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i got a shot and my arm hurts realy bad and is swollen i cant go to the doctor for at least a week what to do?

well when did you get your shots? because sometimes your arm will get really achy. Because the shot fluid is trying to work.

U must go to doctor otherwise it will be infected

i would ice it. and call an advice nurse

[email protected]
Put some ice on it and drink lots of fluids.

rub it

I ♥ Clint
Put ice in a wet wash cloth on your arm and keep it elevated, that way the blood will keep flowing through. Don't put pressureon it and try not to use it very much! Hope you feel better....BYE!!

kim s
Try taking a trip to your health food store to look for herbs that might take away the pain naturally. There are herbs that can do this-so this article says, anyway.

Otherwise, try putting an ice cube on it and see if that helps numb the pain a bit.

Eskimo Baby
tetanus shot? if so, OUCH!!!!!!!!!! that's probably going to hurt for about a week, if u have a small frame. mine hurt so bad i couldn't raise my arm for 3 days!

Sick of Freaks
Ice and Ibuprofin, it is an anti-inflamitory. If it is hot to the touch and very swollen tho it could be infected or you could be having an allergic reaction so you should prolly get it checked out.

Your doctor should of told you to add ice on it. Also drink something over the counter for the pain. Advil is great for pain. But only you would know if you can drink Advil. If you are under 18 ask your parents what can you drink for pain.

adriane d
Was it a tetanus shot? If so, your symptoms are normal. If not, just ice it and/or find another doctor to go to Monday.

never ice it...just a warm compress...wet a towel with warm water..

my mom's a nurse...i just asked her a while ago...lol...it's normal to really feel swollen

Ice it

Ice it

Depending on what kind of shot you got, it's normal if it's a little sore and puffy. But I'd still get checked or let someone see it like a parent or another adult, just in case. If it feels hot around the area, it could be infected. Just wait a day or two if you can, if not, go to the emergency room just to be on the safe side.

Use an ice pack after a tetanus shot for 2 days, massage the area to work the medication into the muscle, and use alternate warm and cool packs for a couple more days.

Even though it hurts, you also have to move your arm - believe me, it will help.

Call the doctor's office for advice. They might be able to tell you something that you can do to help it get better. If not, they might be able to call in a prescription to handle the problem, or accomodate your schedule so they can treat you right away.

Probably the best thing to do would be to take an anti-inflammatory....Ibuprofen, motrin or naproxen sodium.

and on top of that, drink plenty of water because the anti-inflammatory may cause you to dehydrate if you dont drink anything.

As for the majority of the pain, I would say take a warm bath (not too hott, because that could make it even worse) and just soak for a little while, or use a heating pad on a very low setting or wrapped in a towel. Ice would probably not be the best thing, because while it does "numb" the numbing effect doesnt last long, and may even hurt more from the intense cold.

Massaging it may help, but be careful because it may also hurt it worse. Use a gentle squeezing motion in small circles, and if it seems to help, then you can add a little more pressure, but if it doesnt help or seems to worsen, abandon it.

Put some ice on it and drink lots of fluids.

Beth H
I have heard (and I don't know how true this is) that certain shots are supposed to hurt more, like the tetanus shot that they stick directly into your muscle. If you can't see your doctor, call his office and ask to speak to him or a nurse about it.

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