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Tierra D
i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
i have a really bad bruise under my eye and its swollen how can i get ride of it?
Additional Details
but its been like this for 1 day

Jezz .
From past experiences if I've gotten hurt badly I would put ice on it straight away and it would stop it from getting BADLY bruised and swollen but it'll go away in time. There's really nothing much you can do about it. D;

you need to ice it a lot. Unfortunately, bruises are hard to get rid of...they like to go away at their own pace

Kayla S
Keep icing it 24/7 and when you go out put a little concealer on it

lots and lots of ice. in day time might put on some make up ;)

punch the other eye to add symmetry

You're probably just going to have to wait for it to heal...try cover-up or a bandage until then.

ice it 20 min once a day

Blue M

ice is good only for the first 20 minutes after the injury occurred. the bruise is blood that has "escaped" capillaries and pooled under the skin. That goes away only by re-absorption. However, you can try to hide it using a good makeup (concealer). The swelling will probably go away after a couple of days.

Keep lots of ice on it, and give it time. The swelling should go down quicker than you think, and the bruise can be corrected by a simple concealer stick.
Best of luck!

A bag of frozen veggies works great.Just hold it on you eye for about 20 min.As for the bruise it will have to take its course.It could take a couple of weeks to go away.Thats where the power of makeup comes in handy.Yes even if your a guy a little coverup will help.

Angela Gabrielle
Icing it will reduce swelling.
As for the bruise, go buy some cover-up from a drugstore.

Alex A
time heals everything

You can't get rid of it but you can help the bruise heal faster by placing ice on the area.


Oren S
i do not know but it will heal in about probably 1 or 2 weeks. but for now i guess you should use make up if you think its embarrassing.

put a half frozen steak on it.
it will take away the swelling.
or a bag of ice will work too.
but there is no way to get rid of a bruise.

make up and/or ice it to reduce the swelling

Alex X
ice will put the swelling down

but you cant get rid of the bruise unless
you want to put foundation on it

hope this helped

ha you cant. you have to just wait it out.

like a black eye?

Well the only way is to relax the blood clots back into cirulation..
try a really warm if not hot wash cloth and rub in circles on ur eye..

also try ice afterwards

and repeat

Good luck

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