hope i helped

Put oil or lotion on your hands.

water, hand sanitizer, lotion

mRs. cAsE
Let it sit in any of these things: butter, lotion, baby oil, connditioner, veggie oil..then twist it a little at a time..If that doesnt work, thenn youll probably need to cut it off..

Tyreke Evans
Rub lotion (like cetaphil) over your finger. Then slowly twist and pull.

if its really a big problem, and you dont care about the ring then the safest way is to cut it off carefully with a hacksaw, and i stress CAREFULLY, hacksaw is unlikely to cut into your skin.

Keep your hand (finger) under cold running water - this will take any swelling away - then add liquid soap all around the finger - it should slide off - don't forget to plug the sink so the ringt-

» ♥ мα?тιиσ
soap, water, or butter (:

twist it with lotion, butter or soap

This might sound crazy, but i've heard that candle wax can help (kinda like Pirates of the Caribbean now that I think about it, lol.). If not that, then just use anything that can add lubrication for it to slip off. Try butter or anything else that is really slippery.

Also, try rotating the ring while pulling it off. Don't pull it stright when trying to remove it.

Va Va
lotion, butter...

Doctor J
If you soak your hand in cold water, your fingers will "shrink" more than the ring.

Best wishes and good luck.

♥ nature♥
lotioin, soap, soap and water

K Y Jelly that seems to work on getting you out of tight situations

Twist it around a lot and do it gentily. I would also reccomend useing lubafication butter,soap,etc. Good luck and I hope it helps you to get it off. I'd really reccomend the soap ing up your finger with the ring and then slideing it off.

soak hand in really cold ice water...then butter it up

Lotion, butter, and twisting it.

Corall H

Use Vasoline, some type of cooking oil, or even hand cream.

Ali Mohun
dish soap or try Putin some lotion on it and just start twisting it slowly

soap or try vegetable oil

Love for the LN & DP
KY Personal Lubricant, it works for everything!!!

Soap and cold water. Warm water will make your finger expand, causing the ring to get stuck even more.

lotion...soap....butter.. :)

Morgan D
Soap and water or petroleum jelly.

If you go to your local emergency room, they have a tool that will cut the ring off and usually it will not stretch the ring so that you can have it repaired easily.

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