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[email protected]
i cut myself accidently i didnt even feel it but it wont stop bleeding its just a minor cut why wont it stop?

I would ask a doctor if it keeps bleeding because you can bled to death.

Is this the first time that's happened? Could you be a hemophiliac?

Thomas L
you may have opened a vein subconsciously or (god forbid) mb clipped an artery if it's deep enough, keep applying pressure and keep the wound well dressed to create like an artificial scab, this will help the blood keep flowing without leaving the body (not as much anyway).

My only other advice would be see a doctor immediately if you are concerned, they will help even if it's only a small problem.

dina t
do you take a blood thinner like asprin if so that could cause it. put pressure on it for five minutes and see if it stops then.

josh r
because you might have a blood disorder that makes your blood not clot or free bleeder

if it's minor- put gauze or a clean rag or a bandaid and some pressure on it. use tape to maintain the pressure if need be. Depending on where the cut is, you may need a stitch or 2.
If you have a platelet disorder, or took a lot of aspirin lately, or drank a lot last night, or are on coumadin, you might not stop bleeding right away.

it might be a small cut but it went in pretty deeply i suggest wait alittle and if it doesnt stop bleedin go to the hospital

it could be a disease that would lead to bleeding, did you get a tetnis shot?

Thin blood?,contact your doctor

the blood is not clotting like it should. Hold the cut above your heart if possible and apply pressure. It should stop soon. Did you take maybe some aspirin or some type of medicine that thins your blood? That might be cause too.
Just apply pressure to it.

Where is the cut and how long ago was it? If it's on a place that moves a lot, it will be hard to stop the bleeding- at least without a bandaid. And if it's on your head, those tend to bleed a lot.

In any case, wash it with soap and water, douse it with an antiseptic such as alcohol or peroxide, then put abandaid on it.

ajak a
its possible that you cut a vain how did you cut your self??

you might be a hyperphileac.

Eva D
apply pressure to it with some kind of cloth.

have you tried pressing on it for 10 mins or are you a hemafillacc sorry cant spell it

I hope by now it has stopped bleeding. If this problem is occuring often, you need to be checked for Hemophilia, lack of clotting factor in blood. If it is not a regular problem, it may be a deep cut. And are you on blood thinners like aspirin and coumadin? That could also account for this.

Keep Tincture Hemamelis with you and apply it next time. Rescue remedy will also help.

it depends on where you cut yourself, if there is a vein there, try wrapping it up tight with gauze or a bandage,,,,, not sure how long you are speaking of it bleeding, if after 15 minutes of applied pressure and it hasnt stopped, see a doctor,,,,,,,,, sometimes its not the depth that defines the seriousness of a cut,,, its where it happens

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