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Jessie :)
i had my ears pierced about 2 weeks ago and they still hurt when i touch them what should i do?

Spencer B
nothing! mine hurt for over 3 weeks and were NOT infected. Now if your are infected and thats why they are hurting clean them 3 times a day and twist them every couple of hours(4-6).

hey i did the same about 6 months ago
they will hurt for about two months er less
trust me
and ya try not to touch em
twit the earrings when ever u can
dont take them out for about a month
and take that alchoal stuff in the brown bottle and take some tissues and try to clean yer ears as best as u can with out taking the earrings out

good luck.! hope they dont get infected :]

wow your just getting your ears pierced at this age anyway to the point try rubbing your ears with alcohol or if it still dont work your ear is infected

clean 3x a day
twist the back it will hurt but it prevents infection
sleep on your back with your head facing up twards the celling if possible

You really shouldn't keep touching them. That's just going to irritate them and make them redden.

It's perfectly normal for your ears to still hurt after two weeks. It just means that you've got very sensitive skin and it's going to take a little long for it to adjust. Nothing to worry about.

If they continue to hurt, maybe you should gently twist the earring around in your ear or apply some rubbing alcohol.

And if they still hurt in about two more weeks, maybe you should go see your doctor.

take em out.

if their not solid gold... maybe try that... some people have allergic reactions... others (me) body's reject em period... so it may not stop.

Due Oct 19th
They are probably infected but it's not really a big deal. Just continue cleaning them three times a day with antibacterial soap (Your ears and the earrings) and you will be fine. Also, DO NOT touch your ears or your earrings with your dirty hands it will cause even more bacteria in that area causing you more pain to your ears. Your ears are probably just really sensitive like mine. If they continuing hurting after another two weeks I would switch earrings and make sure they are real. A lot of people with sensitive ears can't wear fake earrings, they need real ones like 24 k gold earrings or sterling silver. I hope this helps. Good luck!!

this is totaly normal! It takes 6 weeks for the healing process! jus clean twice a day with warm salt water,dont change ur earings for 6 weeks, and twist once a day.
Have you got gold in coz maybe ur allergic? x

maybe ur ear is infeted wash it more and see if u can wear real earings like real gold and silver or fake earings

Keep them clean, turn the earrings every so often... and just to let you know, it can take up to a year for your ears to COMPLETELY heal.

make sure you are cleaning them with alcohol and twisting them evryday( no matter how much it hurts... it is neccesary)

also on another hand, you could be allergic to the metal they are made of? if there is any swelling, redness, or itchiness, and if you can feel constant heat on your ear when you touch it.... then you may be allergic because that is a sign of infection... try switching to gold if using silver or vise versa. but if they still hurt or have any of the above symptoms, take them out and see your doc.

Hope your ears feel better!

i had mine peirced and they wanted a "dry healing"
which they didnt want me to touch them and not get anything on them
no water or antiseptic stuff, and it healed great

get an alcohol swab and clean it, it might be infected in some way. try not to touch it as you can infect it even more if it's not infected already.

put on the disinfectant and make sure you don't get soap or anything like that on them and twist them(your earings) often so you don't get an infection.
:D hope that helps,feel better

I have had this happen to me twice for each pair of piercings, it's natural, all you do is: The people who pierced your ears should have given you a bottle of ear cleaner. Get a wash cloth and wipe around and on the earrings then spin them in a 720.
Hope they stop hurting,

they might be a little infected but that always happens just clean them once and dot touch them dont touch it at all.

Just keep cleaning them and wait about 3 wks or less

clean them more, also make sure that theyre not infected.

go all van gough and cut your ears off! ha kidding. OR MAYBE, you just shouldn't touch them, and put some peanut butter on them, its very soothing and is a natural healing power i used to do it all the time when i first got them pierced.

Go to a doctor!

Take out the posts, soak them in alcohol. Clean your ear lobes thoroughly (peroxide or antibacterial cleaner). Gently,put the posts back in (get help if needed) and if they don't feel better in 24 hours, see a doctor.

Make sure you don't keep on touching them and playing with them. Make sure you use Earring cleaning solution (which you should get after you get them pierced from the store that you went to) or if anything put some peroxide on a Q-tip and clean around the front and back of your ear where the earring is. Do this every morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to sleep. After you do this, spin or turn them at least twice all the way around, and then do it the other way at least twice. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks for them to officially heal, so don't worry too much. :D Hope this helps you! :D

did you get them pierced at a good piercing place?
because many people that get it pierced at a place like claires get theirs infected, and they might not be healed all the way.. just keep cleaning them, and turning them. it depends how quick your skin heals.. like mine heals suuuuuper fast so i cant really say how fast yours would heal. but if you clean it well and take care of it it should stop hurting.
also make sure they're not pierced crooked..

Yeah your ears are def. infected! dont worry! change your ear rings to gold!
buy sea salt water! it works
clean it twice a day! with alcohol and apply bacitraycin
and you will be fine

dont touch it too much! it will make it worst

take them out.

it happened to mine,
and i didn't take them out.
crust covered them and my
earring was pretty much stuck
in my ear.

you want to clean your ears thoroughly, and also make sure whatever type of earrings you're wearing arent pulling down on your ears and in no way are irritating them, some people take a little longer to heal, also avoid constantly changing your ear wear.

its ok hello you've got an open wound. my piercings hurt for atleast 3 weeks my lobe and cartlidge piercing

make sure you keep cleaning them so they don't get infected..

Binthere Doneit
Stop touching them!!!

Clean them more, and twist the earrings.

Bryony N
They will still be sore after two weeks. Avoid touching them as much as possible as any dirt on your hands will aggravate them more. Turn them twice a day after cleaning them. They won't be fully healed until 4-6 weeks. Also try not to sleep on them, as this can irritate them too.

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